Australia getting closer to becoming a Republic

It’s the debate the keeps rearing its head and it looks like Australia is now getting even closer to ditching
Australia might not be part of the Commonwealth for much longer.

It’s the debate the keeps rearing its head and it looks like Australia is now getting even closer to ditching the monarchy and becoming a Republic.

New figures from the Australian Republican Movement have found the majority of politicians from both houses in Federal Parliament are in support of the change.

For the first time in a long time, even Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull are in agreement on an issue, with Mr Shorten calling for the pair to “make new progress to an Australian republic”.

Mr Turnbull is already known as an avid supporter of the Republic and is set to speak at the ARM tonight, where many are expecting him to make a big push for the change.

So is this a good idea and do the majority of Australians feel the same way?

Latest polling numbers on the issue show 42 per cent of voters support becoming a republic while 47 per cent are opposed.

However, the number of Republic supporters is expected to rise when the Queen hands over the reigns to Prince Charles.

If Australia leaves the Commonwealth it will mean big changes for our political system, with conservative MP George Christensen already calling for a US-like system.

It would also mean an overhaul of our monetary system and our constitution.

After the vote for the Republic, lead by Mr Turnbull, failed in 1999, many are saying it’s time for the new generation to have a chance to vote on the issue, with many predicting it would pass this time.

What do you think?

Is it time for Australia to become a Republic? Or should we stick to the Commonwealth and the Queen?

  1. Sandra smith  

    It’s not Turnbull or Shortens decision on if we become a republic it’s the people of Australia.Once elected politicians forget about the why they were put there , let’s see what happens at the next election

  2. Sheila Gregg  

    If Australia becomes a republic I would renounce my citizenship and return to the Uk politically elected heads of state are much more drain on the economy and much more likely to be corrupt or contraversional than the Royal family and we might be Lucy enough to have Prince William succeed the Queen

    • Niall Baird  

      I’d probably join you. Her Maj is a distant cousin of mine

  3. John  

    I would love to see Australia become a republic

  4. Susan Knowles  

    Of course we should be a republic.

  5. Richard  

    A U.S like system? Heaven help us!

  6. Rod  

    An Australian republic? Yes, for sure! The monarchy is an antiquated concept. However, there is no need to leave the Commonwealth, overhaul our monetary system or adopt the US model.

    • Wiso  

      Of course you have to leave the Commonwealth if you become a republic. You can’t have your cake and eat it too !!

      God help us if we become a republic with the hidden agendas and orders from the UN !! The monarchy is long-standing but that doesn’t mean it is out-dated or not useful anymore. I certainly don’t want to live in a mess like the USA or China !!

  7. [email protected]  

    A Republic yes, for sure, but NOT the Yank mishmash. The Head of state does not have to be a political appointment. Time Australians got over being a Dominion and become an Independent Nation.

  8. Alan  

    Republic possibly but american sysrem? You would have to be insane. Like the last vote when you had every egomaniac millioare and extreme thinker lining up for elaction to be in control. All america has produced is movie stars the Bushes Clinton tricky dickynixon. NO THANKS. president yes but not executive power to govern above ou r government system

  9. Ray  

    I certainly feel an Australian should be the Head of State. But a republic means enormous constitutional changes and Australia has the best Government system in the world. So in my opinion, if it aint broke don’t fix it. We could end up with an “Abbott” or “Trump” type Head of State, so no thanks.

  10. Bruce  

    Our constitutional monarchy proved it’s worth when Whitlam was thrown out, no revolution, no civil war, just our head of state appointing a caretaker government until the voters had their say on the matter. The monarch is born to the position and as we know from experience, does an exemplary job because they are not involved in politics at all. If we had a republic we would be spending a fortune every few years to elect a political hack who’s real motives are unknown to us. Look at the satisfaction rating of the Queen over more than 60 years in the job compared to the performance of some of the presidents of the U.S. The greatest thing about our system is if we get a completely incompetent or nefarious government our Monarch, who is above reproach, has the power to dismiss them and hold fresh elections.

    • Livingstone  

      Never a truer word spoken, Bruce!
      And thank goodness for what we can do in this Country, under a Monarch, as you rightly say!

    • Wiso  

      I agree wholeheartedly Bruce !

      I for one do not want a politic with hidden agendas and self-promotion to head a country I live in, and that is exactly what we would get if we become a republic. You only have to look at those who are at the forefront of the republican movement !!

  11. No I do not like the idea of Australia becoming a republic. It terrifies me to think Australia may become more like America, the American people are downtrodden by government. There is a great divide of the few very wealthy and increasing number of people living in poverty. Their rights are being chipped away at. I have lived there and they are underpaid, over worked and have lost so many manufacturing industries because the unions have been dismantled and companies move manufacturing to exploit workers even more in other countries. The health system is so expensive and out of reach for most people. Hopefully the new President will be able to make positive changes. Poverty is rising in America, is that what people want in Australia? People have to work into their 70’s and 80’s just to survive. Australia would be wiser to adopt Government styles of Northern European countries, such as Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands they are far better off and people are paid well and treated more equally. There is great health care and less crime. Changes do need to be made to better lives for Australians, bring back manufacturing industries, get rid of franchises, improve education, create jobs in Australia. Stop wasting money on perks for CEO’s and Polititions and past polititions, improve health services, aim to put an end to poverty and put an end to political correctness, that is pandering to people from other nations who want to live here and expect this country to become like where they left! Bring back the values and teachings of good manners, respecting the Australian Flag and sing our anthem and have prayers. If people do not like Christian prayer, let them say their own prayer. Please bring unity to Australian people as one nation, not a nation divided as it is now, with ethnic groups who want to live here and are wanting this country to adopt their laws. Keep Australian freedoms to live in harmony. I fear that Australia will lose the English language and our Australian way of life, freedom of expression, Australia could become divided to become several small nations in conflict. If people do not like Australia as it is then they do not have to come here. Becoming an Australian citizen is to accept our culture, our way of life. However the lines are blurred as to what that even is anymore. Australians need to be proud to be Australians and many many people who have made Australia their home do respect and embrace becoming Australian. Laws need to be tightened up so criminals serve their sentence in full. Get the drugs off the streets, work hard to crack down on crime and have severe penalties so that prison is someplace no one wants to be, not a place to bludge off taxpayers, in air conditioned comfort free room and food as well as free health care. If the people of Australia, were to be seduced into wanting a republic, I am terrified of what kind of republic it would be. I want Australia to be a free safe country were my grandchildren and great grandchildren can have a “fair go”. To enjoy what generations before have worked to provide. STOP THE NONSENCE ALREADY

    • Guy Flavell  

      Definitely one of the very best posts ever seen on Starts At Sixty. If we are ever rail-roaded into
      being a Republic then CHRISTINE FOR PRESIDENT !!!

      • I definatly agree, Christine for president and thank you Guy for some reasonable questions, this has not been thought out nearly enough, there are many more questions that should be answered way before we even consider taking this step, I remember my mother always saying, “While there is a loved King or Queen there is less chance of civil war” Does anyway remember the civil war in America,
        think carefully,
        There would be no going back

  12. Guy Flavell  

    A few pertinent questions for the advocates of Australia becoming a Republic, ie:

    1) Would this mean another compulsory vote every 4 years? Remember that we currently
    have compulsory elections for federal, state and councils … do we really need another?
    2) Would the candidates be pre-selected by our political parties or could anyone (with the money)
    stand ?
    3) Would we just be voting for a ‘stooge’ from one of the major political parties ?
    4) Are we ever likely to end up with a truly ‘Great Australian’ as President? And I don’t mean
    repugnant ex-pollies like Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Christine Milne, etc … I mean people like Dick
    Smith, Kerry Stokes or Warren Mundine for example?
    5) Is it possible to have a ‘President’ with no political or union ties?
    6) Would the ‘President’ be able to dismiss an incompetent government and implement new
    elections ?
    7) Would a ‘President’ be able to veto legislation approved by both Houses ? Or break a stalemate?
    8) Is it at all possible that we could have someone like Pauline Hanson as our ‘President’ ???
    9) Would we remain in the “Commonwealth” ?
    10) Would our ‘President’ be able to send our troops off to wars … undeclared or declared ?

    Surely, it’s not asking too much from the Republican movement to honestly answer these questions?

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