Australian Professor uses science to predict US Election winner

Professor Xue Li from the University of Queensland believes that he knows what others are only guessing about. Who is

Professor Xue Li from the University of Queensland believes that he knows what others are only guessing about. Who is going to win the US election battle between business mogul Donald Trump and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

A big data expert, Professor Li has collected the data from Twitter and other social media platforms that are publically accessible and entered into a system that took into the seventeen main issues of the election. These issues include guns, education, taxes, abortion, as well as immigration that “wall” that Mr Trump is in favour of.

The results of the data crunching show that Mr Trump is coming in at a 45.81 per cent chance of winning over the 45.76 per cent that Secretary Clinton is sitting at. Professor Le told, “Things are getting very tight”. He then added, “This time is very different from previous elections because there are a lot of negative opinions towards both candidates.”

“In the past all the predictions we are looking for positive opinions, but now it’s negative on both sides.”

“There are a lot of very angry Americans … That anger has increased since the news on the FBI re-examining Hillary’s emails.”

While some might be quick to say that this system is just as good as a lucky guess, there are some solid results behind it. Professor Li used this same tool to predict the 2013 Australian Federal Election and the 2015 Queensland Election. In both elections, his system recorded a 95 per cent accuracy.

Professor Li has predicted the winner for the last 30 years and is tipping Mr Trump for taking the top job when the Americans head to the polls next week. However, the Professor also admits that this election is like no other in the history of the United States and all it would take is one issue to make a dramatic shift into Clinton’s corner.

Only time will tell if Professor Li is correct or if that 95 per cent accuracy is about to drop a few points.

  1. Pamela  

    With a .03% difference and only 95% accuracy, his prediction is hardly that!

  2. Joan Marshall  

    Donald Trump is no Saint but a Saint in comparison to crooked Hillary. I pray to God Trump wins for the sake of America and the world because the whole world follows America. Americans I have met have been generous, respectful interesting people they have given and given to the world and it has not been appreciated. Go Donald go get rid of crooked Hillary.

    • Me  

      By rights, Hilary Clinton should be jailed not voted into the White House, she is a danger to the US as Joan Marshall mentioned.

      • Faye Dapiran  

        Exactly what should she be jailed for?

  3. Michi  

    I agree, what exactly should Hillary be jailed for? Lots of innuendos and accusations but no proof of anything. What a weirdo country!

  4. Vanagain  


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