Barnaby Joyce launches tirade against fish, colleagues look embarrassed

While some world leaders are busy trying to solve healthcare, economic and social issues, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has

While some world leaders are busy trying to solve healthcare, economic and social issues, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has his own bone to pick – with fish.

Mr Joyce delivered an impassioned speech to parliament yesterday about the dangers of carp, which he says should be infected with herpes to eradicate the pest in the Murray Darling Basin.

While the issue may be serious, Barnaby was mocked mercilessly on social media after he used his slot in Question Time to launch a tirade against the fish.

“We are afflicted with this disgusting mud-sucking creatures, bottom dwelling mud-sucking creatures, for which the only version of control is a version of herpes to try and get rid of these disgusting mud-sucking creatures,” Mr Joyce said.

“No we don’t want to deal with carp,” he continued. “We gotta get rid of the carp. But we don’t want to have to deal with carp.”

His colleagues could barely contain their laughter with Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop pictured trying to suppress their smiles.

The speech quickly made its way around social media with people calling it ‘carpageddon’.

Barnaby made headlines when he launched a similar style attack on Hollywood star Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard for illegally bringing their dogs Pistol and Boo into the country last year.

He famously threatened to euthanize the dogs and forced Johnny and his wife to submit an offical apology video when they appeared in court on the Gold Coast.

Take a look at Barnaby’s speech and tell us, do you support his plan or does it just make you laugh.

Do you like Barnaby Joyce’s speech? Are you happy he is so passionate about wildlife? Or, is this speech just plain weird?

  1. Was he referring to his parliamentary colleagues? Disgusting, bottom dwelling, mud suckers???

    • Shane Locke  

      I think he was, Elaine. Using the Carp issue (and the eradication of this noxious introduced species IS important) as a means of ridiculing the opposition.

  2. Trish Stein  

    He has the right idea and the right way to go about it (if this disease doesn’t affect the native fish too) but his speech should have been better prepared and delivered. Nice try Barney but get the words right before you speak them.

  3. He does take the welfare of the land very much to his heart, but many citicentric people would have no idea what he is talking about. He is laughed at for his concern about many rural issues. and the way you all laugh now just shows how much the rest of society is concerned about issues involving the rural area. I am very sorry to see your cynical responses. I do not live in the country but I have many relatives who do. and do live on the murray. We need people whom are interested in the welfare of the land and the people of the rural areas, if not your shops will not be full, of good nutritional products but artificial goods from who knows where. Keep laughing , one day you may just start to cry, I am very sorry it makes me very sad, about your attitudes to very important issues.

    • Mareela  

      Hi Laraine,
      I agree we need to look after our farmers and the land. It’s just a pity Barnaby and his colleagues have done absolutely nothing to help farmers through the drought and is quite happy to sit back and watch the farmers go broke and the banks just come in and steal their farms. What about the farmers who have committed suicide? What has Barnaby and his government done to help these folk? A big fat NOTHING. Farmers are crying out for help and Barnaby talks about Carp! Pleaseeee.It’s no wonder people laugh at him.

  4. Peter Dunn  

    Don,t be too critical at least he made an appearance at parliament and carp are a noxious pest in the Murray.

  5. richard  

    Another idiot that should go.

    • Don Lerwiis  

      you’re the idiot because of your comment you have proven what you are

  6. woodrow wobblestick  

    Was the fish called Wanda?

  7. He is a candidate for a Stroke or Heart attack. I would like to know if he keeps a check on his blood pressure

  8. Virginia Weekes  
    • Don Lerwiis  

      I am also organising a petition declaring that be examined to prove that she is capable of living in society despite her indications of extreme insanity

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