Bob Geldof on terrorism: “Those people were killed because of your generation”

Remember when we thought we could change the world? Well those days are over, according to Bob Geldof, and unless

Remember when we thought we could change the world? Well those days are over, according to Bob Geldof, and unless the next generation does something drastic, we’re on course for another world war. 

Sir Bob delivered a passionate off-the-cuff speech to 2000 young people at a summit in Bangkok telling them their generation was “stained with blood”.

He said, “Your age group are the killers of Syria. The people your age are murdering people in Beirut, Sharm el Sheikh. And most immediately in our minds, those people who went to a pop concert, tried to watch a football match, eat with loved ones. Those people were killed because of your generation.

“We [the older generation] can’t do much anymore but the reason we speak to you is because we are desperate to retract our failures,” he said.

Geldof went on to offer this advice, which came with an admonishment: “What is required is tolerance, love and understanding. What is necessary is empathy. And you’re failing.”

The singer and activist told the assembled young people – who response to his speech with shocked silence, according to Huffington Post UK – that failure to do this meant dire consequences.

“If not, the poor will die in their tens of millions because they will not be able to sustain their lives on the earth which they walk. And in their panic they will strike out and the wars of 200 years ago will be of nothing.”

He went on to say that baby boomers had created the world’s problems.

“I’m not proud of myself and my generation because we gave you globalisation and in the confusion, many couldn’t understand it and struck back not with their brains, but with their crude, stupid weapons.”

Finally, Geldof told the young people to take action and stop wasting their time on social media.

“Forget the tweeting about bullshit. Get real with your governments,” he said.

What do you think about what Bod Geldof has to say? Does he speak for you? 

  1. I agree it is the younger generations doing the suicide bombing and the murders, I don’t know if it is because they are more easily influenced and brain washed than older people or that they are just more fanatical. But I don’t think you can blame Baby Boomers for this. World Governments in the past perhaps

  2. What a ridiculous statement, we were not brought up in a world of hatred against others !

  3. Suicide bombing worked in the past with the Japanese Kamikaze’s , but it take a special breed of person to go and kill themselves for a cause. How they are managing to get so many young fit people, with their whole lives in front of them, who are willing to die, to me is a mystery.

    • Why is it a mystery? They believe they will go straight to paradise if they die as martyrs for allah

    • I hope it stay a mystery to me Jill, when I begin to understand these people then I know I am losing the plot

    • Haha I’m with you Leanna. I do hope that however they get people to believe that crap it can be stopped soon.

  4. Have no respect for this drug addled know it all. Go home Geldof and look after your family for once. Stop telling everyone else how to live when you have so clearly screwed up your life and that of your family! 😡

  5. What is wrong with everyone? they seem to want to blame Boomer’s for everything, can’t anyone else take responsibility for what they have done? and we are not to blame for this

  6. I never understood him, he has a screwed up family, perhaps needed to have been more responsible for failing his family. A severe case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  7. I find it hard to take Geldof seriously! His life was full of drugs and self indulgence ! The average person raised normal young people who are now raising the next generation of hopefully decent people! Looking at his success rate with his children his rants seem very outlandish!

  8. Feed the world was your ex wife the late Paula Yates idea, and u got glory for that, baby boomers fault yeah rite

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