Australia heading towards ‘pension crisis’

After years of pensioners warning the government that things were tough, it looks like they may be forced to finally

After years of pensioners warning the government that things were tough, it looks like they may be forced to finally listen.

New research as found that in another 14 years Australia will have more over 65s than children, prompting a “pension crisis”.

It will be the first time that seniors outstrip our youth and is set to put a huge strain on the pension program unless something is done to prepare for it.

Joseph Chamie, the independent researcher who conducted the study, told Inter Press Service it wasn’t just Australia that would suffer from this problem, with Italy, France, Germany, Canada and Japan all heading towards the same problem.

The change in demographic will mean there will be less people to fill job openings and a huge loss in skilled workers, like seniors, who have experience in doing technical work.

So how exactly can the government deal with the issue?

Germany and France have already started to take action by opening their doors to migrants so they have enough skilled workers on hand to fill the workforce.

There have been calls for Australia to take on a similar approach, with many saying we need outside like this to combat the problem.

The other issue the government will face is coming up with enough money to pay seniors the pension they deserve.

With thousands of pensioners already struggling to make ends meet, any suggestions of cutting the allowance rate will surely not be welcomed.

Despite the revelations from the research, the government has remained quiet on the issue leaving our over 60 to wonder what the future holds.

What do you think the government should do about this? Should we offer more jobs to migrants?

  1. John Grech  

    if the Goverment of Australia could give a decent tax break to married working couples who have or want children,,then they can afford to have more children,, and thus prevent this happening

    • Lesley Rhoden  

      That is a lot of the problem. The government spends so much money looking after families that there is not enough left to look after the elderly. Historically families provided for themselves and they normally only had one income. Now people want governments to use taxes to help with the cost of raising children. There is not a bottomless pit of money. Welfare should only be fir those who are physically unable to help themselves eg aged people. We older Australians are getting a raw deal. Insufficient pensions and being used as free child care for a generation that earns two incomes and gets government welfare assistance. I, for one, am over it.

  2. Alma Wrigley  

    Why doesn’t thr government look at politian’s pensions? Look in their own backyard before they take from seniors who have worked all their lives when a lot of the polititian’s don’t do much.

    • [email protected]  

      Alma, could not agree more. Pensioners have worked years 40+ to get the pension where the Pollies do under 20 yrs some only 5-10 yrs and get massive pensions for life, which they are not entitled. Not just the pensions but all the perks on top of that. Pensioners also cannot work overseas and get a pension for life from the Govt, but Politian’s can, WHY???? If pensioners can’t then pollies should not get the pension.

      • Judy Clarke  

        I agree too Alma. We don’t get the same treatment. These pollies wouldn’t know what it’s like to struggle. They should give back their overblown pensions and wait til retirement age to get their pensions and pay for their own cars petrol and holidays. Only then will they understand how they’ve ruined our once beautiful country.

    • Shane nicolls  

      Deaf ears unfortunately and they couldnt care less

    • Roz  

      Government cutting every thing in sight as well as pensions etc and yet they do not cut their own perks, super and salary. We can’t take them seriously until they tighten their belt as well as community . Who gets a salary for life? How many former politians are we giving a overly generous pension.

    • Raeleen McGowan  

      I say that politicans entitlements need to be reviewed and that they have to meet requirements of a pension the same as the rest of us Super conditions need to the same too. The Age Of Entitlement for pollies has to ho. IFwe can’t afford ordinary aged pensions how do they think we can afford theirs (after all we the taxpayer pay for them all)

    • Una Slatter  

      Definitely, leave all the pensioners alone, they held the one job for years & years & made Australia the Country it is with all their toiling hard. Pollies should start looking at their own salaries, lurks & perks & outrageous pensions & the ex- Prime Ministers & partners. When we had babies we didn’t get massive bonuses or family benefits either, $3 monthly for 2 children.

  3. Gail Browning  

    Its about time the government started looking how they are spending our tax money. Millions wasted on a hospital that never was built politicians who are no longer acting being paid for nothing, this is the biggest rip off. Now all this money wasted on the census.I know of people who have never worked all their lives and on unemployment then in later years get arthritis in knees then apply for a disability which is a lot more money get it yet they’ve never worked so it doesn’t impact on their lives maybe they should look at this.

    • [email protected]  

      Yes I agree with you Gail. Pollies should not get the Pensions and perks they get. Pensioners have worked 40+ years to get a pension but pollies don’t work near that and get a pension for life. Hell, do you know what company that we have worked for give a pension for life. Hell NO. They can also live overseas and get huge wages and still get a pension for life. THIS IS A WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY. NO MORE JOBS TO MIGRANTS, WE NEED TO DO MORE FOR THE YOUNG PEOPLE WHO LEAVE SCHOOL. START TRAINING THEM FOR JOBS IN THE FUTURE.

  4. Government need to stop handing out money to politicians that are no longer in the job as they leave on Hugh pensions and extras and still get work this is a joke that we pay these people . And politicians should use own cars and pay own petrol and stop putting their hands in tax payers purse for holidays ect .and bring back. Apprentice ships for the young ..we have illegals with two or more wives and kids and living in seperate housing claiming pension and bleeding our system wake up Australia politicians are suppose to be helping us but are to worried about the rich

    • Judy Clarke  

      So true Jennie Graham.
      They keep wanting to take from the poor to give more to the rich. This government need to listen to the people. I’ve worked all my life and recently made redundant at age 63 and now I can’t find anyone that wants to give me a job at my age. Politicians need to be made to live the way us commoners do. Walk a mile in my shoes. We need to get the message across and soon. When politicians leave office they should have the same benefits as us. This country is a joke now.

  5. Jeff Fisher  

    Rather than import dole bludging migrats make sure they have some work skills that can support them.

  6. Cheryl  

    Why has the government not planned for this. I am sure my birth along with everyone else’s was registered therefore all of us getting older should not be a surprise. I have worked and paid taxes all my life with no baby bonuses, first home buyers grant, no child care rebates and no family allowance payments for many years. We were expected to work and provide for ourselves. So where have all my taxes gone. Living in the western suburbs with poor public infrastructures my taxes certainly have not been spent here. So it looks like this generation that is now aging gets the short straw again. Little or no pension.

    • Annette Moore  

      I’m with you Cheryl. As well, I don’t understand why the government doesn’t have a pension fund. When people have worked and paid taxes all their lives there should be something left in the kitty to help in their retirement.

    • Rose lee  

      Cheryl. It was planned for many, many years ago (can’t recall when). A 7% rise in tax was put into a special fund to be used for pensions. When Malcolm Fraser became PM, he transferred those funds into the Government coffers to pay for deficit leaving the pension fund bare.

      • Wendy McGowan  

        And that’s where our problem started Rose lee. Probably one of the worst decisions made by any government

    • K. Scott  

      I agree Cheryl. We worked hard and brought up our family without all the hand outs .My husband was disabled (i.e.: an amputee) and it did not stop him from walking the streets looking for a job as he did not get any pension or subsidy to help us out.We had to bring our own children up paying fees etc without any help from the government. We also stayed in our jobs no matter how hard it was.I think the whole system stinks and the government are letting all these people think that they are entitled to these handouts without working for them .

    • Ivan  

      Well said Cheryl and applaud you. My wife now in her seventies, still working to supplement the pension in order to live a decent retirement if possible and I in my late seventies, having worked non stop (never ever on the dole or disability despite fighting prostate cancer) for over forty years. Far too much is being spent of our taxes on unnecessary welfare and all forms of government just want to keep the peace and any wonder this is to be the forecast and inevitability of the aged pension crisis in the not so distant future.

    • Julie Apap  

      Totally agree we worked all our lives no help from the gov. not a cent and now I’m not entitled for a pension because we managed to support oursrlves and saved for the future. The amount of taxes we paid we should be living like a king & queen.

    • Absolutely true Cheryl, our generation have had no financial help before so why should we not be given a pension in our old age? If the former Prime Ministers got the same pension as everybody else, at the same age, it would save a lot of money!!

  7. Marilyn E  

    Yes , so much wasted money e.g Eastlink, and too much snout in the troughs, it’s all been mismanaged also lsuperannuation could be better managed so you can live off that in old age.

  8. Roger Wilson  

    Don’t import moslems. Bring in young Europeans who want to escape Europes problems.

    • Jo Hoffmann  

      I agree, no more Muslems for Australia. Theyve caused too much trouble.

    • Dale  

      Many Europeans are Muslims too. What a stupid idea… To bring people in according to religious belief! From a country who are in the main, athiests!

  9. Kerri moore  

    Tell the kids at school it’s OK to become a tradie instead of a professional my nephew was pushed into thinking he had to study law he now has an apprenticeship with parks and gardens we need hands on skilled people

  10. Kerri moore  

    Tell the kids at school it’s OK to become a tradie instead of a professional my nephew was pushed into thinking he had to study law he now has an apprenticeship with parks and gardens we need hands on skilled people

    • Margaret Hier  

      They have to re think, they must have the right people to do this work. Stop wasting money on so many things that are not important stop putting prices up and putting wages far above

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