Bill Shorten says “vote Labor for policies, not for me”

Gosh, at this stage of the game if the upcoming election were a popularity contest, neither Bill Shorten or Malcolm
via ABC

Gosh, at this stage of the game if the upcoming election were a popularity contest, neither Bill Shorten or Malcolm Turnbull would win…and it seems they know it.

The Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has come out today and reminded Australians that at the core of voting preferences should be whose policies you prefer, not whose face you would like to see on TV.

Speaking in Sydney today, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said Australians should take the job at hand seriously, reports the ABC.

“The more [people] look at the policies, not the personalities, and they see our positive plans, I’m optimistic that despite our underdog status people will realise that a Labor government will put people first,” he told Channel Nine.

“Now Mr Turnbull has a choice. But he has chosen to support $50 billion in tax cuts to Australia’s richest companies and instead cut funding to schools,” he said.

In response, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said “Bill Shorten has made promises in education that cannot be funded.

“If it’s an education election it will be to highlight that Bill Shorten’s made promises, raised expectations that he can’t meet.”

If tomorrow the inevitable occurs, i.e. Turnbull asks the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and call a Federal Election for July 2, it will begin an 8-week election campaign that could make Australians feel even more confused about who they should vote for.

So we want to know: Who has your vote so far? Could you be swayed by new policies?

If you want a bit of a chuckle, Mr Shorten was interviewed on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering by Tom Gleeson this week:

  1. trisha  

    Yes we are voting Labor. It is too frightening being dependant on an aged pension and having the Liberals in charge.
    Medicare must stay. So this is an easy decision.

  2. colin  

    I am going with the policies and they are nOT Liberal ones

  3. Lynne Highfield  

    Don’t see how it’s possible for a pensioner to vote for the Libs when they confirm all their policies are based on cutting essential services and financially rewarding those on incomes of $80,000 and over!

  4. Robert Green  

    Ah! Another pathetic whine from little Billy!

    Both parties are intent on selling us out to the invaders. Neither party is really economically any good for us seniors. Labour will take the steps to restore our entitlements but as usual they will spend the country into poverty and we will then become the victims of liberal party cost savings.

    I say bah humbug to them both.

    And unfortunately we are going to get either pathetic idiotic leader.

    What choice! The frying pan or the fire!

    Stop navel gazing boys and do something original – what is good for the country!

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