Both the PM and Bill Shorten facing embarrassing election day

With election day just around the corner, it looks like Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten both need to step it

With election day just around the corner, it looks like Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten both need to step it up to sway voters their way.

The latest polling numbers from Newspoll have revealed that Labor and the Liberal Party are locked neck and neck with only two weeks to go.

On a personal level, Mr Turnbull still has the upper hand as the preferred PM, but his numbers are certainly nothing to brag about.

His satisfaction rating fell to match a record low of 36 per cent, while his dissatisfaction rating stayed the same at 52 percent.

Mr Shorten’s satisfaction rating has risen to 35 percent, with 51 percent of surveyed voters dissatisfied with his performance.

If neither men do anything to change the mind of voters ahead of election day, it looks like we could be headed for another hung parliament, which will see both parties trying to wheel and deal to form alliances with minor parties and independents.

Both men have been campaigning hard over the weekend, with the Opposition Leader officially launching Labor’s campaign where he called on supporters to “dig a little deeper, work a little harder, be part of something bigger”.

Meanwhile, Mr Turnbull tried to put people’s fears about Medicare to rest, promising the LNP would never privatise the health care body.

This wasn’t enough for Mr Shorten though, who insisted that “piece by piece, brick by brick, the Liberals want to tear Medicare down.”

Both leaders will hit the road again today to try to drum up support, but if the numbers are anything to go by they’ve got a lot of work ahead of them.

Who do you think will win on the day? Do you think we’ll have another hung parliament?

  1. Hels  

    I don’t really care, as both sides will break promises if it helps them gain something else. I don’t trust Mr. Turnbull, he’s removing our common rights one by one. He has stacked the election so that it will be very hard for Independents to be elected and denying them their democratic rights. I can only say Go Pauline, as she’s the only candidate that tells it like it is,not how she demands it should be

  2. rikda  

    I get the distinct impression, fed by the last media frenzy’s, that this is another propaganda routine.
    Are we supposed to go back to the polls, remembering they hung the parliament the first time with “Ditch the witch”
    2nd time it went all out. It was “Lets kick this mob out” accompanied by a pack of lies about being “on a unity ticket with Labor” & a parliamentary admission that they were non repentant lies, of which no penalty was initiated.
    While no party is without sin, only one is unrepentant & proud of theirs.
    Fool me once, fool me twice. I don’t think so.

  3. If either of these two turkeys could do any of their promised wonders then why haven’t they given us, the public, workers and pensioners these same promised wonders when in power. Don’t believe the lies, neither can deliver, its all wind and farts as far as I can see and when either are elected it will be the same old thing, broken promises. To get this country going again we would need, not a hung parliament, but an independent government body who could put some decent ideas together to get this country of ours on an even keel like it was in the early days of the 60s. Can you imagine going back to square one, wages to match the cost of living etc. handouts to bludgers non existent and so on. It would be hard at first to find your million dollar mansion worth ten thousand dollars again, ha ha, but hard luck, everyone would be equal. I know it will never happen but its nice to dream. Anyway my vote is for all independents to run this country, at the moment we have lost just about everything we used to stand for and our moral standards are next in line to be thrown out with the bath water. Lucky country? I think not. Where are we going from here except down, if your expectations are high you are in for a letdown, neither libs or labour have to guts or knowhow to run a bath, let alone a country. Maybe I should emigrate, no doubt some of you will tell me where to go. lol

  4. John Prior  

    The campaign has been long and boring. I have been muting all party political stuff on TV for days now. Should be a limit on campaigns and on what taxpayer funds they can spend. Will be glad when it is over and hope we DO have a hung Parliament to force Govt to genuinely negotiate and listen. What many people do not realise is the hung Rudd/Gillard Govt actually got a lot of legislation through. It can work quite well.

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