Australian’s are wondering ‘Where is our Prime Minister?’

With all the big political events happening many are wondering "Where is Malcolm Turnbull?"

There is a lot of massive political events with leaders of most countries weighing in on the discussion.  However, one leader that has been absent from the discussion is our own Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr Turnbull has been active on social media but not discussing the major points that people want him to comment on.  Instead, he is talking about the Tennis.

As well as posting images of him at the Port Lincoln Tuna Festival that he’s attending.

Reports have also said that there is a media blackout on any official comments about the US immigration ban even when it affects Australians overseas.  Instead, the only from the Prime Minster are reports that his discussion with President Trump has ensured that the refugee move organised with President Obama is still going ahead.  However,  there as been no official announcement on that topic either.

This is leading to a lot of people taking to social media to wonder where exactly our Prime Minister is and what he is doing about these topics.

Why do you think the Prime Minister is being media shy at the moment?  What would you like him to be doing instead?

  1. Rosanne Newton  

    Malcolm Turnbull should be doing his job not flossing around.

  2. Joan Marshall  

    Yes I am wondering where our prime Minister is as well. I am not happy with his performance as PM and I doubt he will get my vote the next time around. I have always voted Liberal for the last 50 years of being in Australia and eve though I will never vote Labor because I do NOT believe in their policy. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is in grave doubt with me.

  3. Murray Walker  

    No longer Malcolm in the Middle — it’s Where’s Malcolm.

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