Australia Post grovels to customers, says they’re sorry and they didn’t mean it

Customers who depended on Australia Post were shell-shocked when the company announced that they wanted to charge customers for holding undelivered packages.

Customers who depended on Australia Post were shell-shocked when the company announced that they wanted to charge customers for holding undelivered packages.

Now, they say that they are thinking of cancelling the controversial plan and why?

According to the companies chief Ahmed Fahour, trials for charging customers $9 to hold packages for 30 days showed the service did not prove popular with customers, in fact, they were blasted by consumers.

Herald Sun reported that unclaimed parcels are currently kept at post offices for 10 days for free before being they being returned to senders, reports Herald Sun.

“The early information we’ve got is that 99.6 per cent of all parcels are picked up within 10 days, the question is why bother for the other 0.4 per cent,” said Mr Fahour.

“If customers don’t want it, we have to listen,” he said.

Australia Post said a final decision on the service will be made in a matter of weeks.

At the same time they are also trialling evening parcel deliveries, to accommodate the online shopping generation who shops on the internet a lot but are usually not at home during the day and are missing the postie.

The proposal was initially put forward to tackle the 207-year-old service’s economic dire straits, with their collapsing letters department losing $381 million and plummeting profits as online deliveries surge in popularity.

Do you think that charging for parcel storage is fair to consumers?

  1. Australia Post is a business like any other and offers services that we all use. If we were to store furniture at the local storage facility we would willingly pay for it so why should we not pay to have our parcels stored long term by Australia Post. Any business that offers a service needs to have consumer support and if that support is not there the business starts to struggle.

    • As you say it is a business like any other, but if any other business offered the same quality of service as Australia Post it would not be in business for very long. The main problem is there is no service, cost of postage stamp up by .30cents, service reduced, delivery time extended (that if it turn up at all. The only reason Australia Post survives at all is that they have a near monopoly on the mail service and know it.

  2. Val Bletcher  

    I think perhaps they should sort their tracking system first. Gave in numbered postbag to local PO to go to Tasmania. We not scanned at PO or main delivery centres – is lost!!

  3. Diann trikilis  

    How about they pay a fine for not delivering the packet/ letter in the first place? And for not leaving a notification card at all. Or when a packet has not come & when you enquired, they say they don’t have it. Then you are told it has been returned to sender, then 6 days later you recieve a final notice that it is at post office still

    • Mary  

      If that happened, how much would they pay me for the parcel that wasn’t delivered in March last year? Their tracking service said it was but my daughter was handed two other parcels at the time recorded but not the one from us. It wasn’t returned to me so must have been delivered to the wrong house. An Australia Post employee told me later that the GPS of the deliverer should have been accessed to sort out the problem immediately but AP didn’t bother to do that.

    • Rod Routledge  

      I seldom, if ever, receive a parcel from Aus Post, just the card. I have told them repeatedly that I have a mobility problem, but it falls on deaf ears. I have to take a taxi to collect it which is usually more than the cost of the item. The Manager always insists that the staff knock on the door. I’m at home 99% of the time and I can assure you they do not.

    • Sally Tyson  

      Exactly my issue Diann, they should pay us for with holding our property for which we have paid a delivery fee.

  4. Pamela  

    Here is part of the problem:

    The CEO of Australia Post is Ahmed FAHOUR who was born in Lebanon and came to Australia in 1970. In 2009 he was made Managing Director and CEO of Australia Post. His salary package was estimated to be worth $4.8 million last year.

    • Margaret Wilkins  

      Is your main problem that he was orn in Lebanon or his salary package? Where he was born in 1970 is totally irrelevant!
      Salary package?? Totally over the top in my humble opinion!
      I find it amazing that salaries of this magnitude granted to some Australian CEO’s could be justified under any circumstances!
      I do not agree that “holding” charges should be levied.

    • Elaine Henderson  

      And your problem is what? That he was born in Lebanon. I repeat – so? Are you saying that because he’s not Australian born he can’t do the job, or because he’s not Australian born he shouldn’t have the job???? Look out – your racism is showing.

    • Rose Green  

      Are you complaining about his ethnicity or his salary package?

  5. Harmony  

    I was shocked to find no post office when I recently visited the remodelled and fantastic Pacific Fair shopping centre at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, there was always one there and from what I saw it was well patronised .
    Please explain Australia Post.

  6. Thomas  

    Business and government departments don’t think of people as having any say in things happening. They only think other businesses, share holders and banks have the right to make decisions or have a say. It’s about time this changed and the customer had more rights and was listened to more.

  7. Tom  

    If they actually delivered the parcel in the first place, instead of a short toot of a horn then drop a pre written card in the mail box and take off all within a minute. We wouldn’t need to pay any extra! To safe money Australia Post should sack Fahour and pay the next Chief no more that half the present contract, remove all perks

  8. Rob  

    Parcel from WA to Melbourne 9 days .
    Parcel from Europe 8 days !!!!
    Whats going on.??

  9. Some posties do the delivery job properly. Recently had a delivery on a Friday when I was expecting it on the following Monday. The driver hopped out of the van, rang the doorbell and waited in the van long enough for me to get to the door, and sign for the parcel. Thank you Australia Post as I have no idea of where the parcel post office is in Epping/South Morang.

  10. Judy Harris  

    Posted a package to Queensland 8 days ago from the mid north coast. Still no arrived. It causes worry as the contents were quite expensive

  11. Elke  

    Since my arrival 49 years ago and receiving much international mail, I can only praise Australia Post.
    Times have changed and we have to make allowances – the mail sent from Europe and USA is just as unpredictable as Australia Post and if people do not pick up a parcel after 10 days then I think they should pay for storage especially as we can re-direct a parcel to a more appropriate address if not able to pick up. I like my Postie and always get excellent service at the post office.

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