Bill Shorten reveals embarrassing personal details on live radio

Lured into a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with radio personalities Kyle and Jackie O on their KIIS FM

Lured into a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with radio personalities Kyle and Jackie O on their KIIS FM breakfast show, opposition leader Bill Shorten was forced to make an embarrassing admission on air.

The first question he was asked was whether he had ever worn another person’s underwear, and Shorten’s response was “Never”.

But when asked if he’d ever been inside a strip club the leader of the Labor party said “I have, once or twice back in the day”.

But while those two questions were relatively harmless, Shorten might well be regretting his appearance when asked whether he had ever used a phone to call someone while on the toilet.

Initially he said he was “pleading the fifth” in reference to the United States’ legislation that allows a person to avoid answering a question because it could incriminate them, but then he went on to say “sometimes you forget to turn the phone off” and discussed ways in which he muffled the echo.

Another question that had Shorten squirming was whether or not he’d said the wrong thing during sex saying, “I’m not even going there”, which promoted Jackie O to assume he had.

He was credited for providing honest answers to some other questions put to him including his thoughts on the Eddie McGuire incident (“completely inappropriate”), whether the prime minister gets paid too much (“the issue is some banking executives get paid too much”) and why the working class voted for the Liberals (“I think in 2013 people had enough of Labor and wanted to give Tony Abbott a go”.

Is there a personal detail you would be embarrassed to share publicly? Do you think Bill Shorten was being a ‘good sport’ taking part or should there have been more focus on election issues?

  1. Seriously, this is “revealing” personal details.. I tell my barber more personal thoughts than this. His answers to tne eddie McGuire… So populist. Are policitians paid too much …. Nice deflection.

  2. Aileen Ferguson  

    Absolute disgrace for a person who is Prime Minister leadership candidate of this country to allow himself to be in this position, yet he won’t be interviewed by Neil Mitchel on Melbourne talkback radio as he can’t answer the more serious questions. What a fool he is.

  3. Bev Craig  

    Aileen my thoughts exactly. God help Australia if he becomes Prime Minister.

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