Bill Shorten massively outspent Malcolm Turnbull on travel expenses

First it was Health Minister Sussan Ley, now Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has been caught up in the latest expense
Both parties are dealing with the issue.

First it was Health Minister Sussan Ley, now Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has been caught up in the latest expense claims scandal with reports he spent an eye-watering amount on family travel allowances during the election.

Mr Shorten reportedly claimed $51,531 from January to June 2016 for his family to travel around the country with him during the election campaign.

The amount compares to the $14,441 claimed by prime minister Malcolm Turnbull for the same period, reports The Australian.

The claims come just days after the Labor party cried foul about Ms Ley’s spending, calling the government “weak” and demanding they sack her immediately.

So do we have another classic case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Some have argued that Mr Shorten was bound to have higher travel claims throughout that period as he has a young family that needed to be with him.

With Mr Turnbull’s own children fully grown, he presumably only had to claim expenses for his wife Lucy to jet around the country with him.

But others are saying this is a first class case of hypocrisy and that Labor should admit to it’s own shortcomings.

The government is yet to comment on the revelations, but are expected to try to deflect some of the attention off Ms Ley and back onto Mr Shorten instead.

Politicians are allowed to spend a certain amount of taxpayers dollars every year to cover their travel and lifestyle needs when they’re working. Debate has been raging lately though over whether or not they have been abusing the advantage.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Bill Shorten spent too much here? Or do we just have to accept the costs?

  1. These politicians are claiming travel expenses (and goodness knows what other expenses) amounting to more than a great deal of Australians earn in a year. If the rules allow it the rules need to be changed. It may not be criminal but it is immoral.

  2. pete harper  

    And the Scum want to be taken serously,i dont think so.

  3. Garry Bates  

    Bill Shorten claimed the money to look after his family, so did Malcolm Turnbull. Shorten has a larger family than Turnbull. We need to look at all claimed expenses not just nitpick the ones we want so that one or the other looks bad.

    • How many other jobs in Australia pay the wife & childrens expenses at top motels & travelling business class, because the job requires the man to be away. Other families have to live apart or rent accommodation at their own expense. They know the job requires them to be away from home when they take the position, & they get highly paid, compared to the working class, so the tax-payer shouldn’t have to pay for their families. There has to be a limit put on what each one can spend before Australia can get ahead.

      • Alan Murphy  

        Very well said, their annual income alone compensates them for he “sacrifices they make” being away

      • Renee Pope-Munro  

        This is a pretty ridiculous false equivalency. Running the country isn’t “any other job”. It requires 7 days a week work, more than 50% of the year away from home (closer to 80% for a Leader or senior Min/Shadow Min) and these things have an adverse impact on family life.

        These people, almost every single one of them, could make WAY more money in private industry. If we want capable, knowledgeable people in these jobs, we need to make sure families can survive it.

        More than 50% of APH relationships don’t survive the first term. This is bad for the country, and we should encourage measures that stem that crappy statistic.

        All expenses aren’t bad. It’s ABUSE of those expenses that need addressing, and treating every line item like it’s an evil waste of taxpayers hard earned misses the heart of the problem.

        We WANT politicians to be out of their offices, and meeting with everyday Aussies. That doesn’t mean only the ones who live within 50k’s of your office door.

  4. Travel expenses should be for doing business for the Australian people. Absolutely not for politicking. Australian politicians need to get out of planes and into their fancy offices with their head down working for the Australian people.

  5. Jenny  

    Surely Malcolm Turnbull’s travel expenses were less during the election because as PM he would have access to his own official plane which I doubt would be charged to him.

  6. Fed up  

    No wonder Bill has been missing in action on this. Why did he need to take his young family on the election campaign. Not to mention the taxpayers money spent on his wife’s wardrobe for the occasion. The biggest bunch of hypocrites going.

    • BeaJay  

      Where is evidence taxpayers paid for Bill’s wife’s clothing?

    • Renee Pope-Munro  

      There is ZERO evidence of taxpayers being billed for Mrs. Shorten’s wardrobe. ZERO. It is on record that a small number of outfits were purchased for her by the ALP (funded by members) for official functions that she was an invitee to during the campaign.

  7. Rachael  

    I would expect a politician to look after their family and spend time with them. Why should young children pay the price of not seeing there Dad who is working hard as part of our democracy. And many politicians do work very hard. It is ridiculous to say otherwise. This situation is in no way alike to a government Minister using tax payer dollars to spend new years eve with a liberal party donor.

    • Anne  

      Precisely. Turnbull has not got the young family Bill has got. It is logically different

  8. Roy Bridges  

    What a disgrace, no wonder he’s been quite on this , $51,000 spent on family in six months this could of payed for two pension 12 months.
    Bill been caught out bet no ones surprised ,if this was anyone else would be gone.!

    They are all about self interest they implemented 3 change from 36 recommended.They are so out of tough no wonder people are looking for someone else .

  9. Murray Walker  

    Our politicians seem to have lost their moral way their claims maybe within the very elastic rules that seem to exist and it is time these rules were tightened up and applied without favour. Politicians must remember they are there to serve the people and must demonstrate impeccable integrity.

  10. Sneezy Phil  

    Works both ways. If Bill Shorten is demanding Ms Ley’s resignation, then he should be sacked on the same grounds. Being the political leader, he is the moral exemplar and therefore even more accountable on issues that he cries foul on. Its the Speck and the Board principal: First remove the board in your own eye before attempting to remove the speck in someone else’s eye.

    • Mareela  

      Sneezy dies your logic apply to Dutton, Hunt, Sinodinos and the list goes o

  11. Joan Marshall  

    Bill Shorten is so hypocritical he needs to clean the muck off his back before he talks of anyone else. Why has his whole family got to travel with him on any trail never mind the campaign trail when it is the Tax Payers Money. Disgusting human beings.

    • Steve_Mazo  

      All tared with the same brush. Reality has been lost by our politicians. It wont change unless we keep demanding it. As if they are going to vote to cut their perks. What about Penny Wong slating Susan Ley. Penny has had to pay back several times from false claims over the years. Total hypocrisy. Tony Burke refused to pay back 15000 for his family holiday. He said he did not have a problem using public money. It was his right of entitlement. What about our entitlement of how our money is spent. Watch this space as more audits are released. None will be found guilty as it is currently their entitlement.

  12. Lew  

    I spent many years working away from home for a large company. One year I was away for 42 weeks. Not once in all that time did the company pay for my family to come along with me. These people are away to work and should have no time for family anyway

    • Fred  

      Spot On Lew they are doing a job how many of us that work get to bring the wife and kids along to work and then get paid for it Answer None

    • Robyn Tinker  

      Absolutely. Nobody else does it. And as for spending taxpayers money campaigning for the ALP … if Bronny couldn’t do it, why should Shorten be allowed to?

      • Renee Pope-Munro  

        They don’t spend taxpayer dollars on campaigning. Campaigning is paid for by party funds, although obviously whichever party is in govt has a natural advantage at being able to use official govt events as campaign stops.

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