Australian of the Year runner-up calls David Morrison a “weak choice”

A runner-up for Australian of the year has issued an apology after branding this year’s winner David Morrison a “weak

A runner-up for Australian of the year has issued an apology after branding this year’s winner David Morrison a “weak and conventional choice”.

Military officer Catherine McGregor was disappointed when Morrison, who used to be her boss in the army, won the award on Tuesday. Catherine was nominated for her work as a transgender military officer and was hoping to win the award herself.

She spoke to members of the press after the awards to vent her frustration at the National Australia Day Council board, saying they did “not have the courage” to choose a transgender winner.

“I thought it was time … It was a weak and conventional choice,” she said, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I think I’ll die without seeing a trans Australian of the Year and I think that’s terribly sad.”

She later posted an apology on social media and reportedly apologized to General Morrison in person, saying she had used “poor judgement”.

“I wish to apologise to the National Australia Day Council unconditionally for my remarks in the @star_observer,” she wrote.

“I made a criticism about the choice of [Australian of the Year] based on my personal view that an opportunity had been missed to name an LGBTI Australian. This was poor judgement.”

Speaking about the incident, the National Australia Day Council Board said it was “very disappointed by the comments made today by the Queensland Australian of the Year, Catherine McGregor, and her apology is appreciated and accepted”.

What do you think about Catherine McGregor’s criticism of David Morrison? Do you think he deserved to win Australian of the Year?

  1. don  

    no he is a weasel and she is right anyone who says that Australians have to change to fit muslims into our society needs a wake up call it is the other way around you goose

  2. I think he definitely deserved to win. Why do people who chose to live an alernative life style think they are somehow special. Although i dont think australians should be asked to change their culture to appease other cultures either. There could have been a better choice i suppose i dont know , but i dont think throwing a tantrem is one of them. There are people out there who are doing wonderful things to help other people bbut they are humble .

  3. Neta Williams  

    I feel this woman would not make a good ambassador for any cause if she can so easily have a dummy spit over not winning. I am glad the committee and the winner accepted her so called apology so graciously.

  4. Herb  

    Interesting how so many people feel that we shouldn’t change our ‘culture’ to ‘appease’ others. How many non indigineous people have done that since 1788 ?

  5. Doug  

    Why do these people have one big chip on their shoulder and they feel they they should be privileged. Earn the award.

  6. Trisha P  

    I think his was a pc choice. For me the real Aussie of the Year was Gordian Fulde. At least they gave him senior Aussie. I suppose.

  7. I guess Mx McGregor is pissed at not being selected. Too bad. I do think Mr Morrison is a political appointee as he seems to be toeing the line the Turnbull Government has on Islamisation issues. I’m pleased he is no longer in a position to influence our Military and believe the awards are now a joke like Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

  8. Angie B  

    I have never heard of either of these people! There are many deserving folk in our country, I think these awards are ridiculous!

  9. Robyn McCarthy  

    The political “patsy” always is the one chosen Catherine. Last year’s choice is proof of that!!

  10. Anje Walter  

    Haven’t heard of either of them

  11. Shanti  

    A huge attack of sour grapes, methinks!

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