Big wins and controversy on the first day of the Australian Open

It was an electric first day of the Australian Open with many of the big names gracing the tournament having

It was an electric first day of the Australian Open with many of the big names gracing the tournament having big wins.  One young Aussie captured the crowd’s attention by having a blitzing first round game.

With the big names like Roger Federer, Andy Murray, and Venus Williams claiming victories in the first round there were a lot of eyes on Australian teenager Alex De Minaur who had a big five-set win against Gerald Melzer.

Other Aussies including “bad boy” Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic also won their first round games.  Controversy is no stranger to the Australian open and when Stan Wawrinka was booed for allegedly bad sportsmanship when a returning lob from Martin Klizan hen Wawrinka smashed it back…into the groin of Klizan.

Wawrinka jumped the net to check on his opponent, but the boos from the crowd rained down.  Play continued with winning the match 4-6 6-4 7-5 4-6 6-4.  Channel 7 Commentators offered up their analysis of the incident saying, “It’s one of those things, Wawrinka would expect Klizan to go left or right and decided to go up the middle not recognising that Klizan had given the point away. He was standing motionless. He’s given up on the point and doesn’t expect the ball to come his way. That would have hurt.”

Klizan, however, had a different opinion of the event telling reporters after the match, “I stopped playing. He could play anywhere. He had the whole court and he hit me so I don’t know”.  He added, “I have no comment for this. He could have played anywhere on court, but he hit me. I stopped. I was standing. I don’t care. It’s a game. It’s sport. He hit me. It’s OK. Nothing to do. I don’t care.”

Are you enjoying the tennis?  Who do you expect to make it through to the finals?

  1. Carmel  

    Will not watch till they get rid of the foreigners commentating. We have our own more competent ones, so use them

    • Elaine Henderson  

      Yes, Carmel. Don’t want any of those danged foreigners on our telly! Stupid woman.

    • Fran  

      Sorry to disagree – we do have great ones, but Jim Courier is excellent. He has constant interesting information and insight that we only get to hear once a year when he’s at the AO.

  2. Denise  

    Don’t know about ‘expect’ – but I do still want Roger to make it to the final – against Djokovic would be fun (to watch – not necessarily for Roger – but who knows!) I hope they both keep playing for many years to come.

  3. Diana  

    I doubt Stan Warwrinka deliberately hit his opponent. It is possible that he was so wound up that he didn’t realise that the other chap had dropped his racket. It would be very strange if he deliberately hit his opponent with the whole place watching.

    I am fed up with that appalling Jim Courier with his obsession with certain tennis players. I am particularly thinking about Rafael Nadal (Rarfar, as Courier calls him).’ When Rarfar is playing the other player may as well not exist for this one-eyed idiot. Lleyton Hewitt is an excellent commentator and I think they should use him more.

    Again Channel 7 have put the score colours as white on orange – this time at least a darker shade of orange – but when you watch any other tennis matches, the stations use dark colours with white figures. Why can’t Channel 7?

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