Belle Gibson could be forced to publicaly apologise

Disgraced ‘wellness’ author Belle Gibson tricked thousands of people out of their money and now she could be forced to

Disgraced ‘wellness’ author Belle Gibson tricked thousands of people out of their money and now she could be forced to publicly apologise for her lies.

Gibson claimed that she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2009 and given only four months to live.

She then started a website and eventually wrote a book documenting her miraculous recovery thanks to her fruit and veg based diet.

The only problem was everything she said was a total lie.

In fact, she had never been diagnosed with cancer and kept all the money she made from the venture for herself instead of giving it to charities and the family of a seven-year-old boy who has terminal brain cancer, like she promised.

Now, Consumer Affairs Victoria wants Gibson to publish a formal apology in newspapers and pay a fine for misleading consumers.

Gibson made close to $1 million from sales of her book and her app, which hundreds of thousands of people paid to download.

When news of her fraud came to light, Gibson refused to acknowledge any wrong doing and participated in an infamous TV interview where she lied to the reporter and evaded questions as basic as ‘how old are you?’.

Some have labelled her as a pathological liar, while others point out that her lies put real cancer patients at risk as they turned to her advice instead of listening to their doctor.

So is a public apology and a fine enough? Or should Belle Gibson face tougher consequences?

Share you thoughts.

  1. Henry  

    Tougher consequences are warranted!

  2. Susanne Afford  

    Pubicaly??? I know this sounds petty to some that so many people put things on Social Media that are so obviously spelt the wrong way, and I accept that individuals in this day and age have very few skills when it comes to spelling correctly. However, if you have a popular Web Site, then I think you should at least have the spelling checked before you place it, online for all to see. I see so many glaring spelling errors on Web Sites that should know better.

  3. Carol Duncan  

    An apology is not enough. She needs to pay back all that she made from her scam and a jail term is warranted. She needs psychological help as her actions were a sign of (look at me) I need attention. If she only gets of with an apology the system has failed again and thats why people like her continue to rort others. She put a lot of lives in danger and it was premeditated. Time away in an institution may wake herself up to the fact it was all in her head and knew she was doing wrong.

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