Australia might finally be getting another major political party

For years now we’ve been a country with two major political parties that fight it out time and time again
The two MPs could be starting their own party.

For years now we’ve been a country with two major political parties that fight it out time and time again every election year.

There have been rumblings in the past from people saying we need more variety and competition and less back door deals in the way of preferences.

Now, it looks like the prayers of many are about to be answered with reports Liberal MP Cory Bernardi and Nationals MP George Christensen are set to start an ultra-conservative party with the backing of mining magnate Gina Rinehart.

Both men have made a name for themselves in recent years for their rather extreme views on issues like abortion, gay marriage and refugees and most people recognise Rinehart as a stalwart Liberal reporter.

So could a party under their name succeed? Bernardi launched his own Australian Conservatives group earlier in the year, with many thinking it was the first step toward his own party.

The reason so many people are paying attention is because it only took a few months for him to gather 60,000 members, all gunning for him to make it official.

Bernadi has dismissed the reports as just talk, but senior members of the Liberal party say it’s likely he’ll make the jump next year and launch the party that could change the face of Australian politics.

There has been a big shift in the country’s political landscape over the past year with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation swinging to victory with four seats as more and more people embrace conservative views.

It seems to be a trend around the world too, with voters opting for parties that are more about nationalism and old-school values than much of the Liberal politics that have reined over the past decade.

In Britain, people voted to leave the European Union and close their borders to the free movement in and out of the country that they, and millions of Europeans, had been enjoying for years.

Parties campaigning for the Leave vote, did so on the premise that it was time to think about Britain and put their own nationalism first, globalisation be damned.

In Austria and the Netherlands, far-right parties caused a ruckus with rallies calling for bans on immigration and outright hatred against Islam.

And of course, in America, Donald Trump claimed a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton. With the two candidates campaigning for completely opposite ideals, it was clear how millions of Americans are feeling.

So could we be seeing the same thing happened here as well? If Bernardi and Christensen joined forces many are predicting they could be major competition for both Labor and the Liberals.

Bernardi has spent a fair bit of time in the US and says his time with the right wing movement there has driven him to bring those ideals home.

“My time in the USA has made me realise I have to be a part of that change, perhaps even in some way a catalyst for it. Exactly what direction that will take is still a work in progress,” Bernardi wrote in an email to supporters in November.

The conservative movement in Australia has caught on with a lot of ‘middle Australia’ voters as well as some baby boomer who say it’s time Australia put Australia first again.

However, there are also those who believe moving away from the inclusive and multicultural push that has been so popular lately is a dangerous move and could see the country heading backwards.

What do you think?

Does Australia need another political party to compete with the majors? Do you support a more conservative or Liberal party?

  1. D.Beadsmoore  

    Sounded good untill the name Gina Rinehart was mentioned. It would be just another Party owned by big business .

  2. Julie robertson  

    If Gina is involved it will be for her own gain

  3. Annette Strong  

    I dont believe that Cory Bernardi could be bought out by anyone. He is not afraid to say what the people are thinking and wish they had a voice to do so. I am sure he is not going to be swayed from his beliefs.

  4. Robert Cripps  

    The last thing we need is political fracturing, we need consensus to pass legislation to balance the budget.

    • Christine McShane  

      What we need is for government to listen to the direction the electorate wants the country to head. Do we want more immigration from countries where the predators take what they want with violence? No. Do we want islam insinuating itself into our lives on a daily basis? No. Do we want the people who have built this country during times of depression and war to be secure in their old age? Yes. Do we want government to be fiscally responsible. Yes. Are we happy with non citizens owning property. No. Should non citizens own power companies, ports and large tracts of food producing lands? No. Government has ridden roughshod over us on those issues and if they do not stop and take stock of our wishes, the tide will turn and it will be ugly.

      • Mareela  

        Christine what you say is very true.However it does concern me that people like Bernardi are religious fanatics who simply want to impose there ideas on Australians. There should be no religion in politics. Bernardo’s far right views concern me and if he ever got near to governing this country we would be in a terrible mess. And believe me his views are very similar to Abbott’s. User pays. Cut pensions, social welfare, and Medicare will be gone with the flick of a pen in legislation. Gina Rhinehardt is already on record saying workers should only be payed $2/day. Why do you think she lives in Singapore? Minimal tax there. She is an evil greedy woman. Be very careful what you wish for.

  5. Bruce Taylor  

    The more political parties we get the more ridiculous our voting system becomes. Preferential voting is flawed.
    What you have is a system where most of the voters follow their own parties how to vote card. They are not giving their second preference to the person they themselves think is the next best candidate but rather to the person who their candidate believes is the least likely to cause him any concerns and that follows right through to his main opposition usually being placed last.
    To have true democracy we need to have first past the poll voting, or at least the option of voting for only one candidate For heavens sake, why should you be forced to give a preference to someone you consider can;t do the job?

  6. Kevin  

    THE LAST THING WE NEED – vote Liberal or Labor and see Australia advance.

  7. The watcher  

    These two delusional muppets in Ginas pocket? Oh yeh, we really need that.

  8. Ria, Young  

    We don’t need another party with extreme right views. The LNP is a coalition of 2 parties, and they are bad enough.

  9. Meg Smith  

    Mrs Clinton had 2.9 million more votes than Mr Trump in the popular vote.

  10. I
    Hope it happens soon, this would be the best way to rid ourselves of the right wing
    Loonies in our midst!

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