BREAKING: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has spoken with President Trump about refugee deal

Details of what has transpired between the two leaders.

US President Donald Trump has had a very important phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

There has been intense speculation over what the new US President would do with the refugee deal made between Australia and the United States during the last few weeks of President Obama’s administration.

It has just been reported that even though the President is banning refugees from entering the United States, he has assured Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that he will honour the deal to resettle refugees from Australia’s offshore detention centres.

We will wait for official word from the Prime Minister and will be updating this article as more information is made available.

  1. Ros Thomas  

    No President Trump should not accept our refugees. Malcolm Turnbull is an idiot for accepting any refugees period, particularly with what has already been let into Australia. Turnbull should be taking the same approach that Trump is to protect our country.

    • Bobbi Carswell  

      The “Idiots” that let the refugees into Australia was Rudd/Gillard/Rudd don’t forget

  2. Amelia  

    I agree don’t except them from Australia however better they stay in US Trump knows how to deal with them Malcolm on the other hand has no idea.

    • Peter  

      They are not “EXCEPTING” them LOL They are ACCEPTING them !!

  3. dawn  

    obama made the deal – President Trump is honoring it – I am sure the refugees will be extremely vetted — he will not let any terrorists into the USA —the ones that don’t make it will be going home) another reason he is honoring obamas deal is Australia will be on our side not against us — it is the right thing to do

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