BREAKING: Ban on the burkini has been suspended

A French court has suspended the ban on full-body ‘burkini’ swimsuits imposed by a Mediterranean resort saying such enforcement on

A French court has suspended the ban on full-body ‘burkini’ swimsuits imposed by a Mediterranean resort saying such enforcement on the country’s beaches is illegal and a violation of fundamental liberties.

The country’s highest administrative court, the Conseil d’Etat, was examining the laws brought in by the commune of Villeneuve-Loubet, however, its decision will set a precedent for the whole of France, and especially those towns that had also introduced such bans.

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In its ruling the court said the ban “has dealt a serious and clearly illegal blow to fundamental liberties such as the freedom of movement, freedom of conscience and personal liberty”.

Yet despite this, many social commentators believe this decision will put an end to the controversy that has highlighted the difficulties the French have in integrating its Muslim population. Additionally, it also identifies the challenges Muslims in the country have faced following a series of deadly attacks carried out by Islamist extremists against the public over a 20-month period.

The decision was watched closely across France and around the world.

Lionnel Luca, the mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet, claimed the ruling only further served to progress the “rampant Islamisation” in France.

“Far from calming, this decision can only heighten passions and tensions, with the risk of trouble we wanted to avoid,” he says. He went on to say that since mayors could not do anything to prevent trouble it was up to the law.

The burkini issue has been around for a while now, with former French president Nicolas Sarkozy pushing for the ban. It is said that the debate will form a large part of the country’s 2017 presidential campaign.

What is your opinion on banning a person from wearing what they choose in public? Share your thoughts on this issue with us.

  1. James  

    France will regret this ‘back-pedalling’ decision, & pandering to this minority group!

    Why are Muslims the ONLY people who have to be different, in every Country, in which they’ve bothered to take residence, as it suits them better?

    Absolutely the ‘thin edge of the wedge’.
    Now see what other French bans in relation to this cult’s followers’ will be reversed!
    THAT is exactly what they want!

  2. Faye Dapiran  

    I’m not sure why;; they; were banned in the first place. It wasn’t as though they were exposing any body parts, and looked quite elegant to me, not that I would really want to wear it.

    • Brenda Jones  

      Totally agree Faye. And banning them is causing obvious opression of rights, which, in turn, increases hostility from the opressors. I cannot see A) Why people cannot see this and B) Why so many people feel threatened by what others wear, when it does not in the least way affect them

  3. Brenda Jones  

    Sorry, I meant increasing hostility from the ‘OPRESSED’ not the opressors.

  4. Truth 13  

    If Olympics in year 2000 was held in France, Cathy Freeman would have been fined, for running with her whole body, including the head covered, just like a Burkini. If a Catholic nun walks on to the beach in Nice, will she be fined ?. I have seen many photos of Queen of England, covering her head with a scarf. Does anyone think, she will be fined too. I can understand, if the covering of the face is banned, but it is stupid to ban a head cover. If anyone has been to Paris, & walked down Boulevard de Clichy, after dark, where Moulin Rouge is, you can see, girls as young as 14 years, with various colourful head cover, but with hardly any cover below the neck, outside those “adult entertainment” joints . Will the French Police fine them in the same way an innocent woman was fined on the beach, for covering the heads. Only thing I can say to the Police in France is, “Stupid is as stupid does”, or in French “Stupide est aussi stupide ne”.

  5. Judith  

    Once again, there is a move to dictate what women wear in public, just like brief bikinis were once banned in Australia. As long as you are not exposed indecently, you should be able to wear what you wish. What do these clowns feel about surfers in neck to ankle wetsuits – will they want to ban those next?

  6. margot  

    I swim almost every day at my local pool..I wear 3/4 swim shorts, a t-shirt over my swimming top and a bathing cap .. quite frankly I think they should ban men with beer guts wearing Speedos .. in fact any man wearing Speedos. Do the French ban men or women wearing wet suits? Pathetic ..

    • Alan  

      Carefull Margo or ee men might request of thoes obese women even being on the beach. As always beauty is in the eye of the beholder not the beheld

  7. muslims will try any method to disrupt western values burker and bur-kine are both offensive and should be banned and the person wearing it should be deported along with their entire family

  8. Jeanne  

    I don’t understand why it is such a big ask not to wear the burkini. If we visit Afghanistan or other extreme Moslem countries we have no problem showing respect for THEIR culture and will cover up and wear a head covering . The burkini is not part of the Moslem uniform – thousands of faithful Moslems quite happily do not wear a burkini. It is not a sign of respect for Islam because again thousands of faithful Moslem women do not wear it. If they have come to a new country , eg France, Australia, Switzerland , is not too much to ask for them now to respect our culture , that is they don’t need to wear a burkini , they should shake hands with the opposite sex as a formal greeting which is our culture . I saw Moslem women on a quiz show on TV refusing to shake hands even with the male host , in my eyes that is plain rude . They can offend us , but anything we say is either racist or offensive .yes nuns wear habits but that is their uniform , different cloisters have different uniforms. Burkinis are not Moslem uniforms – it has nothing to do with how religious they are . But, I am sure France will relent because they don’t want to be accused of racism . What a wonderful world we live in .

    • Susan Gabriel.  

      A very good comment, Jeanne, I live in France and haven’t known what to think of the situation, you’ve helped make it clearer for me. I’ll copy your reply to my diary.

  9. Everyone has the right to dress anyway they like within reason, however, covering the face is the issue that is causing contriversy.
    There is no excuse to not show your face in public. It is a big security issue and an insult to the public at large.

  10. Robert Green  

    I agree with the French ban. And with the comment that Muslims go to a country to better their lives then they begin to whinge, object, complain and aggravate. The law was clear and the women in typical Muslim way decided she wasn’t going to comply.

    STOP IT! Assimilate or go back to the misery you came from, DONT BRING IT HERE!

    Ideally, if they still follow that satanic book and their mad pedophile prophet, they should not be here.

  11. Let them wear them. Take them 50 K’s out to sea and let them swim to there hearts content, once thrown overboard.

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