Barnaby Joyce caught in another fight with a major celebrity

His infamous fight with actor Johnny Depp made headlines around the world and now deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce is

His infamous fight with actor Johnny Depp made headlines around the world and now deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce is at it again, this time having a go at The Smiths singer Morrissey.

The spat started when Morrissey, who is a passionate animal rights activist, penned a letter to Mr Joyce about Australia’s live export trade, which has copped a lot of criticism in the past.

The open letter appeared on PETA’s website and called on Mr Joyce to stop the export of live animals, saying it was a cruel and unnecessary practice.

“The horrific cruelty in the live-export trade is heavy enough to sink a ship, yet you insist on condemning millions of animals to this fate every year. You can deny it until you are red(der) in the face, but the industry is dying,” he wrote.

“If meat is murder, live export is the slow boat to hell. Please help pave the way towards a kinder future by putting the live-export industry out of its misery immediately.”

It didn’t take long for Mr Joyce to fire back, taking to social media to have a go at the singer and tell him mind his own business.


“Mightn’t be a big fan of the The Smiths, but I am a great fan of families in WA, NT and FNQ [Far North Queensland] who rely on our $2bn live export industry,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Record cattle prices for families in regional Australia — sorry I don’t cut it at Splendour in the Grass, but I accept that,” he added, referring to the popular Australian music festival.

Live export has caused a fair bit of controversy over the past few years, with numerous reports of animal cruelty in Indonesia and Vietnam. Despite calls for the Government to ban the practice though, they have held steady due to the farmers who rely on the trade and the $608 million it brings into the country every year.

Do you think Morrissey is right here? Or is Barnaby Joyce on the money with this issue?

  1. Michael cole  

    Who the hell are these no talent supposed singers coming out here and tell us and our government how to do things Not a great fan of Joyce but i think he put him in his place…

    • Because some people care about the plight of these animals which obviously Joyce couldn’t care less about he probably even approves of the slaughter of dogs if they don’t come up to scratch on the race course – the animals would do just as well as frozen unless of course he is appeasing the halal eaters.

  2. Charles  

    Trouble is these singers and actors get their roles mixed up with real life, they become experts and hero’s on everything.

  3. Peter McKenzie  

    The live animal trade is despicable, I was brought up on a farm so I learnt at a early age that animals did have to die for our existence but we didn’t put them on a stinking boat for weeks to some hell hole where they are tortured by scum before they finally end their life.
    What say we put the politicians on these boats and see what they’ve got to say then after a few weeks of this hell.
    I’m pretty sure there are other markets for our meat, how about the poms now they have left Europe.

    • Murray  

      Emotive claptrap. “tortured by scum”

  4. Guy Flavell  

    Good old Barnaby, always ready for a stoush with these pathetic animal rights activists.
    The live meat trade is one of our major exports and earns a comfortable living and provides many, many jobs for a host of rural Aussies. Chew this Morrissey moron up BJ and then spit him out as a bad taste. What do these d..kheads want … the cattle to be flown first class to Asia and then kept in motel accommodation til they’re butchered ?

    • Murray  

      Yep! They probably also want a complementary bottle of plonk and some chocolates.

  5. Pamela  

    If we stopped this cruel, barbaric live animal trade, we would soon be able to replace it will chilled/frozen meat and create more Australian jobs by opening up or building new abattoirs.

    I have seen the most appalling treatment of our live sheep and cattle in other countries. If you support and condone this, you are as bad as those doing it!

  6. Loz  

    Who are the Smiths???

    • Rorie Jackson  

      The Smiths are a British band formed in the 1980s lead by Morrissey.

  7. Elizabeth Litster  

    Peta stands against live trade but is quite OK with the cruelty that is halal slaughter. Animals in Australia are getting their throats slit open while alive and allowed to bleed to death A minimum stun (this reversible stun means the animal must then be alive when slaughtered) is applied and if the animal is very very lucky the stun may last long enough to allow the throat to be cut. The spinal column is not severed so no matter what the animal bleeds out in agony without being able to vocalise it’s pain. There are also slaughter houses in Australia that are allowed to kill without even a minimum stun. Australia has now normalised a barbaric religious practice instead of the better and more humane bolt stun.

  8. Warren Whittle  

    We have assisted Vietnam and other nations in many areas of food production before, so instead of bad-mouthing them about their primitive methods for killing live animals, why don’t we help them to modernise their abattoirs, donate some bolt guns et al, and training? Our rural families cannot go without this live meat business, so forget about ceasing it.

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