Baby formula shortage gets out of hand. Are you worried about the grandkids?

Demand for Australian baby formula is reaching fever pitch, with Chinese shop-owners hoarding it and international military personnel allegedly sneaking it

Demand for Australian baby formula is reaching fever pitch, with Chinese shop-owners hoarding it and international military personnel allegedly sneaking it from our country. These shocking tactics have some people wondering, what about Aussie kids?

Starts At Sixty has previously reported on the baby formula shortage, which began after Chinese infants were poisoned by Asian milk products. Since then, Australian shoppers have reported grocery-store confrontations with Chinese buyers wanting to ship formula abroad. This is because Aussie baby formula has proven to be safe.

This week, further altercations saw Chinese shop-owners in Melbourne stockpiling baby formula. The operators of an unofficial ‘pop-up store’ were allegedly turning away non-Chinese shoppers, refusing to sell hoards of so-called ‘white gold’.

Local shoppers have been left outraged. One woman said, “my concerns are that if customers can only buy four tins of the formula from Woolworths which is almost next door, then how can a shop openly and blatantly pack up boxes to be sent overseas?”

This pop-up store is the fourth of its kind to appear throughout Australia in recent weeks. Meanwhile, Chinese sailors have been photographed seemingly taking baby formula out of the country, during a recent trip to Brisbane.

The images appear to show uniformed men carrying away piles of boxes, reported to be Aptamil Gold baby formula. Each tin cost $19 in Australia, but people have reported ‘white market’ formulas selling for over $100 in China.

Some Australian shoppers are scandalised, with one Facebook user asking: “Why doesn’t Australia take care of their own before every other country?”

Whilst another person commented, “we need to produce more. Enough for export to boost our economy and enough to feed Aussie bubs”.

Are you worried about baby formula shortages impacting your grandchildren? Are you angry that Australian products are being taken overseas, before reaching local shoppers?

  1. i saw on news yesterday so called pop up shops are selling only to chinese probably so they can send it overseas. somethings wrong somewhere. The government needs to step in and stop it.

  2. Why don’t they make more and make export agreements so the ordinary Chinese people don’t get ripped off as well.

    • There has been a lot in the media about mothers being forced to work – usually in the cities, while their babies stay with grandparents in the countryside. And yes, they could express… assuming there is a fridge to keep the milk cool/frozen.

  3. I went to shop after shop to get the only formula my grandchild could have. All reported the same thing even if they had a limit. Members of Asian families would come in individually and each buy the limit. Nothing left on the shelves for our kids. I don’t mind if families send a couple of tins overseas but be fair about it. Leave some for everyone.

  4. i heard of someone who is buying stacks and shipping to her friend in China who is selling it.

  5. My kids were raised on Carnation Milk, might have to go back to the old fashioned stuff (unless baby is Dairy intolerant of course)

  6. Yes try breastfeeding ?? Almost all mothers can manage to breastfeed if they really want to. I wonder why so many Chinese mothers need artificial formula.

    • Because they often need to work, leaving their children in the care of grandparents, often in rural area while they travel to the cities.

    • And same here. ..also quite a few women cannot breast feed…it’s not always possible for many reasons. ..lucky if you can

    • Women use lots of excuses for not breastfeeding but as I said very, very few are physically unable and almost all can do so successfully if they are committed to it and receive support. I understand about the Chinese reason but it usually comes down to wanting to do the best for your infant..

    • What a vile person you are Georgina! Sorry but you are just nasty as there are lots of women who want to feed and physically can’t and comments like yours that are just rude and judgmental don’t make them feel any better about the situation.

    • I am merely stating medical facts that very, very few women cannot physically breast feed if they choose to.. There are of course set backs and problems for some but most can be overcome. It is too easy to give up when bottle feeding is seen as just as good by many. I think you protest too harshly Caryn. If the truth hurts then so be it.

  7. These Australian children need to be fed, many are buying this in bulk to resell in China, it sells for $80 a can there, make a limit one per customer and no buying in bulk unless you are a chemist or supermarket

    • I think a lot of places are enforcing limits Leanna but people are being shifty. Whole families are going in and individually buying the limit each and then going back in individually and buying the same again and going through self-service checkouts and then shipping it back home to China.

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