Baden-Clay still “wears wedding ring”, as thousands plan to protest his downgraded charge

As family and friends of Allison Baden-Clay gather to express outrage with the justice system, wife killer Gerard Baden-Glay reportedly still

As family and friends of Allison Baden-Clay gather to express outrage with the justice system, wife killer Gerard Baden-Glay reportedly still “wears his wedding ring” and has been moved to a “quieter” part of prison, complete with tennis courts and a gym.

Earlier this month the convicted murderer had his charges downgraded to manslaughter, sparking a national outcry. Now those closest to Allison Baden-Clay have asked Queenslanders to rally in Brisbane’s CBD, this Friday at 12.15pm.

The #doingit4allison #doingit4all rally will urge the state’s Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath to appeal Baden-Clay’s lesser charges in the High Court. High-profile Australians such as swimming star Libby Trickett are already behind the rally. Meanwhile 71,000 people have signed an associated petition online.

Adding insult to injury for Allison’s supporters, The Courier Mail has revealed that Gerard Baden-Clay still wears his wedding ring in prison. “I was thinking to myself what a hypocrite”, prison sources disclosed. “He seemed happy, he wasn’t nervous. Smug. He is always smug”.

Since receiving downgraded charges, Baden-Clay has been moved to a “quieter” part of prison, which boasts an “open campus” design. The wife killer now enjoys greater freedoms, with a shared kitchenette, along with unrestricted access to tennis courts and a gym.

Allison Baden-Clay’s cousin Jodie Dann called it “pathetic” and narcissistic that Gerard still wears his wedding ring. “It’s all about the image though. He is image-managing himself,” she said. “He portrays himself as a super sweet wonderful man whose wife just happened to die and he knew nothing about it because he was sleeping the whole night through”.

Ms Dann has explained the rally saying, “we obviously don’t want to see him walking out any time soon”. She also described Baden-Clay’s new prison locale as a “holiday home”.  There are many who would no doubt agree with this unsettling assessment.

Do you believe Gerard Baden-Clay should be granted extra freedoms? Will you be joining the rally in Brisbane, or signing the petition online?



  1. I felt sad when I heard of that protest..why..well I miss out on going to it by about a week, I am N.S.W now but will be going to QLD I would have been there with bells on, I feel so desperately sorry for Allison’s family and furious that they are letting this man virtually get away with murdering her

    • I am like you Libbi sad as I would have gone up to Brisbane in a heartbeat but I have specialist appointments that day and as I have waited months to get them i can’t change
      I hope there are thousands there both men and women to support Allison, her children and her family. If this man gets out i am so worried his first action will be to take his kids and he should never ever get them

  2. I can really understand how people feel, he seems to be a loathsome character. His behaviour seems typical of someone who is a full blown psychopath. I however put some faith in our legal system as nuts as it often seems and don’t like this idea, it has tinges of a Kangaroo Court. Nor would I like to see a system where our court can be by passed easily. I’m in a dilemma over this one.

    • I agree. I don’t know anything other than what I’ve read and heard in the media – which of course is always truthful and unbiased (cough cough). I’d be quite happy to hear his sentence was increased to 15 years as the maximum for manslaughter; he treated her body appallingly.

      • Dora  

        It’s not just the question of how much time he’ll serve under the lesser conviction but it also the question of now he has not been convicted of Allison’s murder he’ll be entitled to receive all her death benefits and insurance payout.

    • Rosalind Battles they do come out I had an online spat with one John Green yesterday. This isn’t the first legal decision I’ve felt appalling, in SA we had the ex policeman lawyer who ran down a cyclist didn’t stop and got away with it. I am often totally staggered by court decisions but I don’t like any alternative legal systems.

    • 🙂 LOL me too, every time I commented she said something to nasty to me , I don’t think she likes men

  3. The more I read about this grub the more he disgusts me. Wearing his wedding ring, another insult to the memory of Allison, he takes her life but keeps wearing the wedding ring she gave him. This only confirms the mindset of this creep, all show and nothing else. I hope he never finds peace and is forever in a dark place.

  4. I don’t know if he is guilty or not , so why don’t you just get a rope and hang him like the old days , if we were Dash we could just cut his head off LAW who needs it . It just gets in the road of a good lynching . I only wish you could have got Lyndy Chamberlain before she got found not guilty

    • You may not know, but a jury of his peers found him so, and he has admitted to killing Allison so keep your facetious sarcasm comments to yourself

    • When did he admit to killing her? My understanding is that he still maintains his innocence and may be planning an appeal against the manslaughter conviction.

    • Patricia just keep sharpening your knife you may yet get a chance to use it , I just hope one day someone comes after you

    • Karma comes to those Don Thompson who wishes other people harm lets hope it doesn’t find you.

    • At the time most Australians thought lindy chamberlain guilty and the nt papers had a headline when she was found guilty of murder dingo found innocent. You know we could save a lot of money if we sacked all the legal professionals and tried every one by public opinion with patty claptrap and the courier mail presiding. There would be no need to gather expensive evidence of experts who can’t make certain of their findings. Public opinion that’s all that’s needed. We all know he cheated on his wife now there’s a hanging offense on its own, the Bible says so, so does the ancient writings of the Koran. Yep as she said idiot!!

      • Dora  

        Not all of us thought Lindy was guilty. Thoughtless, nasty, judgemental, gossipy, people with no empathy and who had no care for truth of what they wanted to believe, did. It is a shameful period in our history.

    • Don Thomson, that comment was so sick, I feel sorry for you, is there a doctor close by? I think you need one.

    • Many Australians, would have crucified Lindy Chamberlain. She was found to be innocent. I feel so sorry for her.

    • Hey Lee Horrocks its ok most people that dont have anything intelligent to say come up with derogatory remarks & it says more about them than the person they are saying it to. Water off a ducks back!!

    • I can’t believe the people who are equating Lindy Chamberlains case with this very low life! Very different stories, very different circumstances! Apples and oranges without no disrespect intended! There is no need for nasty comments either. This is an over 60,s site. Not a naughty children’s site! Some of you need to act your age!

  5. He still wears his wedding ring? What a joke, he has no respect for his marriage while he was having affair’s BEFORE he murdered Alison..I hope the Government listens and appeals this lame conviction

    • He showed his wife no respect by resuming the affair while going to countselling deserves to rot in jail for rest of his life!!!!

      • Dora  

        Going to counselling was a farce. He only did that after deciding he was going to kill her so when it happened he’d look like a man who was really trying to save his marriage and not a mani likely to kill her. Well that’s my take from the evidence at trial anyway.

    • Sharyn Welsh : That is Sharia isn’t it? What everyone does NOT want unless it suits the situation. I’d go for a lobotomy and make sure it works.

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