Breaking: Protestors breach security at Parliament House again

Protestors have once again breached security at Parliament House in Canberra this morning, scaling the building to unfurl a large
Protestors have filled the water with red dye. Image: SMH/Twitter

Protestors have once again breached security at Parliament House in Canberra this morning, scaling the building to unfurl a large banner and filling the water feature with red dye.

The group is carrying protest signs reading “Turnbacks are murder” and “No opposition to cruelty” – a pointed reference to both parties.

It is not yet known how they carried out the operation without being stopped by police or security on site, with many saying it shows a huge flaw in parliament’s security system.

Yesterday, the group was dragged kicking and screaming from the gallery after supergluing their hands to the railing and shouting over politicians during question time.

They group is protesting the governments asylum seeker boat turnback policy and detention on Nauru and Manus Island.

They have also taken aim at the Labor Party, claiming they are not doing enough to oppose the policies.

The group are from Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance and have been using social media this morning, saying: “Australia’s asylum seeker policy is killing innocent people. All of parliament is complicit.”

The group says they’ve brought water bottles and sunscreen and are prepared to sit it out until forcibly removed.

Do you support the protestors cause? Or do you think they’re going about it the wrong way?

  1. Are they being charged for the damage they have caused if not why not, and why is it taking security so long to get rid of this vermin from the building. Send these useful idiots to the detentions centres and let them see first hand the illegals freely roaming about the island, not bloodied or caged. If any of these protesters are on social security it should be stopped as from this week as they are not actively looking for work.

    • Peter, I take it from your comment that you have been to Nauru to see first hand the conditions that these genuine refugees are forced to endure? If not then you should not be commenting on their conditions. I, myself, have not been there, but have listened to many first hand comments and stories about the disgusting conditions on Nauru and this information comes from people I would trust a million times more that the abysmal LNP government we currently have in Canberra, who only seem to make decisions that will benefit themselves or their wealthy donors!

      • Noel Wright  

        These folk in the detention centres are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, what part of ILLEGAL don’t you people understand.
        Also these demonstrators would not have a clue why they are protesting, “rent-a-crowd” comes to mind, what they did today should be considered as terrorism, an attack on our Government. Useless brain dead morons.

  2. Pamela  

    Part of a government plan to intensify security to the nth degree and probably lots of other laws included.

    A few days ago they were talking about increasing security so people couldn’t walk on the lawn, then the super-glue affair and today the banner and red water affair – with no security in sight until the photo shoot.

    Could have been moslem terrorists with bombs and still no security.

    They think we are all sheeple and stupid!

    These people have committed trespass and vandalism and should be arrested without bail and locked up for a long time to teach them a lesson because they are unable to be de-radicalised!

  3. Gordon Scamp  

    If any of these protestors are found to be University students they should lose their place at University. If others are Public servants they should be fired. They are a waste of space and public money..

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