Barnaby Joyce has some brutal advice for unemployed

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has slammed unemployed Aussies "who don't want to work".
Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has slammed unemployed Aussies "who don't want to work".

All the talk about 457 Visas has put focus on the attitudes of Aussies and their work ethics – and there’s been plenty of criticism of young Aussies not wanting to work long or dirty jobs.

Now, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has joined the fray, firing off some choice words at unemployed Aussies “who don’t want to work”.

He told The Australian there was “a contract” between unemployed Aussies and taxpayers – that they would do their best to find a job and get off welfare.

“That contract comes with a deal: that if you are out of a job, you damn well get off your backside and do your very best to find a job,” he said.

“Because otherwise other people­ are working for you, and those people are not slaves for you. The people at home are not slaves for the people who don’t want to work, so get off your ­backside and have a crack and do your best.

“And those people will continue to work to support you if you can’t, but there is a strong expect­ation that you get out there and have a go, and if you don’t want to have a go, then the mums and dads at home watching this do not have to pay for you.”

What do you think about Barnaby Joyce’s comments? Do you agree with what he had to say?


  1. Roy Gavin  

    Shouldn’t he be locked up somewhere?

    • Bernie  

      Do you really think there are no Welfare recipients who could be working if they wanted to? The comment below yours identifies the very type of person Barnaby Joyce is talking about. Who should we lock up? Barnaby or ………

    • laraine burton  

      whats wrong frighten of hard work,

    • Agree to a point But seems very hypocritical Barnaby can retire in only 4 years in politics then They are on HUGE TAXPAYER FUNDED PENSIONS ! WRONG PISS HEAD

  2. Therese  

    I totally agree with Barnaby. I live next door to a young couple 23+ – both unemployed with a 3yr old. He has a “back injury”. Both on separate welfare payments but they are both able to ride their unregistered trail bikes wherever they choose and whenever they want. Which they do once they have let Nan(Grandma) have the little tike They don’t stir until around noon each day -how do I know because their trail bikes are started outside my kitchen window each afternoon – not because I have nothing better to do. I’m sure the trail bike riding helps his back injury!! What a life!! I have worked for over 50 yrs – retired and I unwillingly see this unfold each day. I agree with Barnaby – get off your backside and get a job – or lose the privilege of benefits.

    • Elda Quinton  

      Why don’t you dob them in?

      • Guy Flavell  

        Yeah, dob ’em … they are nothing but dole bludgers and deserve a
        kick up the backside. Think about your battle living on the pension and
        how these dishonest bastards are fleecing the taxpayer and living the
        high life.

    • Greg Hills  

      Ummm. If he has a back injury, then he shouldn’t be riding trail bikes.
      Centrelink needs to investigate this one. If he can ride a trail bike, he can work!
      It is these types that rort the system, and need to be weeded out. They are poison.

    • jason  

      Don’t you just love the way people say and write ”BACK INJURY ” unless you are a doctor can you please keep your comments to yourself , I had a ” BACK INJURY ” and some days i was in extreme pain and others felt good as gold , funny how the people who don’t have a ”BACK INJURY ” don’t see you when you can’t get out of bed or are in agony with every movement . Australians have this amazing sense of entitlement to have a go at anybody who they don’t like , I also had a whinging neighbour and wonder what lovely stories she was rattling off to her friends .

  3. Trisha Knoch  

    Totally agree with Mr. Joyce, those on welfare need to be drug tested as well. They can afford expensive tattoos, alchohol and cigarettes, that we are paying for. Cut the dole NOW!!

    • Claude frausin  

      I dnt agree with yr comment abt everyone on benefits get drug tested Trisha Knoch , bc i personally am on newstart (62) with a medical cert n i dnt smokes full stop !

    • Scott Howard  

      Trisha Knoch you want to get your facts right I am on the dole and I can’t afford to pay my bills and buy food or petrol for the car to find work on what I get from the dole and I would love a beer as I haven’t had one since Christmas Day.

    • Not everyone on welfare payments are on drugs at 61 it’s abit hard to find work anywhere

  4. Chris  

    Your comment, Trisha Knoch, is just as bad as Barnaby Joyce. Think about it………….

    • Geoff Wolsey  

      How long since you last worked Chris.

      • Phil Ainsworth  

        Geoff I was thinking the same.

    • Ken Bryce  

      Wake up and look truthfully at how the next generation will exist.

  5. Dianne Evans  

    Do not agree at all people need to wake up and realise always a few people of every age who rob the system but to lump everyone together when the jobs are not there is so unfair turns people against each other that and causes meanness to flourish ! Like saying all old people are not intitled to pensions or they are stoping youn people from getting housing this government is food at setting groups against each other.

    • Vollie  

      He’s just saying at least have a go at finding work…and if they can’t find a job, go and volunteer at doimg someting to help your local community. There are community groups and committees out there everywhere crying out for volunteers and closing down because their volunteers are getting too old and there’s no younger ones coming along to help. Volunteering is also a great way of learning a good work ethic and can then often lead to paid work.

  6. Aussie-Pole  

    Agree 100% …. but Barnaby must also realise that bosses request people with 5 years experience for a lot of these jobs … tell me Barnaby where is a 17 – 19 year old going to get that experience ……

  7. Dianne Evans  

    Sorry tried to do that comment in a nutty that is Young and good not youn and food

  8. John McInerney  

    Another simple solution from a very simple man.

    • Doug Vowell  

      I don’t think his comments are directed to those that are constantly looking for work but the minority that have no intention of working, they are there to see in every city and if you have not then you are walking around with your eyes shut.

  9. Lola kleinschmidt  

    I agree with the person above I also think the government should also reinstate in parliament parents can diseplent their children an teachers can also diseplent them or refuse to teach them

    • Owen Gustafson  

      What do you mean by “diseplent” ?

      • Ruby  

        Needs to learn to spell this kind they mean

  10. Darryl Worby  

    Every election our government comes up with a new “system” to manage the unemployed. I have been in the industry working with unemployed people for thirty five years and the only system that ever worked was in 1995 under a labour government which was destroyed by the libs when they won the election. The community needs to come together and not lump all unemployed people in the same basket.

  11. Ben Digo  

    It is about time that we did the same as the rest of the civilised world, limit unemployment benefits to 6 months – if the unemployed want benefits after that, they must do 30 hours a week volunteer work and 10 hours a week job search.

    • Joy Harding  

      Yes Ben I totally agree with you that a time limit on benefits must be instated and that compulsory volunteer work be done. I know it is unfair to lump all in the one basket but I am sure there would be at least one parttime job that all ages could do if they can’t get a fulltime job. One of the main problems today with our society, is that too many live beyond their means because they think it is their right to live and have what everybody else has worked and saved hard over the years to have. Reality bites. I know that many will howl me down for my comments, but I will say this; I have not been fed with a silver spoon but had to work hard at many trivial jobs (that many would not do today) just so I could afford a house for my children.

  12. Gordon  

    Barnaby is absolutly on the money here. While some people can’t get a job there are a lot who choose not to work as the dole covers what they need, and they probably do a bit of cash work on the side. I am retired but when I was working I was sick to death of paying nearly 50% of what I worked hard to earn in tax so that bludgers could sit around all day spending my money.

    • Patricia Cavanough  

      I totally agree, I rejoined the workforce as a single mother of 2 children and have worked for nearly 30 years whilst other people bludge.

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