Bernard Tomic delivers foul-mouthed spray to fan at the US Open

What’s happening to Australia’s young tennis players? Following Nick Kyrgios’s unusual social media activities, Bernard Tomic has delivered a foul-mouthed

What’s happening to Australia’s young tennis players? Following Nick Kyrgios’s unusual social media activities, Bernard Tomic has delivered a foul-mouthed spray to a heckler during his first round match at the US Open in New York.

It was in the third set of his match against Damir Dzumhur that Tomic lost his cool. Coincidentally, Tomic was also down two sets to love against his opponent.

The vulgar spray, in which Tomic told a fan to “s*ck my b****” was picked up by the court microphones and French umpire Cedric Mourier pulled Tomic aside to determine why he had lashed out.

“He was saying some s**t,” Tomic responded.

To which the official advised that instead of taking matters into his own hands he should go through the proper channels to have issues addressed, i.e. through the match official.

“I will put my b**** in your mouth,” and “I will give you some money to make you feel good,” Tomic said for all to hear at Flushing Meadows.

Tomic’s outburst just happens to have occurred exactly one year after Kyrigios was fined and placed on a six-month suspended ban for his slur against Swiss tennis player Stan Wawrinka at last year’s Toronto Masters.

While he managed to regain his composure after the incident to win the third set, Tomic was still beaten 6-4, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 (7/0), and it’s likely he’ll have some explaining to do.

What do you think of such behaviour by a sportsperson? Do Australia’s young sports stars need better education on how to handle pressure at the elite level?

  1. nicholas mccreanney  

    makes it interesting,good entertainment.Life is boring if no one pushes the boundaries.

    • Shona  

      What a load of rubbish. There’s nothing entertaining or interesting in this behaviour. Who wants them to “push boundaries” they’re there to play tennis and represent Australia and theyre not doing it well.

      • Margii MOORE  

        They are a disgrace. Such behaviour only serves to show them up for what they are ….foul-mouthed brats, NOT sportsMEN.

  2. Brenda Bacon  

    Tomic and Krygios are both a disgrace to Australia. Their behaviour is so unacceptable that they should be totally banned from the sport and should certainly NEVER represent Australia in any competition! They are both spoilt, arrogant brats and I doubt that any amount of education or training will change their underlying nasty natures. Tennis would be much better off without them, no matter how talented they may be. What a dreadful example they set for the young players.

    • [email protected]  

      Hear hear, couldn’t have out it better myself.
      Send them both off to Siberia permanently

    • Jayne  

      You got it in one, Brenda!

      I’d like to see a permanent ban on them, & definitely NOT to represent this Country, ever again!

      Where does their stupidity, crassness, & just plain bad manners” come from?
      Bad parenting?
      Their lineage should be ashamed of itself!

  3. Stephanie Cocks  

    Their behaviour? Ugly, very very ugly.
    Tomic’s behaviour is an exaggerated example of what a lot of people think is acceptable, and OK.
    I wonder if this is the sort of thing he says at home, or in front of his parents and grandparents?? I think maybe not.

    And Nicholas, you think it is ‘interesting,good entertainment’, you must lead a very strange life if you think this is interesting, good entertainment, where have you been living???

  4. Geoff  

    Well said Brenda Bacon. I wholeheartedly agree. Tennis administrators should harshly respond before their loutish behaviour becomes acceptable.

  5. Shona  

    I’m glad he got beaten!!! Good job!!!! There’s absolutely no need for that kind of behaviour. The 2 young guns representing Aussie are a disgrace and I’m suprised the Tennis Assoc Havnt taken the,m out of the “limelite”

  6. Trish  

    I also agree with Brenda. They need to wake up to themselves and realise that just because they’re good players doesn’t mean they will get away with this kind of behaviour! I also agree with Stephanie about Nicholas. If the tennis isn’t enough entertainment for you, don’t watch it!

  7. It’s about time they showed some maturity. Close their ears to comments, win some matches, let the Authorities deal with the crowds. Tennis Australia, take a firm stand, fines are useless.

  8. Rob  

    I’m not defending atomic, he’s a parenial bad boy, but it’s all getting just a little too politically correct these days. I remember back when McEnroe was in full flight, his tantrums were legendary, but most of the time he escaped with maybe a lost point or a warning.

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