Bob Hawke says he would want to be euthanised if he loses his “marbles”

He’s one of the most popular former Prime Ministers of Australia, and no doubt knows how influential his opinion still
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He’s one of the most popular former Prime Ministers of Australia, and no doubt knows how influential his opinion still is. In an interview on Andrew Denton’s “Better Off Dead” podcast, Bob Hawke discussed euthanasia and his own preferences.

Hawke slammed the current government for not having assisted dying laws in Australia, saying it is “absurd that euthanasia is not legal in this country”, reports The Guardian.

He went on to say opposition to euthanasia “doesn’t meet any requirements of morality and good sense” and that Australia’s health system was more than capable of dealing with an assisted dying law.

“I am more than happy for my name to be associated with a clear statement of belief that the time has come where we in Australia should have clear legislation on our books that makes euthanasia legal,” he said.

“I have an understanding with Blanche that something I could not stand would be to lose my marbles.

“If that were in fact to happen then something is done about [it] … I don’t expect it to be a pillow pressed exuberantly over my nose, but I’m sure that something could be arranged with the family doctor”.

Despite prior attempts by politicians to bring in a law have been squashed, recent opinion polls show that at least 70% of Australians support legalising euthanasia.

Politicians had voted down more than 30 attempts to introduce the legislation in various state, territory and federal jurisdictions since 1997, Hawke said.

“Well, politicians are by and large not the bravest of creatures,” he said.

“They have a preeminent interest in retaining the seat they hold in the parliament, whatever parliament it is, and if they detect that there is no support and there is a degree of antagonism against this particular proposal you won’t find very much courage there”.

Tell us, do you share Bob Hawke’s views on euthanasia?

  1. Sandra Rivett  

    Yes I absolutely agree with euthanasia for people. My Mother is in aged care and some of the residents in there have absolutely no clue who or where they are. They have no quality of life whatsoever. I really feel for them, their families no longer visit as they cannot cope with seeing their loved ones like they are. It breaks my heart every time I go to visit my Mum. I believe the majority would have agreed before hand. That’s just one part of the community, personally if I was to find myself in that situation or one of terminal illness I wouldn’t want to suffer. I wouldn’t want to put my loved ones through watching me suffer either.

    • Stephanie Collins  

      Sandra, I could not agree with you more. My mother is in the same situation, totally vulnerable, unable to do anything for herself and with absolutely not quality of life or awareness. My sister and I visit her often, hard as it is, but there are so many others who have no one visiting them at all. I know my mother would not want this if she knew.

      • Marilyn  

        I agree wholeheartedly with Sandra and Stephanie. Mu aunt is in a dementia unit. She has no awareness of anything. I see her every week but she has no idea who I am. It is very upsetting to see her like she is. It is certainly not living. Her mind is completely dead. I certainly would not like to be in that situation or put my family through watching me either.

  2. Kate  

    I don’t agree in getting rid of someone because they don’t remember their family or where they are. For people who are suffering from pain by all means .

    • Alwyn  

      Put yourself in that situation and see how you respond. Who died and appointed you God.

    • Jean  

      Those that do not remember their loved ones or where they are, do suffer terribly. They can not express that they suffer physical pain….they suffer severe anxiety, fear, deep depression as they can not comprehend their world around them. Cannot relate to food or fluids and if left to themselves would not eat or drink… They exist in a body that they no longer know how to control …what a terrible existence for someone to have to endure because of laws. Why not let nature take its course and let them starve to death and lay in their own body wastes. if it was myself or a loved one I would rather be given something to slip away quietly with dignity, clean and in a comfortable surroundings with those significant others holding my hand…there is more than just physical pain.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with bob Hawke in relation to legalizing euthanasia, hard to believe Austlralia hasn’t moved into the 21st century over this issue!

  4. Judith Behn  

    It should be our choice with the family informed in advance

  5. Pamela  

    I don’t believe in euthanasia, but in Bob’s case I will make an exception – RIP Bob!

    • Michelle  

      Haha you put a smile on my face…that’s so funny!

  6. Heather A  

    It’s euthanased, not euthanised.

  7. colin  

    it is MURDER. and any one who is Christian or purports to be should be ashamed

    • Susan Bell  

      it is not murder, in most cases the person wants to die. This week I realised that I have an easy way to die, not needing drugs or belonging to a group like digitas. I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, all I have to do to die is have a party with my friends, eat all the cheese and red wine I like and not take medication, then drift off in a coma. The sense of freedom this gives me is massive. I talked about this today with my class, 50 years and over, all of them understood and agreed that the right to die is essential. No one in my family want to live out their lives in a vegetative state or in a state where they can no longer remember their family, I have the easy way out. I would also like to say, as a woman, I will no longer tolerate people telling me what I can and cannot do with my body. Women suffer constantly from having no control over their bodies. Organisations such as churches, right to life and religiously influenced parliamentarians constantly feel they need to control women. Contraception, abortion, even just a few years ago it was impossible for women to control their own money.
      Never, ever again will someone else dictate to me.

      • Michelle  

        Well Susan, if someone purposely takes the life of another – in this country ATM it is murder. It’s against the law. If you want to stop taking your meds and have a wine and chokky party and drift into a coma, that’s suicide. Let’s just call it what it is. If Bob Hawke wanted to do something about euthanasia laws, why didn’t he do it when he was in government? Perhaps in his own words…”not very much courage there!”

  8. HS  

    You had your chance to make it legal when you were the Prime Minister Bob. Perhaps the current government or the future government can sponsor free trips to Switzerland instead of pensions to ease the Age and Disability congestion that’s caused the “Joe Hockey” emergency crisis?

  9. phyllis hodgson  

    i totally agree with Bob Hawke on this . The sooner it is bought in as legal the better .

  10. Great to see well known people raise this issue so publically. I really wish that people would stop calling it “euthanasia “, it is assisted or requested suicide and suicide hasn’t been a criminal offence for many years. There was a film called “They shoot horses, don’t they?”. Why should people be made to endure the unspeakable because they aren’t animals?

    • Vicki stone  

      They shoot horses don’t they .!
      Is a movie about a dance marathon during the Great Depression

  11. Why didn’t Bob make it Legal when he was Prime Minister?

    • Michelle  

      In Bob’s words….it takes courage

  12. I totally believe in euthanasia but only by professional, not being administrated by family. I would agree to it if I was in a particular position in life

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