BREAKING NEWS: Sydney Opera House and Manly evacuated, bombs in Jakarta

LATEST UPDATES 3.45pm: At least three people are dead in Jakarta, with the death toll expected to rise. Reports indicate


At least three people are dead in Jakarta, with the death toll expected to rise. Reports indicate that gunmen were riding motorcycles and throwing grenades.

The bombs in Jakarta appear to have been centralised around United Nations offices in Indonesia. Witnesses are reporting that a police officer has been shot.

New South Wales police have concluded their operations around Sydney Opera House and Manly Wharf. A statement released minutes ago says: “Following information on social media, police conducted an operation in the vicinity of the Opera House and Manly as a precautionary measure. That police operation has now concluded”.


Police operations are underway at Sydney Opera House and Manly wharf, with reports both areas have been evacuated. Meanwhile just minutes ago, explosions have rocked central Jakarta in Indonesia, leaving at least one person dead.

New South Wales police have confirmed that two “police operations are underway” in parts of Sydney, but no further information is available at this time. “There’s nothing sinister that has been found at this stage”, police added.

Meanwhile, gunshots have been reported in Jakarta along with numerous explosions. It is unclear whether events in Sydney and Jakarta are related.

Starts At Sixty will bring you more information as these events unfold.

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  1. Oh this is not what I want to hear when my kids have just boarded a cruise and sent a picture across from the Opera House!

    • Hi Catharine Keevill, the area appears to be cleared by police and they have reported finding “nothing sinister” as yet. Please let us know how your children are going. – SaS

    • Is this what our children and grandchildren can look forward too, so sad, our Country is so beautiful and we want it kept that way, our wonderful police are on the front line please stay safe Thinking of you Catherine hope your children go on to enjoy a great cruise

    • Hi everyone – just letting you know NSW Police have concluded their operations in Sydney Opera House and Manly Wharf for now, it seems. We have updated our article here with all the latest information you should know. You can click this link again for updates. – SaS

    • This type of journalism linking Jakarta and the Opera House feels somewhat irresponsible to me. These two incidents probably have no connection whatsoever but the journalism manages to instil the worst fear into people in Sydney and further afield in NSW.

  2. Awful. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected In Jakarta. Pray our police stay safe while they are keeping us safe.

    • All in the western area , Starbucks ,Big hotels, Sarinah Arcade. A few embassies , 14 bombers. 4 casualties , could be deaths , Bombs still going off. Radical muslims hate Australians as we don’t LIVE for religion,

  3. I feel so sorry for anyone caught up in the bombing and their families and I hope it’s a hoax at the Opera House.

  4. Terrorism is now a concern. There has been reports of “dummy runs” suspected in the USA in Cinemas and Planes. Stay safe and keep your children close

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