Baby Boomers Suck – we fight back on Weekend Sunrise!

Many of you have something to say about today’s debate on “Spending the kids’ inheritance” that took to air on

Many of you have something to say about today’s debate on “Spending the kids’ inheritance” that took to air on Weekend Sunrise on Channel Seven Television in Australia this morning.  The debate between columnist Victoria Hannaford from the Daily Telegraph and the Founder of Starts at 60, Rebecca Wilson got heated… very heated.

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It all stems back to an article written by Ms Hannaford last year decrying Baby Boomers for spending their kids inheritance.  She wrote…

“…they’ve turned into the whingiest, most entitled, condescending and argumentative generation to have ever ruined a planet. And that’s just when they’re asking for directions and then disputing your advice (yes, this actually happened to me a few weeks ago)

“It’s not enough for them to have enjoyed free tertiary education, affordable housing and unparalleled acquisition of wealth. They want you to feel inferior while they swan about between their three properties, and pay attention as they deliver imperious lectures about fiscal responsibility and the younger generation’s obsession with flat-screen TVs”

“I need your help before I divorce my parents. Every time they return from an overseas holiday or buy a new car they joke about “spending the kids’ inheritance”.

“I gave up on getting an inheritance years ago, but their selfish, self-obsessed attitude makes me want to scream…”, the letter reads.

At the time we wrote a very heavily commented on response…

It debates the same points made above in the Sunrise segment… That our boomers have battled 17 percent interest rates whilst raising a family, supporting the older generation and now, at retirement deserve to spend their savings.  This is your time.

Join the conversation online today… We’re having this conversation on in a big way…where we can save your replies properly and send them to Victoria Hannaford … So be sure to leave them there and on Facebook, and give the article a share…

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See the story from last year here…

News Limited columnist writes “Baby Boomers Suck”: We’re shocked!


  1. Jullow  

    What’s your motto Rebecca? You were cut off before you had the chance to share it.

    • Terryw  

      Most “Baby Boomers” did not have the luxury of Superannuation which the new gens did and do. So we had to work hard to squirrel away any funds for our retirement unless you were employed in what was then known as the Public Service. So why shoud we not want to spend as we see fit??

      Also very rude of Both Sunrise presenters for cutting off Rebecca Wilsons last right of reply.


  2. Wayne Watkins  

    Channel 7 cut off Rebecca’s motto for a repeat of the news ………… bloody typical

    • Yes I agree. She should have had her say before being cut short for the news

  3. Jillian Murphy  

    Ms Hanford, was Damm right rude, i thought Rebecca wasn’t given fair air time! Plus i also would like to know Rebecca s quote!

  4. Interesting how one can created narrow debates !!! I think what has been said could apply to only 10% of situations! Most baby boomers do help their children in house purchase to their financial ability, one important aspect that did not get a mention is, when they are not on holidays they spend huge amount of their time and money on the grandchildren needs who they love like mad!

  5. Margaret  

    Agree. How rude of 7 to not let Rebecca state her Motto. As for Victoria, she seems to be focusing on one thing and that is the “saying”…we are spending the kids inheritance. Give the parents a break, they worked for what they have, they try to give advice/wisdom which in many cases, the kids don’t want to know about. I can go on and on but people like Victoria will surely not want to listen. Another thing I noticed at the beginning of Victoria’s comments she stated ” I think this and I think that”. Her assumptions, whereas Rebecca has done research and interviewed baby boomers to get the correct perspective.

    • I have just seen this my God where has Victoria been. baby Boomers have worked and saved, our child endowment payments were not within a 100klms of the help available to mothers today. I am proud to be a baby boomer and have worked damned hard for what we have. paid the taxes and was never without a job because I was happy to work.
      I suggest you try a little experiment a live for a week as life was in the early 1950 and late 1940 after the war etc. Then comment about a generation you cannot possibly relate to.

  6. Neta Williams  

    This woman needs to get a life. I am a baby boomer and have memories of having to pay 23% interest rate on our home also had to work to pay for this and feed our kids and educate them. I feel sure her parents did the same for her. Ungrateful cow is my view of her. We worked long and hard for our money so why should our children sit back and expect an inheritance. Go out and earn your own way in life you silly cow

  7. why should we go without still i went without so they could have a happy childhood .always making sure they hadniceclothes went on school trips wore the latest fashion .i am lucky my children know we dont have a lot so they never whinge like this spoilt brat, my dream is to win a big lotto price and help them all including grandkids

  8. Gail Siebuhr>collie  

    I didn’t get to see or hear the debate as it is the usual whinge by the younger ones. There are also a lot of Baby Boomers who don’t have the BIG retirement fund or super there are plenty who live way below even how their parents did. I don’t see why parents have to tell the children what they are doing with their money its theirs not the kids and they the ones whinging aren’t kids they are adults and should thank their lucky stars that they have more ways of earning money and getting ahead than the Baby Boomers. They worked bloody hard and paid their way for schooling for the kids they were just too generous with their kids they didn’t get handouts from government at every turn they were too proud to accept they had pride and found ways around problems themselves they were resourceful and got there in the end but they did make it too easy for their kids. Totally spoilt the next generation down from the ones whinging. Make your own way same as generations before you did you will be a better person for doing so.

  9. Brian Lee  

    Once children have been properly brought up, with respect for other people and a sense of discipline, then a parent’s job is done! It’s then up to the kids to make their own way in the world, possibly with a little help from parents, but certainly not to be expected. Jacqui and I had loving parents, but none of them were well enough off to be able to give us more than minor support. The governments of the day were no real help either, we didn’t get all the financial support that young families of today enjoy. That stupid woman was so unfair too,in fact both the women – the other one being interviewed kept interrupting you and wasn’t shut up by the crew, and the other one, just cutting you off without a chance to finish what you were saying, well, I can’t even find words for what I felt about her. At least you remained cool and polite Bec – you showed them how it should be done. Good on ‘ya kid!!

    • I so agree with you. My 90 year old mother would help my sister and I if we needed it but I am a baby boomer who has worked full time since I was 16 then went on to get a degree. My daughter doesn’t expect that we will support her when she finishes Uni as she wants to be financially independent. I had no paid maternity leave like they have today and I still have a mortgage. Rebecca had a motto but as usual they cut her off for the news which by the way is on most of the day. My daughter will inherit our money and we will help her out along the way. Both my husband and I are middle class workers but we spent over $20,000 a year to give her the best education and she has not let us down. She has honours and was given 2 perfect scores certificates from the Governor. She studies hard and is now using HECS to do uni at the one she wanted and the course she wanted. Her ATAR was 98.7 just 1.25 points off a perfect score. I don’t spend a lot but when I do it’s for me! I don’t go on holidays but I love clothes and bags plus jeans. If I buy something my daughter gets something too. My daughter also has a part time job and SHE tells us to enjoy our money because we worked so hard for it

  10. How dare they Expect an Inheritance…it is NOT A RIGHT…it is a gift..
    And we worked bloody hard for our money , did it tough..
    Didn’t have the BEST OF EVERYTHING that today’s young expect ..
    My Gosh ,I was an apprentice for 5 years.. Worked my guts out on a pittance..
    These days they are paid what we Baby boomers only dreamt of.
    We didn’t get help to pay for daycare, etc..
    So to Ms .Hanford.
    It is our generation that discovered all of what you use in your daily make your life better.
    We deserve to use the money we saved ,and didn’t put on CREDIT..
    Like this OVER SPENDINGS generation of today

  11. Baby Boomers have done so much more for their children than any other previous generation, and they still are. I am almost 70 and still pick up and drop off my grandchildren for school and this will continue for another 10 years while my own kids have to work. I don’t mind and I know thousands of other baby boomers are doing the same. Still manage to have our lovely holidays and will hopefully be able to leave my kids some inheritance. My kids work hard and because of the way life is, both parents need and have to work to be able to survive and provide. Where does Virginia Hannaford get her ideas from? She really sounds like a very bitter person for her generation and if I was her mother, I would be extremely disappointed.

  12. Ann Gardner  

    I thought that Victoria was very rude and definitely misinformed, to start with there was not the opportunity for everyone to go to University like there is today, a lot of us had to go to work to help contribute to the family finances, housing may have been a lot cheaper but wages were very low in comparison with today’s earning power add to that the fact that banks, building societies etc would only take the male’s wage into account and only at the base rate, when you went to the bank they told you how much you could borrow and there was no negotiation meaning that we had to save a considerable amount for a deposit.
    As to spending the kids inheritance what an entitled generation you are and how dare you generalise the way you have. We paid for our children’s education including their university fees, bought each of them their first car, assisted them in purchasing their first home, all done willingly with no strings attached, and do not think for one minute that we are in the minority I personally know lots of others who have done the same and believe me we are not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination . I often wonder how some of you would cope if you had our humble beginnings when we were first married such as a single bed mattress on the floor as a bed, the broom strung up in the laundry between the hot water service and the door served as a wardrobe, the ironing board also served as a table and an esky for a fridge, and NO TV. Believe it or not I am not talking about the 50’s or 60’s but 1970. No we do not feel entitled as you say but by golly we have have paid our way so stop YOUR WHINGING and get off your backside and earn your own way, we did not sit back and rely on an inheritance – nor did we receive one- in fact most of us helped our parents. End of rant!!

    • ROBYN Burton  

      Well said Ann Gardener, in years gone by if people were lucky when their parents passed away they were left an inheritence but it was not for everyone only the very well off. My own Parents left myself and 4 siblings absolutely nothing and now as Baby Boomers ourselves after working and paying our taxes we are able to enjoy our hard earned reitrement, we have helped our 3 kids out at different times and if needed in the future would do it again. We are spending our money ss we see fit and if and when we are gone there will be something left for our offspring. If we whinge its probably about how the younger generation expect everything to start with instead of saving and paying for it when they can afford to. Credit cards are the worst things that were invented and have bred a very greedy generation. What a load of coddswallop, pick on someone else and makes sure you leave your own kids an inheritence. Lol

      • Rae Vickers  

        Let’s not forget that Baby Boomers did not have Superannuation Funds until halfway through their working lives to fall back on when they retired. Many of us entered the workforce as apprentices on the back of a depression, because we were taught to pull our own weight. Only the wealthy got a tertiary education, even though it was “free”, because our parents couldn’t afford to support us while we studied. What we have, we earned…..and although I would like to live by the idea that my retirement is all about me, there is not a lot left for me, because I raised my children, alone, without baby bonuses, without a single mother’s pension, and on $6.00 a month child endowment. My kids never went without the latest bikes, computer games or anything else they so badly needed. I worked 12 hour shifts, weekends and public holidays to achieve that…….damn straight my retirement is all about me, and my huge $400 per week aged pension.

    • Fran Foster  

      Good on you for having your say. This woman talks drivel.

    • Janet iffinger  

      Yes. Second hand furniture, no floor coverings, sheets on the windows and a second hand black and white TV. This in 1976. We were very lucky in being locked in a 13.5 % interst on our housing loan. This house too was a spec built hardplank on high stumps with just a slab of concrete where the tubs were. No washing machine to begin with either., no fences or drivewAy and not enclosed underneath. A,so no free uni. If we hadn’t recieved scholarships we would not have gone and then we were bonded for 4 years to the government. If you broke that bond, you paid it all back.

      • Kay Mathie  

        Not sheets on the windows for curtains but we managed to buy check gingham which I later took down and made into maternity dresses for around the house.
        My point also is this money should not labelled inheritance until the last parent dies and the Will read.

    • shazza  

      Thank you Ann you have said everything I am feeling . I went to work with 3 young children, and earned 20 dollars a week, and from that 10 dollars went to child care. That extra 10 dollars was important to our survival. There were not any handouts that the next generation received. We bought our own baby products or had hand me downs. Good on the baby boomers spending their money. I know I am.

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