Bill Shorten releases his own personal video to rival Malcolm’s

It’s game on for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as both men try to up the

It’s game on for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as both men try to up the ante in the final days of the election campaign, but is it working?

No doubt inspired by Mr Turnbull’s video about his childhood and his father, Mr Shorten has now released his own personal video showing him sitting down for a chat with his wife Chloe.

While it is meant to give voters a little insight into Mr Shorten’s home life and what he did before he entered politics, it has already been labelled as cringeworthy by some.

The interview is rather formal and many have commented that it looks more like a couple of strangers having a chat, rather than a husband and wife.

However, others called it “wonderful” and loved that Mr Shorten comes across as “an everyday man” and “someone you can trust”.

The casual interview is in stark contrast to Mr Turnbull’s, which is a produced package set with background music and photos from his childhood.

When it was released a few weeks ago it gained huge attention with many people saying it made him seem more relatable and human.

Take a look at both of the videos and tell us which one you like better.

Bill Shorten interviewed by his wife Chloe

Malcolm Turnbull opens up about his father and childhood

Which do you like better? Which one is more inspiring for voters?

  1. Sandy  

    Malcolm’s is very self-focussed. Bill’s shows how grounded and real his life is, and how he is open to learning from others. Anyone who likes listening to people and learning gets my vote every time.

    • Cynthia Power  

      Bill and Chole seemed to be aimed more at the prospective voter. As I will vote for Labor, I am probably biased, but felt his interwiew had more warmth so I enjoyed it more.

  2. Ria Young  

    I like Bill Shorten’s video. He is more down to earth. A bit unusual in that it is his wife asking the questions, but Bill comes over well. I can relate to his background, similar to mine, and I feel that he is genuine with his policies to help all Australians, not just the top end of town, because he knows how the ordinary folk live, and battle, with available income. Not everyone has rich parents and they should not be blamed for that and dismissed as being unworthy.

  3. Carol  

    Mr Turnbull’s video is much more natural and shows he was speaking from the heart. His comments were about how wonderful his father was and how this is what shaped him. . Mr Shorten’s video was less from the heart. It was obviously rehearsed and what’s with having his wife do the interviewing. Questions she already knew the answers to. Definitely staged and obviously not straight from the heart. It’s obvious Mr Shorten does not have the ability or confidence to speak straight from the heart. Sorry Mr Shorten, you’ve lost me.

    • Elizabeth  

      I agree with another comment. Mr Turnbull talked incessantly about himself only. And we don’t even know what question was put to him. Mr Turnbull, you never had me and you never will.

  4. Roy Bridges  

    Both full of it, maybe they should be trying to improve things ,saving money, anyone can run around say I spend here spend their one day the tax payer will have to pay it back.
    Oh they will have both moved on with nice pensions for life no matter what assets they have. While the rest of us will have everything cut. Look at Rudd, Gillard started this debt we are in now both on big pensions plus large assets plus having payed income its triple dipping and Turnbull and Shorten will do the same thing .
    I want to vote for someone who tells the truth! and has the counties interest first not self interest and ego?

    • Both good and both portray personality but Bill’s is broader and about his current life. Malcolm’s one is narrow and even although it concentrated solely on his relationship with his father it provides a deeper understanding of the man I felt.

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