BREAKING: Brussels cancels New Year’s Eve celebrations due to terror threats

Authorities in the Belgian capital of Brussels have cancelled New Year festivities, because of an undisclosed terrorist threat. Elsewhere in
The Belgium Army patrols streets of Brussels during a city-wide shutdown last month.

Authorities in the Belgian capital of Brussels have cancelled New Year festivities, because of an undisclosed terrorist threat. Elsewhere in Belgium, two people have also been arrested on suspicion of plotting a New Year’s Eve attack.

“Unfortunately we have been forced to cancel the fireworks and all that was planned for tomorrow evening, that would have brought a lot of people together in the centre of Brussels, following a risk analysis by the crisis centre”, said the local mayor, Mr Yvan Mayeur.

He explained it would not be possible for police and other security personnel to “guarantee that we can check everyone coming to the event”. Mr Mayeur also added, “it’s better not to take any risks”.

Meanwhile, six people where questioned in the regions of Brabant and Liege, which neighbour Brussels. On Sunday and Monday, police arrested two members of the group but another four were released. Police found military clothing and Islamic State propaganda during their house raids.

The two men arrested are believed to be members of Kamikaze Riders, a motorcycle gang whose members are mostly of North African origin.

Last year, over 100 000 people turned out to watch Brussels’ traditional New Year’s Eve fireworks at the Place de Brouckere. Cancelling a major celebration has left many people in Belgium, and throughout the international community at large, feeling angry and despondent.

As one Facebook user wrote online, “on the eve of 2016 I would just like to say it’s time for us, as citizens, all around the world to implement a new way of dealing with terrorism, life is meant to be celebrated not terrorised”. 

Australia’s current terror threat sits at ‘Probable’, as deemed by the National Terrorism Threat Advisory System. Indeed, some people are worried about New Year’s events planned throughout Australia, with another Facebook user writing, “I’m also in Sydney and you wouldn’t catch me dead in the city tonight”.

In an ironic comment, another woman wrote, “welcome to our new way of life. Happy New Year everyone”. 

Are you worried about New Year’s Eve events being marred by terrorism? Do you take extra precautions when out and about with large crowds? Are terrorist threats ruining the Aussie way of life?



  1. Not one bit. I have great faith in the professionalism and capabilities of our police forces. I refuse to live in fear, I’m more likely to be hit by a car than killed by terrorists

  2. Oops, ruining it for everyone, this is what they want. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Happy New Year.

  3. I don’t blame in Europe because that is where the terrorist activities have been but it is sad that people have to be made to live in fear because of threats.I hope 2016 will be the year that the world can rid itself of the disease IS.

  4. welcome to the fledgling martial law, peoples. And so it begins….
    Fear fear fear is fed to us on a daily basis by the media and government, so then they have an excuse to cancel normal events on the “threat” of terror. Terror will never go away, governments know they are onto a good thing here. Go to hell!

    • Marie, to my knowledge nothing has been cancelled in Australia. I can understand why they are stopping the fireworks in Brussels, and if I lived there, whilst I might be disappointed, I would understand that they are doing it for everybody’s protection. Probably a sensible thing in the circumstances. It is a shame that it has got to this though, I agree. It is better to be safe than sorry.

    • I know we should not fear these animals, but with what happened in Paris we are better to be warned, if something happens and I pray it does Not we would be complaining bitterly if no action was taken we can all still celebrate a New Year and may I wish each of you a very Happy New Year and Peace to the World

    • Marie Gammon. Don’t tell us your one of these people who says Look there was a bomb after it has exploded !!!!

    • Graeme Armiger : I don’t think she is saying that. I think Marie sees that Govt. are taking the opportunity to impose their will to “Protect” us.
      Let’s face it ever since man stood upright there have been wars both minor and major.
      It is Govt who create wars and use their followers (armed forces and laws created and the types that like to join those forces) to implement them. Trouble is IS is a different kettle of fish, they are not an army, but group of thugs who have banded together to create terror.

  5. By doing this THEY have won.Why has the world turned so gutless. As always the minority destroys normal life for the majority. Shame Shame.

    • If I was living in Brussels I would understand why they have done this. My motto has always been better to be safe than sorry. There is nothing to stop them from celebrating New Year’s Eve in different ways, just not the fireworks. If the fireworks had been allowed to go ahead, you could very well be reading tomorrow of more deaths in Brussels. I agree that it is sad that it has come to this.

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