Bali mum’s murder-accused boyfriend does the unexpected

Byron Bay mum Sarah Connor’s fate remains uncertain as she and her British boyfriend, David Taylor, are still in prison

Byron Bay mum Sarah Connor’s fate remains uncertain as she and her British boyfriend, David Taylor, are still in prison pending investigations for the murder of Bali policeman Wayan Sudarsa.

While the 45-year-old mother remains silent to public, Mr Taylor, 34, has mustered up the courage to apologise to the family of the Balinese policeman who was allegedly bashed to death, his lawyer has claimed.

Mr Taylor told police that he penned an apologetic letter to Mr Sudarsa’s grieving family about two weeks ago, reports Daily Mail.
“He try to come up with the courage and apologise,” Mr Taylor’s lawyer Haposan Sihombing said, according to Fairfax Media.
“He’s very sorry, it takes time for him to come up with the courage to apologise because the incident caused the victim his life.”

The apology comes after a lengthy police brief emerged which stated that Ms Connor showered, blocked her lost visa card, cut up the ID cards of Mr Sudarsa and then went to bed, News Corp reports.
The report stated that Ms Connor and Mr Taylor discarded the ID cards and went to the beach for lunch the day after the alleged incident.

She switched her phone on three days after Mr Sudarsa’s body was found because she realised she had to register her car when she saw a text message from friends saying “police found your bag next to the victim”.

In the report Ms Connor maintains her innocence and said Taylor had told her a policeman was peeping at them on the beach while they were intimate.
The mother of two alleges she didn’t know the policeman was dead as she was told he was passed out.

Would his words change anything?

  1. Greg Hills  

    She is still as guilty as he is, anyway. Even if she didn’t know that he was dead, why would anyone cut up someone else’s I.D and burn their clothes?
    Deserves to stay in jail. The only thing she can be thankful for is that Indonesia treats murder less harshly than drug trafficking. Otherwise she would be looking at the firing squad.

    • William Kerr  

      Totaal agree. How can you be part of something so tragic, consciously make measures to negaye your involvement then go to sleep like nothing occured. Life.. that’s what they took, that’s what they should get. Simple.

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