Barack Obama tells Hillary fans to ‘shut up’

When it comes to the things that make United States president Barack Obama visibly angry, the defiance of rally-goers wouldn’t

When it comes to the things that make United States president Barack Obama visibly angry, the defiance of rally-goers wouldn’t make it high on the list. However, when he appeared at Fayetteville, North Carolina campaigning for Hillary Clinton a rowdy crowd did just that.

The president wanted the crowd to show an elderly Donald Trump supporter — and seemingly a veteran — some respect.

“Hey,” Obama called out several times. “Listen up!”

However, when the rally-goers defied him and continued to scream at the man you could see Obama’s patience being tested. Eventually, the president demanded every attendee at the Hillary Clinton rally sit down and shut up.

“Hey everybody, hey,” Obama says. “I told you to be focused, and you’re not focused right now. Listen to what I’m saying.”

“You’ve got an older gentleman who is supporting his candidate. He’s not doing nothing,” Obama says. “You don’t have to worry about him.”

He reminded the crowd that “we live in a country that respects free speech” before highlighting that the man “may have served in our military and we gotta respect that”.

“Third of all, he was elderly and we gotta respect our elders,” he said, scolding the crowd for booing the older gentleman.

When the crowd finally settled and were paying attention to Obama he said: “I want you to pay attention, because if we don’t, if we lose focus, we could have problems… We just get stirred up for all kinds of reasons that are unnecessary. Just relax.”

The man who held up his placard in support of Trump for the next US president appeared to be wearing two patches on his jacket that signified he was a member of the US defence force. He had service medals, including what looked to be a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star, on his jacket breast.


Obama also seized on the opportunity to detail why Trump would not be an appropriate choice for president.

“We can’t afford a Commander-in-Chief who insults POWs, who attacks a Gold Star mother, who actually talks down our troops, says he knows more than our generals,” Obama says.

“I had to sit down with somebody who explained this whole nuclear thing. It will sober you up,” he says, reflecting on his first day in office. “It’s serious business.”

What do you think about the way Barack Obama handled the situation? Have you been following the United States election campaign?

  1. He never told them to “shut up”…. he told them to listen up…. he showed what a great statesman he is, a pity more Presidents and would be Presidents don’t have the same values as Obama.

    • Sylvia Harvie  

      I wholeheartedly agree, respect is most important. He did the right thing asking the crowd to listen up. Sylvia

  2. This smacks of a piece of staging to make Obama look good. Who would know with the Clintons invovled.

    • Lyn  

      Putting politics aside, you have to admit it was well-handled.

    • Paul Graydon-Taylor  

      Paul..So Agreed…The Guy was a Stooge Actor…Medals wrongly placed for a start!

  3. Be  

    America will wish they still had him in office if the donald gets in…..bumpy ride yaall…the worst of it is that those of us who don’t live in the States will have to put up with the ride too. ( and we dont get to vote either!)

  4. Joan Marshall  

    The Democrats are really scared that they could loose the election and crooked Hillary has got Obama doing her dirty work for her. Who ever heard of a President leaving the Oval office to campaign for a candidate? Obama should be doing his job. The quicker Obama gets out the better and stop playing the race card. The Obama couple and crooked Hillary all hand in glove in crime. Can I say this? of course I can with freedom of speech.

    • Shanti  

      Of course you can – but just because you can say it, it doesn’t mean it’s true!

  5. Do you know who your followers are on this site because we are intelligent, over 60s adults who can think for ourselves, are highly educated and can see an article titled for sensationalism and it annoys us!

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