Australia has a new refugee plan

Australia’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced an increased intake of refugees to Australia at a United Nations General Assembly

Australia’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced an increased intake of refugees to Australia at a United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York.

The PM has also confirmed that Australia’s humanitarian refugee intake is to be permanently set at nearly 19,000 a year and it will now include a component of refugees from Central America.

Turnbull says the annual refugee intake will remain at 18,750 — up from 13,750 — which is said to be above the skilled migration intake. It is also irrespective of Australia’s special intake of refugees from Syria and Iraq.

He says part of the new intake would include refugees from Central America, especially those housed in the Costa Rica camps fleeing violence in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

“This complex crisis requires a full spectrum of responses,” Turnbull told those attending. “As leaders, we are responsible for helping those who are most vulnerable, and restoring the integrity of migration systems.”

He says Australia’s strategy is set to address “all parts of the problem” including employing strong border protection policies and a tough stance on people smugglers, while undertaking the cause of displacement, “with a generous and compassionate resettlement program supporting refugees in our communities”.

Turnbull says the intake of 18,750 is “sustainable and maintainable”.

He says that while a lot of people say Australia is a big country with lots of room, the reality is that one of the features of the Australian migration story “is that we have done a very effective job over many decades, of settling our migrants, ensuring they are integrated, and of course the ones that have the greatest challenge are very often the refugees”.

However, Turnbull’s announcement has been met with criticism.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten says the announcement doesn’t solve the real issue — “the fact that we have nearly 2,000 people trapped in indefinite detention on Manus [Island] and Nauru”, a sentiment echoed by Greens’ immigration spokesperson Nick McKim.

Funding for the refugee programs would increase by $130 million over three years.

Do you feel differently about refugees depending on where they come from? What more can Australia do to help the refugee crisis?

  1. Ian  

    Does increasing the refugee intake worry me? NO!

  2. Thank you for this update. What is not new is our disgusting mandatory detention centres offshore.
    Please see my film review about this below.

    Is the above title exaggerated? Maybe not, after viewing CHASING ASYLUM, from Academy Award winner Australian documentary maker, Eva Orner. It is a must see for Howard, Turnbull, Abbott, Dutton, Morrison, J. Bishop and Rudd, every one of whom refused to be interviewed for this documentary. It is a film the Australian government does not want you to see.
    Just a small sample of facts from the film, secretly shot on locations:
    Running the Manus detention centre cost $1.2 billion, that is $500.000 per refugee.
    What do the refugees get for this money? Indefinite detention combined with futurelessness where the gradual psychological disintegration of inmates begins after six weeks there. Australia is the only country in the world that keeps children in mandatory detention. The Manus Island riot of 2014 was started by locals on the Island attacking the refugees. During the riot some refugees shouted: ‘Manus is Guantanamo Bay.’
    If you think, you live in democracy in Australia, think again:
    The Australian government refuses to disclose to the population what it does with refugee boats approaching Australia. It refuses the public to learn about the conditions in the offshore detention centres. The government legislated that anyone working at the detention centres who reveals information to the public about conditions there are punishable with imprisonment. It gives misinformation about the nature of the boats people.
    (Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton recently stated that most refugees were illiterate and innumerate. The ABC fact check indicated that over 75% of them completed secondary education and 25% were tertiary graduate professionals.
    He also claimed that the refugees take away jobs from Australians and that they are a Social Security burden. In fact, according to the Immigration Department’s own report, refugees tend to be employed in jobs left vacant by Australians and their long term economic, let alone cultural contribution to Australia is very positive).
    Criminals in Australia receive a given length prison term. Yet boats people, who are neither illegal nor criminal, are detained indefinitely and therefore are treated worse than criminals.
    I worked in Long Bay Jail as a Probation and Parole Officer. But the living conditions of even maximum security criminals there look like four star hotels in comparison to the conditions of asylum seeking refugees shown on these islands. These people are first traumatized by life threatening conditions in their own countries which they try to escape by traumatic boat trips as refugees. But the way in which they are re-traumatized in Australia’s offshore detention centres completely dehumanizes them and tends to damage them for life.
    The Australian government can get away with its Gestapo like treatment of boats people by keeping the Australian public in the dark about the appalling conditions in detention centres and depicting the inmates as potential threats to the people of our country.
    In fact, in 2011-12, asylum seekers living in the Australian community on bridging visas were about 45 times less likely to be charged with a crime than members of the general public. ( (See also a whole list of refugee facts on this website and win-win solutions for refugees as well as Australia.)
    This film is a great antidote against our ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude towards detained asylum seekers. Seeing their faces and their conditions can only prick our conscience and make us feel ashamed to be Australians.
    Be sure to see this film. It will make you think about what the government is up to in our name.

    • GUY  

      Dear Andris Heks, Well, what a load of complete garbage you wasted your time writing. These so-called “refugees” are just criminals seeking to sneak into Australia via illegal means. I can’t understand why we the taxpayers have to cough up $500k EACH for their upkeep to maintain them in comfortable detention (all meals, air conditioning, adequate accommodation, free medical, clothing, cash allowances, etc. etc.). Our Government has taken a firm stand that they will never be coming here to live …. BUT these people should have been sent back to whence they came immediately rather than lumping us all with these avoidable costs. Most of these so-called refugees are Islamic males with absolutely no respect for women, ie; the reported sexual attacks. Plus most of them are single males (not desperate family groups) attempting to take advantage of our welfare system (public housing, pensions, etc). NO, we don’t want this scum in Australia – get rid of these people ASAP !!!

    • Fran  

      You are so right. I often think of people in Germany who said they did not know what was happening in the camps in their country. But we do.

  3. GUY  

    Certainly a thought provoking story. I totally agree with the annual 18750 refugee intake. However, the Government must ensure that these refugees are genuine. I believe that the majority of the intake should be middle eastern christians that are continually persecuted under the dreadful Islamic Sharia laws. Definitely NO Muslims should be admitted as their vile religion does not permit them to accept and assimilate into our culture. The majority of Australians are appalled with the abhorrent Islamic practices of child marriages, genital mutilation, polygamy, summary executions,
    crimes against gay people and the shameful attitude of Islamic males to all women. Plus, according to Government research, the majority of Muslim “refugees” would be illiterate and innumerate and place an unwarranted burden on our welfare bill. Desperate M/E christian families, however, are a burden that most Australians would happily accept.

    • Ally Morgan  

      FGM is NOT an Islamic practice, it is an African practice, and can just as easily be carried out by other religions, including Christians. There was an interesting interview with a woman on the ABC the other night who works with the child-bride issue – she was one herself, and was not a Muslim. Families arrange marriages with cousins etc. to shore up the family fortunes.

      • GUY  

        Ally, thanks for your response. FGM is widespread in both the middle east and Africa within Islamic communities but, do we really need to allow this disgusting practice in Australia? As to it happening within Christian communities
        well, I’m sorry Ally, you’ve obviously been brainwashed by the constant drivel coming out of the left-wing Marxist ABC programs. And that comment on “families arrange marriages with cousins etc. to shore up family fortunes” is
        just indicative of the garbage spewing out of our national broadcaster. May I suggest you invest in a Seniors Foxtel package where you will be able to enjoy more down to earth, balanced, non-Greens type viewing on Sky?

  4. Truth 13  

    It is always good to help the people who deserve help, unfortunate, & living in fear. Children unable to go to schools, no proper healthcare & not even a place to live or water to drink. But, as Guy wrote, those people, Australia wants to help, should be brought, are the people, who can adopt to the democratic system in the country, Laws of the land & respect the others, irrespective their religious beliefs or their colour. A good staring point will be to help the people, who are persecuted, harmed or live with a threat being killed, due to their religion in Middle East. There are thousands of such people in many countries. No Middle East country accept, any refugees, and there’s no place in the society for the non-Muslims. If the government wants to have peaceful people, they are the people who live in fear, worst than second class citizens in Middle East, who are non-Muslims. If any Muslim refugees are anywhere, the world should help them too, by sending them to Oil rich Middle Eastern countries, like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Emirates, Bahrain etc. If they don’t want to live in M.E., Indonesia is a very big country with lots of natural resources. Few extra millions will not be too much for the 250 million already live there.

    • Lance55  

      Yep…….until i start seeing the wealthy muslim countries take in refugees i dont want one single extra one here in Australia.
      As for those others in need of refuge…i have no issue with us taking in the extra on a needs basis, as long as Australia isnt percieved to be a soft touch breeding facility where the more children you can pump out, the bigger the welfare cheque.

  5. Bob  

    🤔 Just wondering, Do we have a look after Australian Homeless Plan?? Or, a Look After the Australian Needy Plan?? Or, a Save The PensionerPlan???
    I don’t believe that any of the above Australians receive anything as lucrative as that provided to the “refugees?” …

    • GUY  

      Bob, You are completely right of course. 200,000 Australians seeking public housing with waits of up to 10 years.
      From experience, trying to pay $240 pw rent for a tiny flat from my pension was almost impossible and forced me to utilise free food vouchers from the Salvos and St. Vinnies. No-one should have to live like this in Australia especially our OAPs.
      In desperation I found an organisation called HAAG who help pensioners find suitable housing. They appointed a case worker for me who found me a fabulous public housing unit within 3 months at $100 pw. My life has now improved dramatically thanks to this. I was lucky though and it does seem galling that refugees are given public housing immediately ahead of homeless Aussies. But, what else can the Government do … park them all in refugee camps again? The obvious answer is to completely stop the intake of refugees, but do we really want this … especially if they are desperate middle eastern Christian families being constantly persecuted under the shameful Islamic Sharia laws?

  6. Diana  

    Middle eastern refugees need to be Christian – Muslim refugees are trouble waiting to happen and I don’t care how many who live here say they are gentle, peaceful people. The fact is that Islam is a violent, woman-hating, child-abusing religion which is also their law and their politics. There is no room for that in Australia.

    The homeless Australians can whistle for help, that’s obvious and has been for years. The refugees will get public housing as soon as they arrive. Pensioners are pretty much ground into the earth financially and that is how the government likes it – except for themselves of course.

    The Manus Island illegal immigrants were not invited to this country. They are living there better than they would in Indonesia, where they would be in total squalor – certainly not air-conditioning with a hospital on site. I believe the government needs to sort them out NOW and either send them back to their countries or bring them into Australia – one or the other. However, the fact that the majority are fit young men, would be a cause for concern for me and should be for everyone. Women and children definitely should be brought in, however, we should be prepared for more boatloads coming once the women and children are brought to Australia.

    • Bruce Taylor  

      You are wrong Diana. The true Muslim religion is one of peace and good will just as is the true Christian religion. Figures show that you are more likely to be killed by a lightning bolt in Australia than by a terrorist.
      As far as child abuse goes there have been many hundreds more children who suffered abuse at the hands of Christian clergy in Australia than have suffered at the hands of Muslims. People need to stop believing racist crap.

      • Dieter  

        OMG what a dogooder you are.
        Muslims will never assimilate into a western country.
        They are trying to change the guest culture to their own.
        Only let christian migrants into our country.
        Just look to Europe especially Germany or France it is the 2nd or 3rd generation which is not willing to integrate and assimilate because mainly they are looking to their roots and are more foreign than a new migrant.
        Think about that.

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