BREAKING: Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder conviction has been reinstated

The High Court decision has just been handed down and Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder conviction for the death of his wife,

The High Court decision has just been handed down and Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder conviction for the death of his wife, Allison, in 2012 has been reinstated.

You will recall that a jury had convicted Baden-Clay of murder in 2014. He repeatedly denied killing Allison and maintained that scratches on his face were caused by shaving.

In December 2015 the Court of Appeal downgraded the decision to manslaughter, after his lawyers argued it was possible Baden-Clay could have unintentionally killed his wife during an argument. They then suggested Baden-Clay covered up the death out of ‘panic’.

The decision of the High Court today means the Gerard Baden-Clay is now a convicted wife murderer and according to Queensland Law Society president Bill Potts the decision proves the “justice system works”.

The High Court says the Court of Appeal had “erred in concluding that the jury’s verdict of guilty of murder was unreasonable on the basis that the prosecution had failed to exclude the hypothesis that Gerard Baden-Clay unintentionally killed his wife”.

It held that the “hypothesis that the Court of Appeal had acted was not available on the evidence”.

Baden-Clay must now serve a jail sentence until 2029 before he can apply for parole.

“Justice for Allison has finally been served,” Allison Baden-Clay’s friend Kerry-Anne Walker said to waiting media in the front of the High Court building in Canberra.

It’s a case that has captured the attention of many and when Gerard Baden-Clay’s charges were downgraded from murder to manslaughter it prompted widespread public outrage.

What do you think of the High Court’s ruling? Do you agree that this is finally justice for Allison Baden-Clay?

  1. Pamela  

    Justice/law is fickle, reacting at public outcry on some things, not on others.

  2. Sandra Broadhead  

    Justice has been served, that evil arrogant man now has to serve his sentence. Shame it’s not for life.

    • Timothy  

      It is!
      Minimum 20 years’! But Parole can be denied, & hopefully so for this disgusting piece of filth, who lied throughout, from the get-go!

  3. Mark  

    Poor Gerard! If anyone knows these prisoners or guards who have to live with him until he ‘tops himself’ and wants to ask them to- “give him a nice little bashing”… it would be much appreciated by all of Australia

  4. Julie  

    Why is a murder verdict, by a Jury of ‘twelve good men, & true’, able to be appealed?
    Absolute rubbish!

    Thank goodness the five High Court Judges’ were unanimous in their decision to have the correct murder verdict re-instated!
    Also very pleased the ability to appeal to the Privy Council was stopped many years’ ago, or this case would’ve just kept going!

    At long last, Justice for Allison, her girls’, her Parents’, & her devoted friends’.

    There’re multiple 1000’s of very happy Aussies’ tonight!

  5. Sharon Borg  

    An excellent outcome. He was always guilty and should pay the ultimate penalty

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