Bill Shorten busted for breaking the law

Bill Shorten has been left shame-faced and apologetic after he was caught on camera doing something we all know we

Bill Shorten has been left shame-faced and apologetic after he was caught on camera doing something we all know we shouldn’t.

The opposition leader was driving down a busy road in Melbourne in August when he took his eyes off the road – to send a text message.

The breach of road rules was caught on video, which has been obtained by News Corp and shows the Labor leader driving along at around 40km/hour. He looks down at his hands for approximately six seconds.

Mr Shorten has apologised for the breach.

“Like most drivers, I always try to do the right thing,” Mr Shorten said. “But there’s no doubt that using your phone while driving is the wrong thing to do — there’s no excuse for it.

“I shouldn’t have done it and won’t do it again,” he added.

News limited is reporting that Mr Shorten had just dropped his children off at music practice – and that the person who filmed the incident may have also been using their phone while driving.

Christopher Pyne, the government’s industry minister suggested the incident was a metaphor for Mr Shorten’s time as Labor leader.

“My strong advice to Bill is to keep both his hands on the wheel at all times and then he’s not going to get into any trouble,” Mr Pyne told Channel Nine.

Last month, there were reports Mr Shorten sideswiped several parked cars after he spilled a coffee while driving.

The penalty for using of a mobile phone while driving in Victoria is a $443 fine and four demerit points.

Do you think the opposition leader should be charged for this offence? Should our top politicians know better?


    • Ian Willis  

      Essentially you are suggesting we have no criminal law, police or sanctions for crime. Because everyone occasionally does slightly bad things, people who do grossly bad things she be free to continue doing so. Great system of ethics, only a fool would come up with this. Oops…

  1. If it happened in August, and only just surfaced now, would he have admitted it, or hoped it stayed under the radar!!

  2. If the police caught him he would have been charged – I didn’t know that journos had that power!

    • No journos don’t.
      But I do believe the police can still charge him as they have photographic evidence and he has admitted to the offence.

    • the maximum they can do to Shorten if they do charge him Sally Anne is the loss of a few demerit points and a $450 fine. It is the same for every Australian

    • Rosalind Battles I do realise that Rosalinde. Another question – Why has the person who took the video gone to News Corp rather than the Police? Worth thinking about!

    • Sally Ann Westcott
      The person who took the photo was sitting in the passenger seat.
      I wasn’t aware that passengers were not allowed to use mobile phone. ……
      Also, have you considered the fact it may have been taken by a mounted car camera. I have one in the front and the back of my car which requires no touching from me for them to operate. They film everything happening on the road around me when I am driving.

    • Ruth Hourigan That doesn’t answer the question about it being sold to News Corp instead of being taken to the Police!

    • Ruth they discussed this on ABC Breakfast and worked out that from the angle of the photo and what was visible inside the car they only way to get that picture was from the drivers seat. Certainly not a dash cam..

  3. Shirley Sanson.  

    My guess is he only apologized because he got caught, what a bad example you set Mr Bill Shorten.

  4. Straight up he should not have done it, he should be aware that people will watch him and make the most of any opportunity but this is a minor issue to my mind and one I won’t be dwelling on.

    • I am glad it is a minor issue for you. Tell that to the victims of texting drivers. Earlier this year I almost lost 2 members of my family ( one a 7 year old child) to a selfish driver who was texting when he hit them at high speed. He was on the wrong side of the road because he was not watching where he was going. Bill Shorten deserves to be made an example of.

    • I am very sorry for your loss, it is a terrible thing that has happened, but it still won’t change my mind.. have a good day

    • I googled that Kathy Legg and found nothing, something like that would be in the news..I am NOT doubting you but can you show us the link ?

    • David James if you had read my post correctly I said almost lost my family. Both survived but it will be a long time before both are well. Neither will be the same physically or mentally.

    • it would still be in the news Kathy Legg and if you lost your family they would not have survived, if have something to say to me please don’t make it up as you go , today it is easy to check

    • Kathy Legge even if they were not killed , they were obviously by your account injured, the driver would be charged and it would be in the news

      • Ian  

        What mean & nasty thoughts you & David have. Going out of your way to prove someone has a gotcha moment. Curb your tongues & get a life .

    • you people actually believe every accident is able to be googled,if you could the list would be a long one

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