Barnaby Joyce slammed for his honest views on Islam

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce isn’t exactly known for his soft-hearted side, so his comments about Islam have come as

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce isn’t exactly known for his soft-hearted side, so his comments about Islam have come as a surprise to many.

Mr Joyce was speaking about Pauline Hanson’s views on Muslim immigration and Islam, saying he completely disagrees with her party’s policy.

“What happens if we turn that on its head and start banning people because they’re Catholics or because they’re Protestants or because they’re Jewish?”

“I’m not into banning people on the premise of their belief. How they see their god is completely and utterly their personal reason,” Mr Joyce told Sky News.

He also commented on Ms Hanson’s calls for security cameras in mosques, saying he is opposed to the idea.

“If you can put them in mosques, then when I go to mass we’re going to have one in a Catholic church?” Mr Joyce said.

“Every group has their ratbags, even Catholics. We had, in the past, the IRA (Irish Republican Army) but if someone says every Catholic is a member of the IRA, I’d say no.

“They have nothing to do with the religion that I practise. Islam at the moment also has a lunatic fringe.”

The topic of Islam and terrorism dominated much of the election, with Ms Hanson calling for a ban on Muslim immigration.

While she has found a lot of support, there are also many who have slammed her beliefs and argue you can’t blame an entire religion for the actions of a minority of extremists.

There have been calls by some pollies to ban immigration for people from ‘hotspots’ for violent extremism in the Middle East, but others say that proposal just opens the gateway to a blanket ban across the board.

Either way, Mr Joyce’s comments are somewhat surprising given his tough stance on so many other issues.

While he has received praise from some for his views, others have slammed him and accused him of putting the country at risk.

“The IRA were never a threat to Australian lives and culture, neither have been the Catholics. Same with the Buddhists, Scientologists and Mormons etc. Islam is different,” said one commenter.

“Joyce. You are fast becoming, a disappointment. We pinned our hopes on you curtailing Turnbull’s left wing tendencies, instead you are playing up to them. We just might have to get rid of the lot of you,” said another.

However, others leaped to his defence saying they were thankful to hear a politician standing up for Islam.

“How refreshing to finally see someone in the government talk reason. You CANNOT blame all Muslims for the actions of a few mad men. It defies all logic,” wrote one supporter.

What are your thoughts?

Are you surprised by Barnaby’s views? Do you agree with him, or disagree?

  1. Gail Reilly  

    While I am outraged at the multi-murdering deeds of some Muslims, you cannot tar all with the same brush

    • Maree Whitty  

      The Muslim agenda is to infiltrate every country and turn them into a Muslim nation. Muslims have no intention of assimilating or integrating but use our culture and our laws to change them into Sharia law. Muslims aim to occupy positions of authority and use that authority to fit their agenda. The so called moderate Muslims did not stop 19 Muslims from bringing down the towers on 9/11 and killing approx. 3,000 people. We have had so many terrorist attacks since then around the world. We do not know which Muslims will be terrorists and which ones won’t, nor is there any way to vet them. Therefore our borders need to be closed to all Muslims and those here made to abide by Australian law.

    • Islam needs to reform the Quran and anyone with half a brain knows that.If Christians learnt from the Old Testament, they would be killing those who didn’t believe and be as barbaric as IS.
      It is important to everyone that Shariah Law is incorporated in the Quran.To those people who believe we should be more tolerant towards Islamist should read their History and take note at what Sir Winston Churchill said on Islam.”Islam is the greatest threat to World Peace”.”Mohammedan is a Militant & Proselytizing Faith”.Churchill’s book “The River War 1881-99”.

    • While one cannot tar all Muslims with the same brush, ALL that follow Islam and the abridged version of the Q’uran which is written in Ancient Arabic that only Imams and Muftis can understand and then quote Mohammed’s version of it –
      SHOULD BE BANNED FROM ENTERING AUSTRALIA. Ask your Politicians why those inciting VIOLENCE have not been deported. WHY are we the taxpayers paying for their Legal expenses, supporting their lifestyle in our jails where they can radicalise others and pay WELFARE to their wives and 18, 19 or more children who will also grow up Jihadists. Please educate yourself Islam is not a ‘Race’. Islam is not a religion but a political ideology. Read ‘The Story of Mohammed – Islam unveiled’. Then read “train to australia” a refugee’s true story

  2. Roy Bridges  

    What dumb comments , to link IRA to what is going with now on this country

    • Carol Samata  


      • Andrew  

        Because the IRA was part of a political movement it wasn’t religious at all, it was fighting against the UK’s annexation of the 7 ? Provinces that comprise Northern Ireland, nor was the IRA an ideology it was the active side of the Sinn Fien

  3. Chris Forsyth  

    Well said, Barnaby! I agree with you.

    • You poor, uneducated fool. Do you believe everything that Politician say? Read “The Story of Mohammed – Islam unveiled” by Harry Richardson. You may learn that ISLAM is Not a religion but a Political Ideology. Nor is it a RACE.
      Yes, Not all Muslims are terrorists BUT ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS!

  4. Cathy Howat  

    Roy, historically, the IRA DID receive monetary support form Australia, and also from the USA

  5. Steve sturgeon  

    Our ‘main stream’ politicians are so out of touch with the people and are putting the country’s security at risk. Barnaby Joyce generally lacks sincerity and consistency as a politician. He is now just ‘point scoring’ by harassing and ridiculing a legitimately elected member of the senate. I might add he is not alone in his opportunistic efforts. I am sick of the politicians, media and left wing trying to embarrass, humiliate, ridicule and try to silence a significant viewpoint.

    • A Breeden  

      Yes, they are all spineless, gutless loony-left fat-cat bastards.

    • aladoon24  

      Excellent response ,it’s encouraging to read there are some realists out there,Realists with common sense who call a spade a spade,and have the welfare of country and future generations at heart.

    • Louise  

      Thanks Steve. You have hit the nail on the head. In recent times no other religion has the world living in fear, except Islamic views. Lollies have missed the point.

    • I HAD some respect for Barnaby Joyce but I just lost it. He is no different from the others. I hope that Pauline H and Jackie L will have the fortitude to stand up for our concerns. Islam is not a religion but a Political ideology intent on wreaking havoc wherever and whenever possible.
      Sonia I am so sorry that you too have been criticised for your, and my beliefs. It looks like we have already lost our democratic rights.

    • Louise  

      Sorry but I think he has missed the point by a long shot.

    • doug savage  

      the only thing Barnaby gets is a paycheck and his scripts

  6. Steve sturgeon  

    Our ‘main stream’ politicians are so out of touch with the people and are putting the country’s security at risk. Barnaby Joyce generally lacks sincerity and consistency as a politician. He is now just ‘point scoring’ by harassing and ridiculing a legitimately elected member of the senate. I might add he is not alone in his opportunistic efforts. I am sick of the politicians, media and left wing trying to embarrass, humiliate, ridicule and try to silence a significant viewpoint.

    • I have to agree with you 100% he is a moron .Pauline was voted in as a lot of Australians agree with her .get your head out of the sand Barnaby take a look what is Happening in Melbourne with that Apex scum .now what cult are those Suddanise from…

      • jeanette wilde  

        Yes he is a moron, can’t get anything right..Catholics and protestants come here and live as we live, they accept our way of life..moslims have a hidden anyone can see what’s happening in Europe and still think this is ok is mind boggling..we’re filthy infidels to them..wake up idiots

      • Yolanda Brown  

        I believe Barnaby supports exporting live cattle. Anyone cruel to animals wont be to worried about humans.

    • Betty Cutts  

      Do not agree with him at all like Malcolm he is in bed with the Muslims they think nothing will happen to them when the Muslims take over mark my words if they don’t start taking notice of Pauline they are all in for a big shock .

  7. First time I have agreed with this man! As the Commissioner for Race Discrimination said “If you don’t want to be called a racist or a bigot, start by NOT doing something that involves racism or bigotry”>

    • Peter Thomas  

      Ally Morgan…please explain to me why anyone who bags muzzies is a racist because the last time i checked…islam or being a moslem is NOT a race.

  8. Lorraine Pearsall  

    Barnaby Joyce you’re an idiot. Yes, we all know there are good and bad in every race, however most of us want to live without the fear from the terrorists who have been allowed into our country. Why didn’t they go to another muslim country. Why, because we give them benefits. They dont want to fit in with our laws, just want to change everything to what they say they have run away from. For god sake open your eyes and stop this once great country from becoming another 1 like the UK, France etc. We are all entitled to an opinion. I’m sick of everyone saying we have to appease these people. Why don’t the ones who are saying that take these muslims into their homes. Keep them with their money. See what wouod happen then. If cameras have to be put in mosques, i say put them in all churches. Who cares. If those chuch goers are doing nothing wrong, then they wont care either. It’s time you all got rid of the ostrich syndrome n took your heads out of the sand

    • aladoon24  

      Lorraine you speak the words of the majority,keep it up,what in the hell is wrong with those who we elect, We cannot ignore history,and evidence of what’s happening around the globe ,to put it mildly it leaves realists dumbfounded and disgusted

    • Pat Wick  

      Well said.

      • Well said Lorraine, I’m also sick of what is going on In our country, I’m sick of changing our beliefs to accomadate the minority , why should our kids miss out on the things that we grew up with for centuries like Christmas and Easter because we might offend other cultures, I’m just so fed up with it all, so I will always support people like Pauline Jacqui and Sonia, at least they have the guts to say what everyone had the guts to say also

    • Helen Johnstone  

      So true we just dont want them here. We want to feel safe in OUR country.

    • Ian passmore  

      Islam is NOT a race it is an ideology so you are not speaking about a person from a different race ei. asian, indian,africian etc.

      • Louise  

        Ian, you are correct. This ideology is going to get us all killed

    • Sue Dyer  

      Spot on Lorraine!! Totally agree!

    • Louise  

      Tks Lorraine. I know so many people who agree with you, incl me. We are watching our country being sold off & our Australian way & practices being hijacked by those with Islamic beliefs. These people do not want to fit in with us & are forcing PC down our throats to change our culture. If you speak out, & many are now afraid to, we are labeled a racist. So we must keep speaking up.

    • Ivan  

      Well said Lorraine Pearsall, You have said what most Aussies are thinking.

    • There is a book that explains very simply what is the “Mohammed Medina Agenda” But I will guarantee that no one in Parliament has the guts to read it because it will disprove everything that they have been fed by the fast talking Muftis.
      Take our Prime Minister inviting prominent Muslims to Kirribilli House. How can we respect some one who is a TRAITOR in our Christian Australian values. Now Barnaby Joyce has joined the Political Correctness brigade (or should I say BRIGANDS) I thought that at least he would be Pro-Australian. Read “The Story of Mohammed – Islam Unveiled” by Harry Richardson. Follow it up with “train to australia” a true refugee story.

    • Sally  

      The mosques are training centres for terrorism and Islamic world domination. Forget the cameras. Turn the mosques into refuges for apostates and Muslim females. Deport male Islamites. Save the muslim females from their barbaric male counterparts.

    • Amii  

      Ur an idiot if we were all out to kill you we would have done it by now obviously u only listen to media and non Islamic sites that create fear for people if u done a proper research and talked to practicing Muslims you would know we are peaceful ppl don’t get Ur research or info from ppl who are trying to create fear and also shariah law will never b practiced in Australia so don’t worry about anything and if countries like America don’t go into Arab countries and make war with them then there would b no refugees I will tell u there’s 1.6 billion Muslims around the world if we were terrorists like u suggested then u would have all been dead by now those idiots that are killing in the name of Islam are not Muslims and has translated the verses in the Quran in their own mental way like I said do Ur own research on Islam and Muslims and talk to practicing Muslims not those who say they are Muslims but not practice it also you and others don’t need to be afraid just media creating fear

  9. Jan Hoskins  

    But none of these other immigrants killed, executed, beheaded or bombed, innocent civilians and threatened to keep doing it! If the innocent Muslims don’t want to be compared with these ‘terrorists’ why don’t they denounce them and take control, for their own sakes, if not ours? Surely they can use ‘their’ laws to stop the others giving them a bad name? When the infidels commit a crime against the Muslims, they are punished by their own laws and no one is allowed to support them or encourage them. Seems to me to be a bit of reversal discrimination.

    • Baz kayy  

      Reclaim australia party and many other right wing organisations constantly post comments of threat intermediation and murder on social media and in rally’s. One occurred tonight in Newcastle when they opposed the kurri kurri mosque. Please research and see that threats are made by many groups and until the government equally paints all actions of terrorism or threat and anarchy with the same brush irrespective of colour faith or ethnicity. Then this problem will constantly be an underlying issue

    • Baz kayy  

      And just to clarify the word infedel ‘non believer in God’ just so you know the meaning of the word that’s being thrown around constantly by the right.

  10. Peter M  

    Barnaby is right. Rev Ian Paisley was an extremist, responsible for the deaths of many people. But to ban all Protestants from Australia because Paisley was a Protestant or would have been as silly as the current proposal to ban Muslims because of some extremists.

    • Bob G  

      You missed the point Peter M. The difference is that the bible does not order it’s followers to kill and terrorise.

    • Roy Bridges  

      Peter, maybe you like Rev Ian Paisley out of this country if he had come he in his day and did what you said.

    • Ivan  

      How do you figure that out Peter M, that Ian Paisley was responsible for the deaths of many people?

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