Bill Shorten unveils his secret weapon against Turnbull

While many may say it’s “game over” for the ppposition leader, Bill Shorten still has some aces up his sleeve,

While many may say it’s “game over” for the ppposition leader, Bill Shorten still has some aces up his sleeve, but are they the right ones?

Later today, Mr Shorten is expected to announce a Labor’s policy that seeks to embarrass the prime minister on the world stage and would put Australia way ahead of the game on an issue the whole world is talking about.

Mr Shorten will today commit to reducing carbon emissions by 45 per cent by 2030.

This is almost twice the target set by the government three months ago and now submitted to organisers of the Paris Climate Talks. The ambitious target exceeds the commitments of Japan, Europe and even the US, The Australian reports.

The target is in line with what the Climate Council, CSIRO and other government advisors have recommended.

Bill Shorten’s draft speech to the Lowy Institute has been released. He will say, “Malcolm Turnbull is flying to Paris carrying Tony Abbott’s ­climate-sceptic baggage.

“The Prime Minister will walk onto the aerobridge with a pathet­ic target in one hand and an expensive joke of a climate policy in the other,” he will say.

Mr Turnbull today flies to the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Malta today and then onto Paris for the climate change summit with 190 other nations, all of whom have submitted their emissions reduction targets.

Mr Shorten will also attend the talks as an observer, meaning neither heads of parties will attend the last week of parliament.

“The global temperature is rising and human activity is the cause,” Mr Shorten says. “So let’s not pretend we have an obligation to give equal weight, coverage and credence to the babble of the tinfoil-hat pseudoscience brigade.

“And because we know climate­ change is real, we all have an obligation to act.”

Labor’s plan will cost the economy $30 billion, compared to the Coalition’s Direct Action plan, which is expected to cost $18 billion, however Mr Shorten will say the economy would still grow by 23 per cent over the decade to 2030 with Labor’s target in place.

Do you support stronger action on climate change? Are you happy with what the government is taking to Paris? Is Shorten right to play this card? 




  1. be careful Bill..your sixshooter normally only has one seem to like playing RUSSIAN ROULETTE

    • Pete  

      He also should be mindful of where his feet are because they are in danger of acquiring some unwanted holes.

  2. Bill Shorten needs to pull his head in and start acting like an adult and not a spoilt brat

    • How is his proposal to limit carbon emissions the act of a spoilt brat? It is imperative that we do this.

    • You are obviously a Shorten lover, and I;m not, so I’m not going to argue his policies with you because you will not hear anything against him obviously

    • I would call it sensible not to argue with people who can’t see further than their nose and are only out for an argument

    • Lyn Mottrom ….look at what Shorten is proposing,instead of personally attacking him….that is what the discusion is about…you,my dear,are the one that needs to act like an adult…and as for me,I am a swinging voter,and his proposal makes sense to me…..Have a lovely day!!!

    • I am not attacking him, I am merely expressing my opinion and that’s what I thought a democracy was, the ability to express opinions. Just because you and I do not agree does not make either of us right or wrong. I am not about to resort to sarcasm or nastiness to express that opinion either as it seems some people are want to do. Get over it

    • Okay he says it is better, but where is he going to get the extra money to pay for it, borrow from overseas again.

    • I have never seen Bill Shorten throw a tantrum. His thinking is well reasoned. Consult with the thousands of parents of the disabled who he worked with to put into action the Disability Support Scheme and see what they think of his efforts. Its easy to throw stones at politicians, but from what I’ve seen it’s very difficult to be role. I am politically active and I wouldn’t be a politician for anything. They have virtually no time to themselves or for their families and could earn lots more than they get paid as politicians in private industry. No matter which party you vote for, just have a thought of the time they put in and the abuse they take from people who don’t have much idea of what they’re talking about.

      • Are you talking about the DIS that Labor didn’t bother to fund so that the enormous bill would fall onto the Lib’s budget?

        And where would he work in outside industry? The only experience he has is stacking union branches and doing what the union bosses tell him in return for their support. Hardly desirable qualities for a successful businessman.

  3. Hey Bill your trying to crawl up and out of a sand hole, hope you have done your homework, It’s a long way to the top in a sandy hole

  4. Turnbull is a believer iN man assisted Climate change, his stance at the moment to support the old right wing conservatives in the Liberal Party is only being adhered to because he made a deal with The Devil to become PM

  5. Stronger action on climate change? YES! We, and most of the rest of the world, have done far too little for far too long.

    • Glad most Labor supporters are wealthy, I see on here everyday , winging people complaining how they can’t afford to LIVE . Maybe they will need to shut up when they get lumped with unknown amount of TAX on Food, Petrol, etc. I am see funded BUT I can’t afford today for something that is a LIE.

    • Dawn Bruce – Are you saying that climate change is a lie? Well I don’t believe it is a lie. I believe that we cannot afford to keep on pumping CO2 into our atmosphere at ever increasing rates and expect the planet to continue to be habitable by us. I believe the science that tells us this.

    • As was already commented on , there are as many scientists who disagree with the climate change as this is for it . Any one with brains ( and age ) can tell you our climate has not changed .

    • Carolyn Brown – then obviously Carolyn you are telling many of us that we have no brains rather than that we just do not agree with your position on climate change. I would never say that you have no brains just because I don’t agree with you.

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