Bob Katter is about to be one of the most powerful men in the country

It’s like it’s 2010 all over again… Neither party can form a majority government and Queensland MP Bob Katter might

It’s like it’s 2010 all over again… Neither party can form a majority government and Queensland MP Bob Katter might just be the answer to all their problems.

Mr Katter is expected to meet with Malcolm Turnbull in Brisbane today as the PM tries to negotiate with crossbenchers to form a minority government.

The Liberal Party is ahead of Labor with 73 seats to 66, meaning the coalition may have to make a deal with Mr Katter if they want to stay in power.

It may not be an easy task for the PM though, with Mr Katter saying he has a long list of demands he wants to be met if he is going to make a deal.

His big issues are to do with immigration and the cost of living, both of which he says need major overhauls.

Mr Katter said both major political parties were allowing 650,000 people a year to enter the country.

“Most of them are on four-year visas. They do not go home, they never go home — it is exactly the same as the Mexicans in the United States, you will never get them out of this country,” he told the ABC.

He said migrants, foreign university students and 457 visa holders who are “undermining our pay and conditions”.

“The much-maligned CFMEU is one of the very few bodies in Australia that has raised its voice and tried to stop what is going on there,” Mr Katter said.

“A country that generates 200,000 jobs a year and has got over 200,000 school leavers cannot afford to bring 650,000 people into the Australian economy.

“Somewhere, someone is going on welfare.”

He said people across the country were struggling to make ends meet.

“The retirees, how they are making ends meet I absolutely do not know. The single mothers in this country, husbands just walked out on them taking no responsibility – how they can make ends meet I simply do not know.

“The issues of electricity prices, this free market, marketism as I call it, has created the most dreadful living conditions for our retirees.

“I’m quite confident that some of the other independents will see this the same as I’m seeing it.”

Mr Katter stirred controversy throughout the election campaign with a video ad that showed him shooting dead his opponents from the LNP and Labor.

The ad caused outrage with many saying he was promoting gun violence and crime. However, Mr Katter brushed it off saying the ad drove home his big message about selling of Australian land.

“It was just for humour value. But it was humour getting a message across,” he said.

“What’s not funny is the selling off of this country. We hate it and we’re tenaciously opposed to it.”

Mr Katter won his seat of Kennedy by a whopping 11 per cent and is beloved in the electorate, which he has won nine times.

While he may be admired at home, he has divided many people around the country who see him as promoting guns and homophobia.

What do you think about Bob Katter holding such a position of power in the government? Do you support him, or does it worry you?