BREAKING: Abuse victims ask to speak to Pope after Cardinal Pell’s shocking testimony

Abuse survivors say they are sick of listening to George Pell’s testimony in Rome and want to take their complaints

Abuse survivors say they are sick of listening to George Pell’s testimony in Rome and want to take their complaints straight to Pope Francis.

It’s Cardinal Pell’s third day of tough questioning at the child abuse royal commission. The hearing is likely to continue again tomorrow for a fourth day with commission staff seeking advice on continuing for a fifth day.

He has already said he regrets not doing more when there were accusations of child abuse within the church however survivors are upset at his lack of clarity.

Survivors have requested a meeting with the Pope to “implement systems” to prevent the abuse of children in the future, reports the ABC.

The Australian reports the survivors group made a televised plea to Pope Francis to meet them to “save the children” because Cardinal George Pell has turned his back on them.

Survivor Andrew Collins said they had requested a meeting with the Pope last week and again on Monday but had yet to organise a meeting.

Another survivor Phil Nagle says the survivors want to meet with Pope Francis rather than Cardinal Pell because of the lack of clear evidence being given by the Cardinal to the Royal Commission.

In a statement read outside the Hotel Quirinale the survivors said: “This is about children, abused and damaged in the past, we would like to request a meeting to implement systems so this is not repeated again. We are flying back on Friday and we would like to think we can get a meeting”.

Mr Collins said: “We are getting a bit tired of hearing what George is saying on the stand. We want to hear from someone who cares about us. George is giving us nothing. He doesn’t care, he is turning our back on us, we don’t want to meet with George at all”.

ABC News 24 is doing rolling coverage of the third day of George Pell’s hearing via video link at the Royal Commission, which can be viewed here.

More to come.

  1. Im sure the pope is well aware of situation. That nothing has been done to date,nothing will be done.

  2. I wish them luck, but I am not hopeful. He may agree to meet with them in order to look like he is doing something, but nothing will come of it. I guess I am being very cynical.

    • no you’re not.i don’t think anything will happen at all and that scum bag will get away with it

    • Sadly, I think you’re right. He’s a kindly man and will probably say all the right things, but he’s really only a figure head in the Vatican – all those other ancient men there rule the roost and would happily outvote him if he dared to make any decision that upset their status quo.

    • Judy Green If that is the case Judy than as a upright, ethical man he should resign as Pope. If he intends to stay then he should fight the established order with every weapon at his disposal. He is the Pope and to me doing nothing is not an option. Lead the revolution from the top. There must be some priests that are decent who will follow his lead. His job as a man let alone as Pope is to protect the innocent, namely children. I want him to stand up and be a man.

    • Popes don’t resign, with the exception of the previous one who resigned due to age and ill health. Francis is without doubt the most visible Pope there’s ever been. His background amongst the poverty in Argentina (?) and his constant travelling has surely given him a good grounding on current day problems. He has already shaken up the Vatican with his comments about homosexuality, women priests and even that dogs go to heaven!! I’m sure he has a plan, but (as the old saying goes) “softly, softly catchee monkey”!! Or “many long walk starts with a single step”. I keep hoping.

    • Judy Green Well maybe he should be the first to resign. Maybe that will shake the established order up. At the moment to me they are a highly organised ring of pedephiles that are using everything at their disposal to protect that organisation. No credibility at all. They are evil men and if he does nothing (forget softly, softly) then he is an evil man. So furious at this that I can barely type. Enough with the excuses. Right now a child somewhere in the world is being sexually abused by a catholic priest who in all likelihood is being protected by the catholic hierarchy.

    • The cover up comes from the top, or Pell would have been stood down from his job while the enquiry was taking place. Other professionals are stood down while the person is under a cloud and they are reinstated once found innocent.
      They cover each other’s backs because they all belong to the same club

    • Then Judy, the pope, excuse me, needs to grow a set and direct his kindliness toward the ones who have suffered and continue to suffer from what they have been dealt by the Catholic church.

  3. No Debbie, sadly I believe these Men as so far removed from reality that they have no empathy whatsoever. A meeting with the Pope will achieve nothing. He will bless them maybe ( what a joke). Their first priority is to protect the church. We can not turn back time and this abuse is tragic and beyond belief.

    • I wouldn’t call them Men. They are animals. Sex is part of nature and they should be allowed to marry be it male or female. Pedophiles should be castrated and priests kicked out of the church as well. Pell should be kicked out in disgrace and I think he has put the pope in a very awkward place.

    • Glenys whatever you call them they are MEN. Being allowed to marry will not solve the problem of the past… these men were pedophiles. They LIKED young children. Marriage WOULD NOT put a stop to that. As for the Pope being put in an awkward position???!!! ALL in Vatican will protect the church at all costs.

    • In the earlier centuaries Popes Bishops and priests were married and had children. So please bring that back again!!!! And No I don’t think the Pope or the Catholic church will do anything about sexual abuse in the past nor in the future

    • Rinske Dawson as stated these MALES are pedophiles marriage would not have stopped the offending.

    • Barb Wright Yep, they are oxygen sucking creatures in a male Human body.

  4. Who thinks for one minute a visit with the pope will make one ounce of difference! It’s the Catholic Church and this has been going on for centuries with them. 1 pope isn’t going to stop it! He can’t do anything without the consent of those who actually run the Catholic Church!

    • I think it will help the victims to have the supreme judge on this matter listen to their side and the damage that was done to them. Pell needs a severe reprimand for not following up on reports direct from the Pope and all other cardinals, bishops, priests etc, need a letter from HIM setting out just what will happen to them if this type of thing continues within the church and under it’s name. The secrecy of the confessional should not apply to these animals. How can the bishop allow such a sinner to continue to celebrate mass or any other sacrament. I know I wouldn’t want Last Rites from such a person. I would rather go without.

    • and who says its just the catholic church they are in the limelight for sure some scumbags yes but not all let he who has not sinned cast the first stone

    • Another catholic turning a blind eye to the truth Peter Brennan wakes up and smell the roses mate religion is the biggest sin off all full liars cheats and sexual deviates.

      • Terence Toovey  

        We don’t need to turn a blind eye we know that some priest have committed offences.
        You obviously have no faith and make ludicrous comments,shows you lack of

    • But remember the Pope is somewhat stymied by all those old men in the Vatican, who are stuck hundreds of years back in the past and who won’t allow any changes to the status quo. It’s always been the case – those old men rule the Vatican. It’s time they were got rid of and some younger men brought in, men who are more up to date on current affairs and attitudes outside the Vatican. There should be a “use by date” on all those old codgers.

    • wonder who you are trying to protect we all have sinned in some way but few in this particular way yes all religions have their fair share but it was.nt so wide spread or denied as with the catholic church the secrecy of the confessional carries much blame here

    • Ladies PLEASE Peter is correct NOT ALL Priests are pedophiles. Before condemning me YES I attended Catholic schools, Priests and Marist Brothers were family friends. I am one of five and neither myself nor any of my siblings were abused. It is so easy to get carried away on such an horrific subject…. so I REPEAT NOT ALL priests are pedophiles. Oh and no I am no longer a practicing Catholic. Oh and yes religion has much to answer for. I am not turning a blind eye either nor standing up for evil.

    • Yes I agree there are other religions and cults who do the same disgusting things as the Catholic Church does. And I agree that maybe an audience with the pope may give some relief to those who have been so savagely treated by catholic priests. My heart goes out to them and any other person who has suffered in this way. But it’s time for the Catholic Church to wake up! Sheltering this pedophile pleaser and the many other priest who have committed this type of immoral and disgusting behaviour is not what their people want! Or need! It’s time for the Catholic Church to make big changes to get with the times and not stick with the traditions of centuries ago! Let the priests marry if they want stop hiding them within the cloistered Vatican or their environs open their doors to the world and let us see what and who they really are! The Catholic Church is the richest organisation in the world, who do they help besides their own? Why do e’s the pope sit on his padded Heiney and watch the destruction of people’s lives by his very own priests. It’s an absolute travesty that this man Pell can get away with what he has done and to not own up to it and hide behind his faith is an inditement of the type of human being he is! He will eventually pay in a way he will never forget for eternity he will be judged! Be scared pell be very afraid!

    • Tricia Sexton completely agree. My situation much the same as yours. No longer have anything to do with Catholic Church

    • Not me ,will be a waste of time ,he also knew what was going on that’s why he brought him to the Vatican ,they did not count on these victims going to Rome ,the Vatican is full of EVIL MONSTERS .

    • Annette McIntyre no they are all crooks & think cause they are Catholics that they are untouchable ” should all be in Jail for the dreadful things they have done “”

  5. I am not catholic but I think the victims need to speak to the pope because they are fed up with Pell. They need to know that they are being listened to and action will be taken.

    • Jenny Quinn, I was raised a catholic. I attended Catholic Schools in the 60’s and 70’s. Marist Brothers were frequent visitors at the homes of many of my relatives. I was always around the Priests…some I liked and some I DID NOT. I remember them all very well. I never ever felt in danger, and was never taken advantage of by any Priest or Nun for that matter. What I am trying to convey is that NOT all Priests are Pedophiles, however places and groups attract men of this ilk due to easy access to children, male and female.

    • Sorry if I offended anyone. Was not my intension. I know there are good and bad in all. My granchildren are catholics and therr priest is lovely. As are all the teachers at the school. I was just commenting on whether the victims should see the Pope. I just think it might help them.

    • Jenny please don’t apologize. No offense was taken at all. Not sure talking to the Pope will help these victims, but only the victims themselves can answer that.

    • at least tje.Pope.will have to face these survivors .He.should beg their forgiveness .In a way n The Pope is.head of.the Cstholic.Church .There ought to be a big gathering of survivors I think .Pell.has made more trouble..for himself by staying in Rome . from Every corner of the.globe .

    • Tricia Sexton I am concerned that if the victims get an audience with the Pope it will make it even worse for them. Psychologically they must be very frail by now and I hope that doesn’t tip them over the edge.

    • Lynette Lowe  

      It’s a bit like Parliament and Congress Pope is the head but his hands are tied
      recently he tried to get something though only to be howled down by a few Cardinals incl George Pell .I agree with you the Pope is the Boss and he should be able to take charge! When I was a young girl we were taught he was the infallible truth! don’t know what’s happened since then

  6. George Pell,is obviously a liar,denying any knowledge of what was going on,so sad,that every dog collar that you see now makes you have doubts about them,Pell is as guilty as all of the abusers for turning a blind eye.

    • Well said Kay. Like him to be defrocked…if thats what its called. Poor little kids i feel for. Seems they are in all religions. What is wrong with these sickos!

    • have you not sinned in your time he is not an offender just giving evidence on what he found out

    • I just heard that Pell actually lived with the SCUMBAG Ridsdale for a couple of years,yet he says he did not know what was going on.And Pell expects people to believe that?Pell himself is a LIAR and a SCUMBAG just like his mate Ridsdale.

    • Peter he is just as guilty since he DID know what was going on, but it was of little interest to him (by his own admittance when being questioned). Disgusting all of them. I have no time for people who hide behind the cloth. There is sin and sin – yes, we may have all sinned (I tell white lies to save people’s feelings) but abusing children is the biggest sin of all, after the sin of killing.

    • Peter Brennan Sure we have all made mistakes in our lifetime,how does anyone know that he is not an offender,if not a physical offender,he is most certainly a huge offender by not standing up for those poor children and creating awareness of what was going on.Disgusting.

    • Beverley Butterworth simply that it’s unnatural for men to be unable to have relationships, it will always occur whilst priests cannot marry!

    • Rosemary June Beaton they can have relationships, if they want. They just like to like children. No wonder people are not attending church. All very disgusting!!!

    • Peter Brennan, Yes we probably have all sinned, however Pell was just as bad as the abusers because he ingnored the complaints. He is just as wicked as the physical abusers (and how do we know he is not an abuser too???) and the fact that he admitted it was of little interest to him – that just leaves me shaking my head in disgust.

    • They have been turning a blind eye for 39/40 years
      When you become a priest you swear to keep everything in house between the pope and God
      They have very strong insurance the Catholic Church protect itself with it
      Let’s hope he has a strong enough voice
      For me not loud enough
      No pope has condemned These paedophiles outright as they should
      But Carry On blessing easter Christmas
      And other such things and let abuse go on f

    • Neville Davies so the same applies to spouses of cheating partners etc ? Get real people n go after the perpetrators not ‘easy targets’ like Cardinal Pell.

  7. Will not make a difference …the pope is just as bad ….they all protect one another….the religion is a joke…..

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