Bob Dylan attacked for doing nothing

These days celebrities can get in a lot of trouble for the things that they post on the internet whether

These days celebrities can get in a lot of trouble for the things that they post on the internet whether it be in a blog, on their website, or social media. However, now one iconic artist is being attacked for not doing anything.

It was announced on the 13th of October that legendary musician Bob Dylan would be awarded a 2016 Nobel Prize in literature. The award announcement was posted on his official website and acknowledged on his social media accounts, but since then there has been no further discussion.

This alleged lack of excitement has made at least one member of the Swedish Academy that awarded him the honour a bit hot under the collar. Per Wastberg said that Dylan’s silence over the award was “impolite and arrogant.” It was a reaction that they were expecting, however, as Wastberg also stated: “He is who he is.”

Not one for interviews or much media interaction outside of what he does on stage, many have claimed that it’s not “arrogant” but just part of the humbleness of Dylan. There is still hope from Wastberg that the 75-year-old artist will be in contact. However, they have to know calling him “impolite and arrogant” has to hinder the chances a bit.

Dylan is considered one of the greatest artistic voices of a generation with his iconic work from the 1960s right up till now. The award has credited him with creating “new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.  This poetic expression has been used to fight injustices within the criminal justice system and the US war efforts.

What do you think about this?  Do you think this is just Dylan being Dylan and not making a big deal of it?  Or do you think Dylan is rude for not acknowledging it more?


  1. Angela  

    Just goes to prove there’re many ignorant, & rude people in the world, & he’s one of them.

    Why he was given such a prestigious honour, baffles me.

    Maybe the Academy will think twice about giving a prize to such type of person, in the future!
    They didn’t do their ‘homework’ on him!

  2. Kate Mary Mitchell  

    Being bestowed with such an honor, i would one would say thank you and acknowledge the prize….I myself have never been a Dillon fan, There are many singer songwriters who have written about and worked hard for peace, next time maybe they will be more careful who they choose….

    • Stephen  

      You could at least spell his name right if you’re going to get on the anti-mail

    • Elaine Henderson  

      You obviously don’t like him – you don’t even give him the common courtesy of spelling his name correctly.

  3. Dee  

    He didn’t ask for the award. Some people don’t like public praise or being in the limelight. He’s entitled to react how he likes. He can be serious about his work without expecting praise for it. That makes him a genuine person and I admire him even more for it.

  4. Stephen  

    He has received the highest non military award from many nations along the way including 3 or 4 US Presidents and that top French one not so long ago, plus an Emmy and an Oscar. He has had more bootleg albums than the Beatles and Stones put together in all their albums; he has continuously toured decade after decade, he was singing at Martin Luther Kings greatest moment; he was at Woodstock and the Concert for Bangla Desh; he is the only absolute legend to not get booed off the stage because he didn’t bother with the booing, because he does what he does and lets the abusers live with their abuse. And guess what folks, he still hasn’t ever commented on ANYTHING, so what level of self aggrandisement of ego is up the Nobel Prize people that they think they’re so special.

    • Elaine Henderson  

      Totally agree Stephen – the man is a TOTAL legend and he’s not acting any differently now to any other time.

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