Breaking: Donald Trump has won the US election

The final election results are in and with all the key states counted, Donald Trump has won the election and
Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

The final election results are in and with all the key states counted, Donald Trump has won the election and will become the next president of the United States.

The ABC has called the election in favour of the Republican and declared he will take the White House.

Hillary Clinton has reportedly called Trump to concede, effectively securing the win for her rival. Her campaign manager has said she will not address the public tonight.

The shock result has left voters across the country stunned and people around the world wondering how it happened. Pre-election polls had predicted Hillary Clinton would win by a small margin, but it all turned around today with Trump’s supporters coming out in droves to cast their vote for him.

The press called Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for Trump, the last key states he needed to win the election.

While Clinton worked hard to rally the troops over the past week, it wasn’t enough to quell the rousing movement Trump created over the year.

His supporters have already taken to the streets to celebrate with large crowds gathering in major cities to chant their victory songs.

Cries of “build the wall” filled the air in New York as nearby Clinton supporters watched on in despair.

Adding to his presidential victory is the massive win Republicans claimed in the House, giving them control over the three major branches of government and making it much easier for Trump to push through his agendas once he officially takes office.

Social media is buzzing with questions of “what happened?”, while some political commentators are already admitting they got it wrong.

The key question for many though is, what now? Despite his large grassroots following it appears that many underestimated Trump and his message, which struck a chord with mainly white middle-class voters across America.

His divisive policies have called for an end to Muslim immigration, a wall to stop Mexicans crossing the boarder into America, and an increase in gun rights.

Numerous controversies along the way, like his comments about how he has ‘grabbed women by the pussy’, accused Mexicans of being rapists and killers, and fat shamed his detractors, haven’t been able to stop him and only seemed to fuel his supporters even more.

Stock markets around the world have plummeted following the result and the Canadian immigration website has crashed due to the thousands of Americans flooding the site to see if they can move across the border.

In Australia, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has said Australia is open to working with Trump and his keen to keep our trade interests alive and thriving.

What are your thoughts on this result? What will this mean for Australia?

  1. Cat  

    America will lose their place as the leader nation of the world – leaving the spot open to China to take control. Australia should be in a good position as our government has already sold most of Australia to the Chinese!

    • Geoff McKenzie  

      Your behind the times,Cat,America lost its crown long time ago.Yhe state of the nation was horrendously bad,and getting worse.Now the brainwashing mainstream media will start losing their influence over the masses,more people will start to realise what really has been happening.And our government is pathetic,and has been for ages.No change will happen,until we similarly awake,sorry.

  2. Margaret  

    This is a catastrophe for the whole world!

  3. Roy bridges  

    Good on him, this is what happens when you have your political parties focused on own interests tell unturths eg Shortem on Medicare ,Turbull on super .They can not be trusts just like Hillary.

  4. Thomas  


    He’ll turn the USA upside down, which is exactly what it needs, to stop the lawlessness that’s being going on there for years’, mostly perpetrated by the negro population.

  5. Steve  

    Good luck America, you’ll need it. May the force be with you.

  6. Sarana  

    I believe the senate will be prudent and exercise good sense by ensuring the Trump presidency will function at a better level than a lot of media are predicting. When all the hysteria abates, let us hope common sense will prevail, markets lift and the U.S. Economy will be healthy.

  7. Now the worry for America is will the be another JFK incident, I’m sure the FBI won’t be to pleased nor will Sorros and his new world order mob. Watch this space I say, he may not make to the White House.

    • Think youre right. They have their ways of getting their way. They are not going to just give away their power. But how will they stop the wall and the purge of 11 million cheap labourers without starting a revolution with Trump voters?

      • Catherine  

        Probably be lots of unrest, then Obama calls martial law and refuses to leave office. Then the fun starts….

    • Geoff McKenzie  

      I agree Theo.The new world order boys won,t like this one little bit,and they are powerful,and so very evil.It won,t be NATO and the USA verses Russia and China,anymore.Thank god.This result would be like a massive uppercut to the guts,and balls of the master control boys.

  8. Guy Flavell  

    It’s certainly a stunning victory for the American middle and lower socio-economic classes.
    Some of the policies Mr. Trump has announced on international affairs and trade, Obamacare health and purging the Latino population are somewhat worrying though.
    Time will tell … the World awaits with baited breath !!!

  9. ann  

    God help the world, this is so scary, Trump with that power.

  10. Kathy  

    I can hear the echoes across the world – “How did this happen?”

  11. Geoff McKenzie  

    As the mainstream media.biased brainwashing dissipates,those who don,t understand it,will start to wake up.Read Wikkileaks for a change,and start finding out the truth of what’s been going on in this world.As Julian Assange has said,”If I,m lying,why are they trying so hard to silence me”.Hillary would never have got on with Russia,Putin despises her backers that much.Trump is very interested in friendly dialogue with them.The mega rich Hillary backers,have been trying to control the world,and nearly succeeding.Putin knows,Trump knows,Wikkileaks knows,and now the public are starting to know.The corruption at the highest levels,has been rampant,with Obama,Bush,and Hillary,all in it up to their necks.The people Didn,t vote for Republican verses democrat,they voted their displeasure at a corrupt,evil,and getting worse system.

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