Bert and Patti Newton slam reports about their son

Recently it was released that Bert and Patti Newton were left ‘devastated’ over their son Matthew’s engagement to his girlfriend,

Recently it was released that Bert and Patti Newton were left ‘devastated’ over their son Matthew’s engagement to his girlfriend, 20-something Catherine Schneiderman.

According to Woman’s Day, news broke that 39-year-old Matthew had popped the question to his United States girlfriend however, a ‘close family friend’ told the magazine “Patti and Bert knew absolutely nothing about his relationship — let alone the engagement — and are worried sick about the future”.

You have to be wary of those ‘close family friends’, and Patti and Bert have slammed the report they are upset about their son’s engagement.

Entertainment reporter, Peter Ford, spoke to the Newtons personally and confirmed that Bert and Patti are ‘thrilled’ for Matthew, but they aren’t going to talk about it with the media.

“They’ve had a lot of offers to talk about it [the engagement] to magazines and they’ve said no to some very lucrative offers,” Ford told The Morning Show.

“They made a decision some years ago that they would not discuss Matthew’s situation, his life, his career, with the public.”

For the Newtons, Matthew’s engagement is a positive story, after their son has appeared in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons in recent years.

“They have spoken to Catherine a couple of times on the phone and she seems to be a delightful lady, so all-in-all they are very happy,” Ford says.

Do you think the media should respect the Newton’s privacy? Or is this something celebrities need to accept when they become famous?

  1. Myrtle Abel  

    Why do people buy these mags,they are full of lies.

    • Janet young Philippe  

      Yes they are full of People get sucked in

  2. Charmaine  

    What has Matthew’s engagement got to do with Bert and Patti…he is a grown man who is free to marry who he wishes…not “news” that should even make the light of day.

    We love you guys xxxxx 😚 😚 😍

  4. Rosemary  

    She’s a fool to marry him!
    How could she even think to be in a relationship with him!

    He’s a nutter, & then some.
    He’s not too good at taking his medication, which’d be a real worry.

  5. Patsy mctaggart  

    This is nobodys business….a personal family matter …..and i wish the Newton family well.

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