Breaking: Nursing home murderer loses his appeal

Can you imagine how the families of the Quakers Hill nursing home fire were feeling today as they waited for

Can you imagine how the families of the Quakers Hill nursing home fire were feeling today as they waited for a court decision on the future of the man who murdered them?

Roger Dean killed 11 elderly people while they slept by setting fire to the facility, all so he could cover up the theft of medications, but he had the gall to argue in court that a life sentence was “manifestly excessive”.

Today, the families of the victims were quietly happy and relieved when Dean’s appeal was dismissed and his life sentence upheld, a small mercy for the sons and daughters of the horrendous crime.

Dean was a nurse at the Quakers Hill nursing home and, in early morning of 18 November 2011, lit at two or more fires in different parts of the Sydney nursing home in order to hide evidence of his stealing painkillers. As the facility burned, with all the residents still asleep inside, Dean snuck back in and stole the drug register books, making sure the evidence of his first crimes was obscured.

New South Wales’ highest court the Court of Criminal Appeal unanimously dismissed dean’s appeal that Justice Latham, who sentenced the nurse to life in prison, was wrong in finding that “no sentence other than life” would be appropriate. Dean’s lawyer also argued that his state of mind at the time of the incident meant he couldn’t have known what would happen as a result of lighting the fires.

“Having regard to … the abuse by Mr Dean of the position of trust that he occupied, and his deliberate actions in not taking steps to alert fire brigade officers … it cannot be said that the life sentences imposed on him were unreasonable or plainly unjust,” said Justice Julie Ward Court of Criminal Appeal.

Mr Dean’s life sentence has been upheld and it is likely he will be in jail for the majority of his life.

Paul Cachia, the son of fire victim Emmanuela told Fairfax: “It was dismissed but it doesn’t bring our loved ones back.

“This should never ever have gone this far. Dean just doesn’t care about life … The only thing he’s done here is to waste taxpayers’ money.”

Do you feel justice has been served – or upheld? Share your thoughts. 

  1. Some faces stick in your head and sometimes for bad reasons , I will never forget the face of Roger Dean, I remember him being interviewed on the night of the fires and pretending to be a hero, that man is pure evil and the best thing for society is that is he is never released

    • I remember that and I was suspicious of it – I had a six sense that he was responsible – I cannot tell you why or how I concluded that but when they said it I realised I was right – perhaps it was the pure evil I saw in him that day that you mentioned

    • I totally agree with you Libbi and Lesley, what an evil person, i still don’t know how he managed to do it and no other staff saw, i have done many nights working as a nurse in nursing homes and we sure as anything would have been aware if something like this had happened, staff need to open their eyes more!!

  2. Just shoot the bastard, oops, am i allowed to say that on this site. Possibly not but i mean it.

  3. The lowest life forms will always try every means to avoid facing the consequences of their actions, that is what makes them the creatures that they are. As much a i dislike them doing it, if it saves one innocent person it is worthwhile. However this scum can now no longer claim any right to further participation in normal human life and so be it. Good riddance.

  4. Should never have gone this far. Should have been cut and dried from the beginning, Roger Dean deserves to rot.

  5. He should have been put in a nursing home in a straight jacket given injections to render him helpless and then see how he will need someone to care for him ( not)

  6. The nursing home owners who I won’t name need to take some blame for this, it’s normal procedure to have a police check which would have highlighted this man’s profile, they are also renowned for under staffing their facilities. I hope they are feeling some pain for their part.

    • My father was in that nursing home and past away exactly a year before the day of the fire, yes you are right that home was under staffed and grossly mismanaged when my father was there.

    • Yes nursing homes do understaff but the police checks i don’t agree as some of them have tightproof profiles.

    • They always were and i feel that will never change, because most of them are private and its all about the dollar.

  7. He is probably getting better care in prison than the elderley recieved in that nursing home

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