BREAKING: Bill Shorten concedes defeat

It’s been over a week since the election, and we now know who the PM will be, and it isn’t
via ABC

It’s been over a week since the election, and we now know who the PM will be, and it isn’t Shorten. The Opposition leader has conceded defeat in a race that at some times was too close to call.

“I have spoken to Mr Turnbull early this afternoon to congratulate him and Lucy, and to wish them the very best,” Mr Shorten told a press conference in Melbourne, reports the ABC.

“Whilst counting has not concluded in a number of very close seats, it is clear that Mr Turnbull and his coalition will form a government”.

The concession speech comes as more votes are counted around the country, showing the Coalition is leading and may be able to form a majority government.



Mr Shorten said Labor wants to find “common ground” with the Government, and that Australians deserved “nothing less”.

“I understand we need to make this parliament function and we’ll be up for that,” he said.

“I hope for the nation’s sake that the Coalition does a good job.”

But he said that he would not let up on issues such as Medicare.

“I expect them to do nothing less than to keep their promises they made to the Australian people,” he said.

“And as I said, I wish Malcolm Turnbull well in what the future holds. But we also have a mandate to stand up for Medicare, to make sure schools are properly funded and to prioritise Australian jobs.”

He also said he’d push for online voting, saying “We’re a grown-up democracy, it shouldn’t take eight days to find out who’s won”.

Shorten finished by saying “I am proud Labor is back and that Labor is united”, pointing towards the troubles of the Rudd-Gillard era.


Mr Turnbull is yet to formally declare victory however Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has already done so.

Tell us, are you happy with the election result? Who should’ve won?

  1. Kay W  

    Thankfully Barnaby had the guts to take matters into his own hands giving Bill Shorten the nudge to finally take action! The PM had his hands tied whilst waiting on the opposition to concede defeat!

  2. see bill shorten is still going on about medicare even thought it was a dam lie he want learn,and he want work with the government like he just said either wait and see

    • Sue  

      Bill said…..we need to make the Parliament function!! Well, we will be reminding you of that one Billy!! Pity you didn’t do that in the governments last term! You have a mandate for Medicare??? You have got to be kidding!!!! You have a ‘mandate’ based on a whole pack of lies and fraud!!

      • graeme  

        Sue let us wait and see how true Mal will be with his back flip on Medicare an d not privatise same also the extra funding for schools and hospitals

  3. Aileen  

    Yes very happy, now just get on with the job & make sure they heed the message Aussie’s have secrets all sides of government.

  4. J Crossley  

    I was really hoping for a change of government. I am a pensioner and know the struggle have just to is impossible for a single,aged pensioner to live in their own home,pay rates,electricity, insurance etc,and if the need arrives for them to go into an aged care facility they have to find an exorbitant amount, upwards of 400,000 dollars or 4000 dollars a month ut the lnp are not once red about them, only about the big end of town.

  5. Lindsay  

    Happy that we have been spared having the country run like a trade union.

  6. a sad day for australia.The Liberals WILL still try privatise medibank.It must because they’ve been told to.They will still NOT tax businesses because they OWN liberal party Lets hope the independants and labor can prevent the libs from toatlly destroying Austtralia. A very sad day.

  7. Owen J goodchild  

    Would like to see them all have to apply for there jobs just like you do in a company that has just been taken over. We need new blood people who are from real life that live in the house next door. Too many of these polly’s have not even had a real job. We can’t run our households like they run our government. wish i could retire on the amount of money they do Why is it so.

  8. Geraldine  

    I wanted a change of government….now let’s wait and see if the Turnbull government delivers the policies they promised during the election. I for one will be interested in what happens with Medicare. Already the gap at Medical Centers has increase to approx $32 for a short visit, and up to $65 for a long visit. This is too expensive for the pensioner community, hopefully something will be done about this…..

  9. Roger  

    I think Labor may well have won had Albanese been the leader. I don’t think the Labor have any idea how many Labor voters loathe Shorten and his union thugs. A vote for Shorten was a vote for Shorten, not for Labor – and as for the lie about Medicare……….Remember the total vote count was down so I do not know what he thought he did such a great job.

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