Barnaby Joyce says culture is no excuse for crime

Australia’s acting prime minister Barnaby Joyce has hit back at claims culture is a reasonable excuse for domestic violence saying

Australia’s acting prime minister Barnaby Joyce has hit back at claims culture is a reasonable excuse for domestic violence saying the card cannot be played to excuse a person’s crimes.

His remarks come as three leading indigenous women said the alarming rates of family violence in indigenous communities throughout Australia was being dismissed as a “matter of culture”.

Speaking from Darwin, the Federal agriculture minister said, “You cannot beat another human being up. Doesn’t matter whether you’re black, while or brindle. It’s against the law, it is against all rule of decency.”

The three women — University of Melbourne professor Marcia Langton, Alice Springs councillor Jacinta Price and Josephine Cashman, a representative of the prime minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council — are demanding a national task force to address the issue.

They have criticised the Government’s national action plan and say that perpetrators get away with their crimes because they can argue that they are victims of ‘trauma, racism and colonisation’.

Professor Langton says Aboriginal women are up to 35 times more likely than non-indigenous women to be hospitalised because of domestic violence and kinship ties were often used to ensure victims remained silent.

Joyce has backed the Government’s $100 million in funding for the Third Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Their Children 2010-2022, and says domestic violence has an impact right through communities.

“It hurts us all. It ruins the lives of individuals, destroys families and breaks communities. It simple has to stop,” he said.

What do you think about Barnaby Joyce’s statement — is there ever an excuse for violence? Have you or a loved one been involved in a situation of family violence? Share your stories with us.

  1. Pamela  

    That also applies to the moslem culture of rape and paedophilia!

    • That is a disgusting allegation. Another false generalisation used against a generally nice group of people.

      • Melanie  

        Take ya bee blinkers’ off, Iain!

        If you don’t believe it happens, & there’s much proof for it, you’re a fool!

      • marilyn flynn  

        i agree with Iain. What about the widespread sexual abuse of children by CATHOLIC priests!!!!!!

        • Melanie  

          Muslim paedophilia has been ongoing since Islam started in the AD700’s.
          It’s founder, Mohammed, was reputed to be a paedophile!

          Abuse by clergy, of MANY Westernized religions’, Marilyn, isn’t even 70 yo!
          That’s no excuse for it, though.

  2. Diana  

    Barnaby Joyce is not one of my favourite people – however, I do agree with him.

    Yes. far too many people (men mostly) rely on cultural “traditions” to get away with bashing women and getting away with it because people are scared of being slammed for political incorrectness and so-called racist remarks. There is NO place for political correctness in domestic violence or criminal behaviour.

    As Joyce says, it doesn’t matter what colour, race or creed someone is – domestic violence is violence and needs to be punished by the courts – who frequently let the perpetrators off with slaps on the wrist.

    Likewise, I am SICK of people using mental illness as an excuse for murdering others – e.g. the poor bus driver who was murdered purely because the perpetrator wanted to kill the next bus driver who pulled up at that stop.

    Yes, I agree with Pamela, Muslims have to be held accountable for rape and the so-called child marriages which are straight out paedophilia. Female genital mutilation – carried out here in secret by Muslim medicos – is abhorrent and against the law and should also be punished, if the law can catch them.

  3. Josephine B  

    Diana has said it ALL. Totally agree with her.

  4. Tom  

    That is the first intelligent thing that I have heard him say.

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