Australian Cardinal George Pell will tender resignation to Pope Francis today

Cardinal George Pell will resign from the Roman Curia today – but the Pope may not accept his resignation, reports

Cardinal George Pell will resign from the Roman Curia today – but the Pope may not accept his resignation, reports SMH.

In 2014, the Pope introduced protocols which oblige cardinals to present their resignations at 75, and Dr Pell reaches this age on June 8. However, the Pope does not have to accept his resignation.

Observers say it is high likely that the Australian cardinal will stay on for few more years due to his crucial role in reforming the Vatican’s medieval financial structure.

Some reports say that Dr Pell has been asked by Pope Francis to continue working until 2019.

The Pope has already backed him twice when his reform methods drew complaints from some powerful figures in Rome.


In Australia, there have been numerous calls for Dr Pell’s resignation due to the pedophile scandals in the Australian churches.

He claims that he did not know the extent of the abuse by pedophile priests Gerald Ridsdale and Peter Searson and had been kept in the dark by the then bishop, archbishop and the Catholic Education Office.

However,  evidence from Rome earlier this year shed light about his knowledge of child sex abuse complaints when he was a priest and later auxiliary bishop with responsibility for Ballarat.

What do you think of Dr Pell’s resignation? What needs to be done to keep the children safe from such cases?

  1. I think he should resign. To say he didn’t realise how bad things were in the Catholic Church is just a cop out. These kind of actions have been going on all over the world since the 1960’s, just read the book “Betrayal” based on the Oscar winning film ” Spotlight”. Ok this book is based on what went on in the USA but it does mention other countries around the world. All the church do is pass the buck by moving the offending priest to another parish where it starts all over again. He should go. Maybe he feels guilty and that’s why he is resigning. The Catholic church needs some extensive house cleaning.

  2. Valerie  

    Of course the Pope won’t accept Pell’s resignation because he is too valuable looking after the vast Vatican coffers. I watched Pell giving evidence to the Royal Commision & was disgusted how easily & blatantly he could lie about not knowing what was going on in Ballarat…pleeeease… I’m amazed he is not worried about his eternal soul…oh I forgot…he probably said a few Hail Marys & was absolved of his sins.

    • Hilry  

      Thank you Valerie. I respond to your words so fully. I can not believe that the Vatican can allow their scions to behave with such disrespect for their RC devotees.I am appalled by how much of the RC faith can be washed under the bridge and ignored according to the personal opinions of the ‘so called’ erudite at the Vatican. I am not a Catholic believer, but I do think those who are should peruse the Bible and look to the words of love eg John 15;13, Corinthians 13;13, Romans 13;10, Mark 12;13 etc . Perhaps more effort by those in power should be spent on loving and remembering the words of their God.

    • Maggie  

      So guilty, he should resign , better still sack him. BUT NO THE POPE WILL PROTECT HIM.

  3. William  

    He must be gone. Be should be sacked in the same way the Pope is sacking all Bishops. Heorge Pell has destroyed the human fainth in catholicism. May be the finNces will contribute to greater wetb for th RC but ztill keep thd masses without help most un christian

  4. Resign? He should be prosecuted.

    • Patricia  

      I totally agree with you. Searson baptised my son at Mt Carmel parish in Sunbury. Wish I had known then what I know now

  5. Sally Tyson  

    What ever Pell does it seems he will never be brought to justice for knowing, but doing nothing!! Nasty, Nasty man…….😡

  6. Jill Ian Innes  

    Of course he should resign …..and Pope Francis needs to accept it ..given his stance over making bishops accountable over the abuse scandals ..Pell is at best guilty of turning a blind eye…and at worst…..much much more…

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