Bill Shorten cops it over open letter to his daughters

He has been criticised for his backflip on a plebiscite into marriage equality in Australia, but Bill Shorten won a

He has been criticised for his backflip on a plebiscite into marriage equality in Australia, but Bill Shorten won a few brownie points within his own family yesterday.

The Opposition Leader sat down and wrote a heartfelt note to his daughter Clementine and stepdaughter Georgette, who are 6 and 13 respectively, in recognition of the United Nations’ International Day of the Girl.

Addressed “to my beautiful daughters Georgette and Clementine”, Shorten writes about how proud he is of them and of his wishes for their future. (We’re willing to overlook the inaccuracies in grammar if you are.)

“Gigi, its [sic] a pleasure watching you grow into a smart and confident woman,” he writes.

“Clemmie, your clever and constantly questioning nature never ceases to amaze me.”

He went on to say that the reason he goes to work each day is because of them, as well as the reason he is away from home so regularly, inserting a sad face to express his regret. We think…

Shorten writes about his hopes for the future for girls everywhere around the world include equal representation in leadership positions, recognition for unpaid work, equal pay, safety for women, and a love of learning.

Unfortunately, Shorten’s heartfelt note — shared by his wife, Chloe, on both her Instagram and Twitter accounts — was overshadowed by his announcement that the Labor party would be blocking the Government’s proposal to have a plebiscite on gay marriage.

What do you think of Bill Shorten’s letter to his daughters? What would you say to the girls in your life?

  1. Carole  

    Its lovely, they are lucky girls…to have a father who loves you so much is a wonderful thing..good on you bill…

  2. Glenda Mapleson  

    These days not enough emphasis is communicating with family and friends. I love leaving notes and phone messages to my two grown up daughters. Keep it up Bill they will always treasure your words.

  3. Rodney Bryant  

    It’s typical of him being self centered and selfish in politics. Only looking out for himself and his immediate family. He does not appear to care about the broader community any longer. Just as he destroyed Rudd and then Gillard from behind so that he could get to the top job is being throughly inconsiderate for the broader community. He created mediscare just before the election and now he would rather just trash the elected government over the plebiscite at the expense of those who would benefit from a speedy resolution of what is going to be inevitable in the long term anyway. I expect all elected members of Parliament to constructively address matters brought before themselves in an efficient and effective manner so that our country is continually subject to improvement impacting all areas of our lives. The parliament is there to put forward ideas for the betterment of all Australians and negotiate a responsible balance taking into consideration all Australians.

    It might be appropriate for a mandatory replay to all of Parliament the speech made by Twiggie Forest yesterday at the press club and then give the members an examination to determine if they actually understood what was put forward.

    I find it highly offensive that the elected members will put themselves before the general public to whom the elected members have pledged to serve.

    • ian  

      He was right about medicare wasn’t he

  4. Dianne  

    Lovely and sweet, why he ‘cops it’ is beyond me, a letter to his daughters has nothing to do with politics

  5. Tim  

    Just another political game from an outright phoney. If it’s not, why make it public. How this crooked thug maintains any popularity at all is beyond me.

  6. Percy Mason  

    How many daughters has he got from all his wives?

  7. Pamela  

    “…the reason he goes to work each day is because of them…”

    He should be going to work each day for the good of the county and ALL its people, not just his offspring!

  8. Sue  

    This should be a private matter…..not plastered wherever he might gain some “brownie points”. Try to put the country first for a change Bill….instead of your own Political ambitions!!!

  9. Ray Beattie  

    It’s a pity every daughter doesn’t receive a letter like that from their Dad!

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