Breaking: Earthquake strikes New Zealand again

A magnitude 5.5 quake has been recorded in the upper South Island of New Zealand. The quake occurred about 4.15pm
Magnitude 5.5 quake shakes New Zealand.

A magnitude 5.5 quake has been recorded in the upper South Island of New Zealand. The quake occurred about 4.15pm (2.15 AEDT) on Sunday and was recorded as strong by GeoNet. The magnitude is an initial reading. This is the third quake reported this year and smaller quakes have been happening since the November shake.

It was at a depth of 12 kilometres and was centred 10 kilometres east of Seddon, reports Sydney Morning Herald.

The owner of SuperValue in Seddon Kevin Kamat said the shaking lasted for about five seconds, reports New Zealand Herald.

“It was quite strong. We had about 12 customers in the store and everyone made a beeline for the door.”

GNS Science duty seismologist Bill Fry said the quake was part of a sequence of aftershocks following the magnitude 7.8 quake on November 14.

“It’s in a location that we’ve seen a lot of other earthquakes. It was quite large,” he said.

He said that, at the epicentre of the quake, the ground shaking would have been severe.

About 6892 people, mostly in the upper South Island and throughout the lower North Island, registered with GeoNet that they felt the quake.

It also triggered a relatively moderate quake in the Hawke’s Bay region about the same time, Mr Fry said.

The Hawke’s Bay quake, centred 25 kilometres south of Hastings, was initially recorded as a 4.8 but was downgraded to a 3.

Thousands of aftershocks have been recorded since the 7.8 quake three weeks ago, which isolated the South Island coastal settlement of Kaikoura and altered the landscapes around it.

The Fire Service says there have been no damage reports yet from the aftershocks on Sunday.

Have you been affected or know anyone who might have been as well?

  1. The picture you are displaying is misleading. That was damage done 3 weeks ago to what is known as the Kaikoura quake. If you are going to report a quake at least have the correct picture for it There are a lot of people living away from NZ that could be shocked by the way you reported this quake. I have lived in NZ all my life. Fortunately all the quakes I have experienced have been relatively minor. You may be surprised to know that the Kaikoura quake had a huge effect on multi story buildings in Wellington. To date three have been demolished as were declared to dangerous to reenter.

    • I am glad you made this comment as the road looks to severe to have been this one. My extended family in the UK worry about us.

    • Glenda  

      Great comment – too many reports are using old photos. Great comments

  2. Fiona Nelson  

    Yep I agree with you all, I’m in Australia and my daughter and granddaughters live top of south island so really need to know specific locations, cause it freaks me out

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