BREAKING: Julian Assange could be a free man tomorrow

The outcome of a United Nations investigation into Julian Assange’s case will be revealed tomorrow, meaning he will either walk

The outcome of a United Nations investigation into Julian Assange’s case will be revealed tomorrow, meaning he will either walk free or be extradited to Sweden.

Mr Assange is currently wanted to face sexual assault allegations in Sweden. However, he has spent the last three years inside London’s Ecuadorian embassy, claiming to be a victim of political persecution.

The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention is expected to hand down its findings tomorrow. Mr Assange claims he will accept the outcome, whatever it may be.

“Should the UN announce tomorrow that I have lost my case against the United Kingdom and Sweden, I shall exit the embassy at noon on Friday to accept arrest by British police”.

Mr Assange believes that would mean he has “no meaningful prospect of further appeal”.

“However, should I prevail and the state parties be found to have acted unlawfully, I expect the immediate return of my passport and the termination of further attempts to arrest me”, Mr Assange said.

The Wikileaks founder has previously offered to discuss the sexual assault allegations with Swedish police inside Ecuador’s embassy.

However, Mr Assange claims heading to Sweden will result in being extradited to the USA. There is an espionage case against Mr Assange waiting in America.

Do you think the United Nations will move for or against Julian Assange? Are you surprised by these latest developments?

  1. I never thought he did anything to start with. It all smelled a little fishy. I hope he gets to go home.

  2. Stupid yanks wanted him. So the organised the charges. Truth is truth and the yanks are not truthful.

  3. The women concerned went to the cops to see if they should have a check for STD as no condoms were used. The cops decided to charge him with rape – the women have constantly refuted the claim. I think this was a set up by the Americans who were pissed off that he revealed so many of their little secrets. If he goes back to Sweden, the Americans will have him extradicted back to the US and we’ll never see him again.

    • I think that was on Four Corners wasn’t it. I saw the films of it somewhere way back when he was first arrested. He went to the police and they said he was free to go – then after he’s gone back to England, suddenly there was a hue and cry. Why the Swedes couldn’t have flew over to question him I don’t know.

    • Who on earth goes to a police station to ask if they should have an STD check? Please, too much to ask of anyone with a modicum of intelligence!

    • Linda Carley The people I know in Sweden are on his side. One woman (retired teacher) said a lot of strange things about the way he was “charged”. Nothing done in the standard way. There is nothing strange about a woman asking a policewoman to check records and advise you if someone has an STD. Police are more trusted and more helpful than here. Rape is treated much more seriously over there. If there had been the slightest hint of rape he would have been dragged in immediately. He went to the police station before leaving and he was not a wanted man. There is plenty of footage of him with his admirers including both the women he now allegedly raped days before and they, if anything, seem to be competing to be with him.

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