Big W shocks shoppers with its decision on popular Christmas feature

There are only 41 sleeps until Christmas and if you haven’t started hearing the jingles playing in shopping centres where

There are only 41 sleeps until Christmas and if you haven’t started hearing the jingles playing in shopping centres where you are, it won’t be long before you do.

However, Australian shoppers have expressed their outrage at a decision by Big W not to have an in-store Santa Claus this year, leaving some questioning where the store’s festive season cheer has gone.

Big W gave a vague response to the question by one shocked mother on Facebook, saying:

“Hi Tanya, unfortunately Santa photos will not be available this year however, there will be many other Christmas events in store.”

But if you thought the decision was limited to just one store, think again.

Big W has yet to give a reason why the popular in-store Santa will not be making a jolly appearance this year.

According to the Daily Mail Australia a Big W spokesperson revealed that the decision relates to a deal with the shopping centres in which its stores are located.

“Big W has a strong tradition of celebrating the festive season. We work closely alongside store management across our store locations and they encourage us to support the offical Santa located in the centre,” the spokesperson said.

It’s further frustration for the store, who has been battling failed online shopping experiences across the country, with the crash of its website and hundreds of complaints on its Facebook page.

What do you think about Big W not having its own Santa Claus for family photographs? Have you ever had a photograph with Santa, or been given a photograph of your children/grandchildren with Santa at Christmas time?

  1. Geraldine  

    ……..and Big W no longer give QF FF Points for purchases’!
    So I’ll not buy ANYTHING there, ever again.
    My hard-earned $$$$$$ are going to Target, where I’ll get points towards Virgin Airlines’ flights!

    A fact they’ve kept very quiet since some other company took them over a few months’ ago.
    Maybe that takeover’s got something to do with ‘no in store’ Santa?
    Maybe a Muslim now owns it!
    And we all know how THEY want to break down OUR traditions’, in every way!

    • Ash with the conspiracy theories! You sound like you’re wearing a Tin hat & waiting for the Aliens to land! Big W has not been taken over by anyone and No Santa probably just means they cant afford one! There are plenty of other Santa’s around. Based on your logic they shouldnt be selling any Xmas stock at all!

      • Geraldine  

        Ash, I was told by TWO separate Big W staff that they’ve been ‘taken over’ by another Company, which doesn’t want QF FF Points accrued from shopping there!
        Hence, no longer accepting Woolworths’ Rewards Cards.

        So quit with your smarta-@&, offensive, & rude remarks to me……

    • Pam  

      I will not be shoping in any of their stores as of now.yes to the comment a lady made target is one of the best around you can’t go wrong.

  2. Carole  

    Ive stopped shopping in bigw because when they give their casual uni workers 3hrs a months i will not make them rich..this is in sa….it makes the unemployment figures look good but does nothing to help our future workers..shame bigw youll never get my money again!! And im not the only one who feels this way!

    • Giddy  

      Santa has gone the same way as staff on registers to serve. Local Big W no long has operators o tills all self service. I refuse to use them so no longer shop Big W.

  3. Greg Hills  

    I don’t see any big deal about this decision. 90% or maybe even 100% of BigW stores are located in shopping centres.
    I think it is fantastic of them to work in with the Centres’ Santa set up. Actually, they are helping make Christmas a little bit less commercial by doing this. That way, Mum’s and Dads do not have to go into their store to take their kids to visit Santa, who would probably be located in a central common court area of the shopping centre.

    • Pamela Byron  

      That was my thoughts too Greg

  4. Gail Davidson  

    I bought my granddaughter special Christmas dress as I do every year for her photo with Santa. You have lost me Woolies. And not being able to use the card has stopped me from spending thousands a year I now go to Target and other stores what are you doing. You were the best not any more the store was almost empty Tuesday I wonder why. Staff can’t be found . Look within go back to the drawing board you had it so right now so wrong.

    • Melanie  

      Hi Gail,
      Saw an advert. last night on the tv, that Harvey Norman are taking FREE 6″ x 4″ photo’s with Santa!

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