Bill Shorten chokes when talking about why Australians should vote for him

Opposition leader Bill Shorten had an awkward live TV moment during an interview with Karl Stefanovic on the Today Show

Opposition leader Bill Shorten had an awkward live TV moment during an interview with Karl Stefanovic on the Today Show this morning.

When Karl asked Bill Shorten how old he was when Labor last delivered a surplus, Shorten was left momentarily dumbstruck before stammering his response, “I believe I was an adult”.

When the question was repeated, Shorten said, “I would have been in my 20s.”

“You were 22, you’re 49 now,” Stefanovic quickly reminded. “It is an awful long time ago.”

When asked why the voting public should believe the Labor plan to deliver a budget surplus in 10 years, Shorten quickly and calmly responded that the “simple changes” Labor had made would guarantee a surplus could be delivered within 10 years.

It’s an interesting claim given the minimum three-year term of a government at Federal level. The last time Labor had 10 years in power was between 1983 and 1993, with Bob Hawke and Paul Keating as its leaders.

Karl also took the opportunity to grill the Opposition leader on his change of heart on the issue of marriage equality.

“You have changed your mind. These are the quotes in 2013, and you have said before and tried to justify that: ‘Personally speaking I’m completely relaxed about having some form of plebiscite’. You also said: ‘In terms of a plebiscite I would rather the people of Australia could make their view clear on this than leaving this issue to 150 MPs’,” Stefanovic said.

“My question to you this morning is… why wait until three days out from an election? It’s completely sus,” the Today host asked.

How important is it for you that the Federal Government returns the budget to surplus? What issues do you feel have not been adequately addressed in the election campaign?

  1. [email protected]  

    If I was Bill, I would have asked that smart arse, when was the last time you had a orgasim with a pro? It easy when when you have researchers to dig up that kind of crap.

    • Sandra McFarlane  

      I agree, this mob have always been pro Liberal. It is easy to pay a researcher to dig up rubbish from the past. Hasn’t it ever occurred to the Libs that as the years pass, you learn from your mistakes and correct them. At least Bill has, don’t know about the silver spooner from the other side. They’ve already started attacking Medicare, started in April here. Cataract operations for public patients (usually pensioners) were done within two weeks, now I’m up to two months and still have not shown up on waiting list. Had one done in April, has caused problems with my eyesight and balance. The local Libs denied these facts, but after I’d done some checking, found out who was telling untruths. It wasn’t me. Why would you vote a liar in. S M

  2. Ian Marshall  

    Grow up. When was the last time Turnbull managed to tell the truth on the NBN and how much it would cost or is that another inconvenient issue. Like the last time the LNP supported Medicare or public education or …

    • Ann  

      Turnbull- always looks totally vague. Expressionless. With his hands blowing in the wind. First one hand then the next then both together. Had you noticed. Abbott and Campbell Newman had a tongue thing goings. Flying about in the w I ND. Much like a snake. 🙂

  3. rikda  

    Let me tell you, the day either of these party’s produce a surplus, this country will have a communist economy.
    How the hell are they going to produce a surplus when we have basically nothing but taxation as our major income, since the Howard fire sale of our assets, without being taxed senseless.
    They are both full of BS.

    • Mick George from Australia .  

      We have a Communist Party on STANDBY they are called the GREENS .A new leader each year no policies except the ones they wish to have passed or they wont pass the government ones .I hope we never get a Surplus if it means that .The Greens MUST GO for Australia to GROW .

    • CARRYN  

      The only way the two major parties can have a surplus is to become muslime then everything is given to you…halal funds, housing, welfare & anything else they can con out of the tax payers!!!!!!

      • Bloggs  

        That comment shows you have no idea what you say. Even Islamic countries make the people pay. Norice what a bloody mess they are all in?

  4. Roy Bridges  

    Need Howard back, great leader introduced GST which has worked well, left us with money in the bankThen along come Rudd, Gillard ,Rudd spent the lot and then a lot more and did not try to workout how to pay it back yet now get big pension for life which we all pay for.
    Now have Turnbull who does not have the guts to put us back on track , should have increased GST to 15percent then made some cut we currently are not moving in the right direction after the election Tunbull or Shorten will do very little to improve things we will just keep going around and around and in other 3years will be in more debt.
    We need a Leader with Guts and commitment to improve and do the right thing reduce or debt now or else our grandkids will think why the hell did we let it happen.

    • Don’t worry. If Turnbull gets back in, GST will be 20% within 2-3 years. Best way to get out of deficit is to decrease MPs pay, travel and super benefits.

    • Robyn  

      Raise GST! What a great idea! So the growth of the cash market will make you giddy.
      Plumbers, electricians, gardening services, fish and chip shops, fruit markets and countless others will increase their cash business as they offer 15% duscount to customers.
      It’s huge now!
      Turnbull’s jobs and growth easily explained. Raise the GST and watch the JOBS in the cash economy expand with the GROWTH of the cash economy.
      Only wealthy people benefit or support incressing the GST as the impact for them is minor whereas people on low and fixed incomes spend most if not all their funds to live.

  5. Frank forshaw  

    How does anyone watch ch 9 it is truly the pits

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