Australia Post admits it needs to improve and has a plan to win you back… involving your postie

Australia Post has just suffered its biggest loss yet… and admitted which parts of the business are failing. The national

Australia Post has just suffered its biggest loss yet… and admitted which parts of the business are failing.

The national post service’s half year profit has fallen 84 per cent to $16 million, and admitted the loss was driven by the accelerated decline in letter volumes across the fixed-cost network.

But with changes to the letters service, such as $1 stamps, it is hoping to reduce the growing losses in the mail business.

Managing Director & Group CEO Ahmed Fahour said the half year result highlighted why reform to the letters service was absolutely necessary to ensure future sustainability of the business.

“We have made a number of difficult decisions recently to help put Australia Post on the right path to take advantage of future growth in eCommerce,” Mr Fahour said.

“Our financial position is significantly stronger as a result and we are further encouraged by the solid performance of both our parcels and Trusted Services businesses.

“It is essential we continue to look for new revenue streams for our business. We are working with our corporate and government customers to build on our demonstrated capabilities offered through our national network, which already includes passport registrations, identity checks, banking and payment services.

“Importantly, we have improved our service performance and will continue to maintain five-day delivery and our vast network of over 4000 Post Offices”.

Australia Post’s parcel business performed well, with volumes up despite increased competitors.

However there’s one person in your everyday life they’re targeting: your postie.

Yep, the humble delivery person could soon serve a different role in your life – from looking out for elderly people to checking water meters.

Australia Post is looking to transform the roles its 10,000 posties play, calling them “the face of Australia Post and a valued part of every community”.

“We’re looking at opportunities to ensure our posties have a sustainable future,’’ Christine Corbett, executive general manager of postal and eCommerce services told News Corp.

“We have one of the most trusted brands in Australia and we are the only company that services every home in every community.”

Ideas being looked at include posties being able to perform “household services” like checking water meters or even checking on pets for those on holidays.

It is also understood they could be asked to do welfare checks on elderly relatives, a job usually done by police officers.


Tell us, would you want a postie to check on you? And also, have you felt your complaints and issues with AP have gone unheard? How could Auspost improve?


  1. Janet Todd  

    Why don’t they just deliver twice a week?

    • Jane  

      I would guess that firing all those full time potties and trying to find trust worthy people who would want to work only two days a week exceedingly challenging, Janet.

  2. The first thing is if your losing money you don’t give the ceo 2million dollars bonus you sack him Diane

  3. Stephen Baynes  

    I cant beleive people use emails to receive bills/bank statements.What does your bank offer you in return,for them not having to post out bills and statements.Answer:Nothing.They say go green!All the paper is recycled.Just more profit for them.The Postie is a icon of Australia buisness.They dont just deleviver standard letters.They do do much more.All of your A4 documents , magizine subscriptions, 25% of parcels are delivered by posties.Any free magizines you receive.All done by postie.Yes i know STANDARD mail is dropping off but Australians can help.Simply refuse to receive all of your buisness mail sent by email.I know my wife and I can never find a email if we need it, or the printers always out of ink just when u need it.I for one want all of my mail delivered thtough the post.KEEP THE POSTIE ALIVE.

    • Paul  

      The problem is that lots of people neither need or want this correspondence on paper. Ever. Because storing data on paper is the least useful medium available.

      This approach is like getting people to post you blank pieces of paper just to sustain a service that is becoming increasingly unnecessary.

    • Di  

      Can’t agree. I have no trouble finding my email bills (which are all paid by automatic payment anyway). I am constantly losing pieces of paper which come through the letterbox.

    • dee  

      And get charged an extra $2 to get bills in mail? Rather go paperless -more trees, less paper rubbish.

  4. Australia Post needs to have better security checks on staff employed in their sorting areas. So much is lost or stolen by Australia Post workers. Put cameras in the sorting areas and have police checks on your staff!

  5. Pauline  

    Sack the CEO – will save a lot of money.
    Also older people with steep drives probably would appreciate mail to the door delivery as they are the ones who send the most letters – it’s a way of checking on them as well..

  6. Kim  

    We receive caravan magazines and sometimes they have cd’s in them and my hubby asked the poatie to please just sit behind the letterbox instead of trying to force it in the small entry to it and yet he still keeps doing it, it isn’t hard is it if it won’t fit don’t try and shove it in

    • Stephen Baynes  

      Not trying to be rude.wouldnt you get a bigger letterbox if you receive magizines

  7. Vicki Baumann  

    Our postie does this as my in-laws live 2 doors down from me and I go over a couple of times a day to check on them. Our wonderful postie seen me going over for the mail in the heat, so she drives down the driveway if she sees them on the verandah and gives them the mail. That is great service

  8. Noel  

    Such old school thinking, AP are losing money on postal delivery, so they raise prices and reduce services, all that does is make you lose more money as people are forced to abandon sending mail. There was no effort to encourage people to send a letter, a thank you card or receive their bills in the mail by perhaps lowering the price of stamps.

    As a result other Industries are severely affected, jobs lost, businesses close.

    And Australia Post are supposed to be a Government funded service. Sack the CEO as a starting point and get back to providing the service you were setup to do.

  9. John  

    Be handy if the CEO worried about fixing the Licensed Post Office problems first before he worries about the Postie. They haven’t invested thousands $$$$$$$$$

  10. Barry  

    With the CEO receiving a salary package 8 yes 8 times that received by our Prime Minister what can you expect. It is after all a public orginisation.

  11. Can someone in the Starts at 60 community enlighten me on this:
    I’ve recently posted both a small parcel and a birthday card from Christchurch in NZ. The parcel ( a birthday present for our Grandson in Cairns), and the birthday card for my brother in Gosford NSW.
    In both cases they took approx 10 days to arrive….meaning they missed the actual birthday.
    It once was it took 3/4 days from here. Why so long we are only across the ditch and here the local NZ wide delivery is 1/2 days usually.
    Honestly It doesn’t even take that long to send to to the UK.
    Plus postage in both cases cost plenty so it wasn’t as though I took the cheap by boat option.
    Frankly it is putting me off sending from here again. Does this help put faith in the postal system…no wonder revenues are dropping there.

  12. rosina auld  

    sack the ceo its plain to see he not worth the money he gets. I would not trust my postie to check up on me or read my water meter, they are not like the postie’s used to be lucky if the mail gets put in the right letter box now.

    • Stephen Baynes  

      How rude.How can you judge all posties by 1 or 2 of them.Most of the general public are lovely, but u will always get one of judges and winges about everyone.Our postie is a lovely man.Honest people trying to do a honest job.What job do you do Rosina so we can all judge you also!!

      • I like my postie he brings the mail to my front door and rings the bell, and my parcel delivery guy always knocks rings the bell and yells parcel once he here’s my puppy if I don’t need to sign for it he places it right on my door Matt and covers them when it’s raining

        • Stephen Baynes  

          How nice to read a positive reply.All people do is whinge these days.Very sad that Australia has become just like the old saying “pommy whingers”.Great work Rebecca

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